Imatges de pÓgina
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THE Bookfellers having determined to publish a Body of English Poetry, I was perfuaded to promise them a Preface to the Works of each Author; an undertaking, as it was then prefented to my mind, not very extenfive or difficult.

My purpose was only to have allotted to every Poet an Advertisement, like those which we find in the French Mifcellanies, containing a few dates and a general character; but I have been led beyond my intention, I hope, by the · honeft defire of giving useful pleasure.

In this minute kind of History, the fucceffion of facts is not easily discovered; and I am not without fufpicion that fome of Dryden's works are placed in wrong years. I have followed Langbaine, as the best authority for his plays; and, if I fhall hereafter obtain a more correct

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