Imatges de pÓgina
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To those who are desirous of obtaining a knowlege of the most esteemed Authors of Greece and Rome, but possess not the means or leisure for pursuing a regular course of study, the present undertaking must prove a valuable acquisition.

So diversified are the objects to which general education is at present directed, that sufficient time cannot be allowed, in most instances, to lay the foundation of an adequate acquaintance with the most popular Authors in the Greek and Latin languages. In those instances even, in which the object has been attained—where the taste has been formed, and the habit of occasional recurrence to the Classics has been preserved the facility of reference to a Series of correct and elegant Translations must afford pleasure, and occasional assistance, even to the scholar. To him who, as Dr. KNOX observes, although engaged in other pursuits, is still anxious to " retain a tincture of that elegance and liberality of sentiment which the mind acquires by a study of the Classics, and which contributes more to form the true gentleman, than all the substituted ornaments of modern affectation,” such a Collection will, it is confidently hoped, prove acceptable.

As the learned languages do not form part of the education of Females, the only access which they have to the valuable stores of antiquity is through the medium of correct translation.

The Selection is intended to include those Authors, whose works may with propriety be read by the youth of both sexes; and it will be obvious that the nature of the publication is of 60 permanent a character, as to prove equally interesting to posterity as to the present Subscribers. The whole will be presented to the public in a CHEAP, ELEGANT, and UNIFORM SIZE, forming a complete FAMILY CLASSICAL LIBRARY,” alike useful for the purposes of instruction and amusement. Indeed, as Dr. PARR says, “ if you desire your son, though no great scholar, to read and reflect, it is your duty to place in his hands the best Translations of the best Classical Authors.”

A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH will be prefixed

to each Author; and Notes will be added, when necessary for the purpose of illustration. Highlyfinished ENGRAVINGS of the AUTHORS, and MAPS, will be given occasionally.

The importance attached, in the present day, to Translations of the Classic Authors may be estimated by the fact, that a series has been recently published in France, and that another in the Russian language is now in progress, under the immediate sanction of the Imperial Government.

The excellence, as orators and historians, of DEMOSTHENES, CICERO, HERODOTUS, and XENOPHON, will place them foremost in the collection of Prose Authors: these will be followed by THUCYDIDES, Livy, SALLUST, TACITUS, &c.-- HOMER, VIRGIL, and HORACE, will justly take precedence among the Poets.

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Each No. will contain on the average 350 pages of handsome letter-press, neatly covered in cloth and hot-pressed, price 48. 6d.

The publication will be regularly continued on the first day of every month, to be delivered with the Magazines and Reviews,

No. IV. will contain the CYROPÆDIA of XENOPHON.

No. V. will contain Mr. SOTHEBY's beautiful Translation of the GEORGICS OF VIRGIL, the Rev. Archdeacon WRANGHAM's Version of the ECLOGUES, and DRYDEN'S ÆNEID; with a Head of Virgil

It is expected that the Series will make about Forty MonthlY NUMBERS; but any Author may be purchased separately.

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