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4 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints,

And keep your courage up;
He'll raise your spirit, when it faints,

And far exceed your hope.


THIRD PART. 7s. Norwich. 1 WHEN my cries ascend to thee,

Hear, Jehovah, from afar;
Let thy tender mercies be

Still propitious to my prayer!
2 When thou bad'st me seek thy face,

Quickly did my heart reply,
Resting on thy word of grace,

“ Thee I'll seek, O Lord most high!"
3 Should the world deceitful prove,

When no more its help I share;
Though decayed a mother's love,

Though withdrawn a father's care; mf 4 Then Jehovah's guardian eye

Shall my orphan state defend,
Shall a parent's place supply,

He my guardian, father, friend!


Fourth PART.. 7s. Norwich. 1 GRACIOUS Lord, disclose thy way,

In thy path my feet sustain:
While my foes my steps survey,

Make the path of duty plain :-
2 Nor my fainting spirit yield

To the foes which round me rise;
From the great accuser shield,

Cruel power, or slanderous lies.
3 Had not faith revived my breast,

Oft my soul had sunk in wo;
Now, through life, assured I rest,

All thy goodness, Lord, to know. mf 4 Wait, then, Israel, on the Lord;

Still with courage cheer thy heart:
Wait-for faithful is his word,

He will grace and strength impart.


C. M.

St. Ann's. Divine Interposition acknowledged. mf 1 BLEST be the Lord, who heard my prayer

The Lord—my shield-my song ;
Who saved my soul from sin and fear,

And tuned with praise my tongue. mp 2 When in the hour of deep distress,

Of foes and death afraid,
My spirit trusted in his grace,

And sought, and found his aid. mf 3 0 blest Redeemer-glorious Lord!

Thy shield-thy strength shall be
The shield—the saving strength of all,

Who love, and trust in thee.
mp 4 Remember, Lord, thy chosen seed;

Oh save from guilt and wo;
Thy flocks in richest pastures feed,
And guard from every

5 Zion exalt-her cause defend;

With joy her courts surround;
Let showers of heavenly grace descend,

And saints thy praise resound.



FIRST PART. L. M. Monmouth.

Jehovah, the Universal King.
1 GIVE to the Lord, ye sons of fame,

Give to the Lord renown and power,
Ascribe due honors to his name,

And his eternal might adore.
2 The Lord proclaims his power aloud

Through every ocean, every land;
His voice divides the watery cloud,

And lightnings blaze at his command. 3 The Lord sits sovereign on the flood,

O'er earth he reigns forever king;
But makes his church his blest abode,
Where we his awful glories sing.


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4 In gentler language, there the Lord

The counsel of his grace imparts;
Amid the raging storm, his word

Speaks peace and comfort to our hearts.

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SECOND PART. L. M. Dunstan. 11 1 SONS of the mighty! rise, and bring

Your offerings to th' eternal King:
Own 'tis Jehovah, while you rise,

Your glory and your strength supplies. 2 His word, all powerful to fulfil

Th' eternal counsels of his will,
With awful majesty arrayed,

Subdues the world his hand has made. 3 The mountains bow-the cedars rend,

Lo! at his high command they bend!
So through the world his gospel ran,

And bowed the rebel heart of man.
4 His word, like lightning from the skies,

Strikes deep-and quick conviction flies:
The nations tremble and adore,

Through earth, to its remotest shore. f 5 Jesus is king !-enthroned on high,

He reigns through all eternity!
His glory shall his church increase,
With strength divine, and endless peace !

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THIRD PART. L. M. Timsbury. !! 1 YE mighty rulers of the land,

Give praise and glory to the Lord;
And while before his throne ye stand,

His great and powerful acts record.
2 Oh render unto God above

The honors which to him belong ;
And in the temple of his love,

Let worship flow from every tongue.
3 His voice is heard the earth around,

When through the heavens histhunders roll;
The troubled ocean hears the sound,
And yields itself to his control.

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4 When he upon the lightning rides,

His voice in loudest thunder speaks ;
The fiery element divides,

And earth to its deep centre shakes.
5 God on the floods has fixed his throne,

His government shall never cease;
He shall his power and strength make known,
And bless his chosen sons with




L. M.

Divine Compassion acknowledged.
mf 1 I WILL extol thee, Lord, on bigh;

At thy command diseases fly;
Who, but a God, can speak and save

From the dark borders of the grave ?
2 Sing to the Lord, ye saints, and prove

How large his grace-how kind his love;
Let all your powers rejoice, and trace

The wondrous records of his grace.
3 His anger but a moment stays;

His love is life, and length of days;
Though grief and tears the night employ,
The morning star restores the joy.






FIRST PART. L. M. Pomfret.

Confidence in God.
1 LORD, in thy great, thy glorious name,

I place my hope, my only trust;
Aff Save me from sorrow, guilt, and shame,

Thou ever gracious, ever just.
f 2 Thou art my rock-thy name alone

The fortress where my hopes retreat;
Af Oh make thy power and mercy known;

To safety guide my wandering feet.
[ 3 Blest be the Lord-forever blest,

Whose mercy bids my fear remove;
Those sacred walls, which guard my rest,

Are his almighty power and love.


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4 Ye humble souls, who seek his face,

Let sacred courage fill your heart!
Hope in the Lord-and trust his grace,

And he will heavenly strength impart. 31 SECOND Part. C. M. Litchfield,

God praised for his merciful Protection.
1 COME, O ye saints, your voices raise

To God, in grateful songs;
And let the memory of h grace

Inspire your hearts and tongues.
P 2 Her deepest gloom, when sorrow spreads,

And light and hope depart,
His face celestial morning sheds,

And joy revives the heart.
3 To thee, my God, oppressed with grief,

I breathed my humble cry;,
Thy mercy brought divine relief,

And wiped my weeping eye.
4 Thy mercy chased the shades of death,

And snatched me from the grave;
Oh may thy praise employ that breath,

Which mercy deigns to save. 31 THIRD PART. C. M. Dunchurch. 1 IN thee, O Lord, I place my trust,

Preserve my soul from shame;
Thou art the refuge of the just,

And righteous is thy name.
2 Of grace, how boundless is the store

Thy children shall receive,
Who love thy word-thy name adore,

And in thy service live!
[ 3 To God, the Lord, who dwells above,

Let songs of praise resound;
Who with his never-failing love

Has fenced my city round.
4 Oh! love the Lord, ye pure in heart;

He shall your prayers regard :
But ye, who from his ways depart,

Shall meet your just reward.

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