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Municipal corporations. Appendix. Part 1. Southernmidland, Western and South-eastern circuits, and part of the North-eastern circuit.

Appendix. Part 1. Midland-western and Southwestern circuits.

Appendix. Part 2. Conclusion of the Northeastern circuit, and part of the North-western circuit. Part 3. Conclusion of the North-western circuit. Appendix. Part 2. South-eastern and Southern




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Appendix. Part 3.

Appendix. Part 4.

Appendix. Part 5. (England and Wales.) one of the commissioners.

missioners. .

Protest of Sir Francis Palgrave, one of the com

Northern and Midland cir-
Eastern and North-western

Places not in any district.
Protest by Mr. Hogg,

(Scotland.) General report.
Appendix to the general report.

Local reports. Part 1. From Aberbrothwick to
Fortrose, inclusive.

Part 2. From Glasgow to Wigton, inclu


Part 3. Burghs of regality and barony, and unincorporated towns. (Ireland.) First report. Supplement to the first report. Tables. Appendix. Report on the City of Dublin.

Parts 1 & 2.

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Newgate gaol.

Newry borough election petition.
Northampton corporation.

Office of works and public buildings.

Offices under the crown of Ireland, which shall disqualify persons from sitting in the House of Commons of the United Parliament.

Ophthalmic hospital.

Orange lodges, associations or societies in Ireland.

Second report.
Third report.

Orange institutions in Great Britain and the Colonies.
Orkney islands, petition from the.

Parcels, conveyance and porterage of
Parish apprentices. .

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1st Report..


That part of, relating to the employment or re-
lief of able-bodied persons from the poor rate.

State of.
Poor Law Commission.

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Appendix to Report (A.) Assistant Commissioners' Reports. Part 1.

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Part 2..

Part 3. Evidence collected by

E. Chadwick, Esq.

(B. 1.). Answer to rural queries, in 5 parts. (B. 2.). Answers to town queries, in 2 vols. Vol. i. containing parts 1 and 2. Vol. ii. containing parts 3, 4, and 5.

(C.). Communications.

Index to Appendix (C.).

Appendix to Report (D.). Labour rate.

(E.). Vagrancy.

(F.). Foreign communications. Part 1.

Mar. 26, 1813.
July 4, 1817.
Mar. 10, 1818.
Apr. 28, 1818.
May 26, 1818.
June 1, 1818.
June 30, 1819.
June 30, 1819.

July 3, 1828.
Sept. 2, 1831.
Feb. 21, 1834.
Feb. 21, 1834.
Aug. 10, 1835.

Feb. 21, 1834.
Feb. 21, 1834.

Feb. 21, 1834.
Feb. 21, 1834.

Feb. 21, 1834.
Feb. 21, 1834.

Feb. 21, 1834.

Feb. 21, 1834.
Feb. 21, 1834.

Poor laws. Appendix to Report (F.). Foreign com

munications. Part 2.

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Employment of.

Poor Inquiry. Ireland. First Report. Appendix (A.) and Supplement..

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Appendix (B.)

Appendix (C.). Parts 1 and 2. Part 1. Reports on the state of the poor, and on the charitable institutions in some of the principal towns. Part 2. Report on the city of Dublin.

Appendix (D.). Containing baronial examinations relative to earnings of labourers and other tenants, employment of women and children, expenditure, &c.

Appendix (E.). Containing baronial examinations relative to food, cottages and cabins, clothing and furniture, pawnbroking and savings'-banks, drinking, &c.

Appendix (F.). Containing baronial examinations to con acre, quatter, or score ground, small tenantry, consolidation of farms and dislodged tenantry, emigration, landlord and tenant, nature and state of agriculture, taxation, roads, observations on the nature and state of agriculture.


Appendix (G.). Report on the state of Irish poor in Great Britain. —. Appendix (H.). Part 1. Containing reasons for recommending voluntary associations for the relief of. the poor, and reasons for dissenting from the principle of raising funds for the relief of the poor by the voluntary system, as recommended in the report.

Part 2. Remarks on the evidence contained in the Appendices (D.) (E.) (F.), by one of the Com


Supplement 2. to Appendices (D.) (E.) (F.), containing returns from the clerks of the peace of civil bill ejectments, from 1827 to 1833. Poorer classes in Ireland. Third report of the Commissioners for inquiring into the condition of. Poor in Scotland, management of the. Population of Great Britain. Vols. 1. & 2. Enume

ration abstract. Vol. 3. Parish register abstract.

Post communication with Ireland.
Post-office, intended improvements in the.

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Post-office, intended improvements in the.
Post-office steam packets.

Precedents, committee of.
Printed papers, with the minutes of evidence. First re-
port from select committee on.

Second report.

relative to the House of Commons' offices. Third


report. Printing done for the House.

Prisons. Laws relating to.

Prisons of the metropolis.

Prisons, inspectors of. I. Home district..

II. Northern district.

III. Southern and western district.
IV. Prisons of Scotland.

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Thirteenth report of the inspectors-general.
Fourteenth report of the inspectors-general.
Appendix to the fourteenth report.
Private bills. Constitution of committees on.


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Privilege. Member summoned as a juryman in the Court
of Exchequer.
Privileges, committee of.

Privileges of the House respecting the imposition of pe-
cuniary penalties for offences.

Promissory notes in Scotland and Ireland. under £5. in Scotland and Ireland. Provisions, high price of. (Second report.)

(Fourth report.)
Fifth report.)
(Sixth report.)
(Seventh report.).

Quakers' affirmation.
Quit-rents, Ireland.

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Prussia. Ecclesiastical establishments.

Public bills, means of expediting.

Public bills.

Public documents.


Punishments, secondary.

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Second report.

Public instruction (Ireland). Report of the commis

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Railway bills. .

Receiver-general of land and assessed taxes.


Record commission.

Reform of parliament petitions.

July 20, 1835.
Aug. 6, 1834.
Feb. 16, 1807.

Mar. 20, 1835.
July 16, 1835.

Sept. 7, 1835.
July 10, 1828.
May 7, 1822.
July 15, 1836.
May 8, 1818.
June 1, 1818.
Mar. 22, 1836.
Mar. 22, 1836.

Mar. 22, 1836.
Mar. 22, 1836.
Feb. 27, 1834.
Mar. 31, 1835.

Mar. 23, 1836.

May 9, 1836.

June 21, 1825.

July 30, 1834.

Feb. 21, 1826.
Feb. 14, 1834.

Mar. 23, 1831.
May 26, 1826.
May 26, 1826.
Feb. 23, 1801.
Mar. 20, 1801.
April 2, 1801.
May 22, 1801.
June 24, 1801.

1836. Mar. 7, 1821. Aug. 20, 1836.

Mar. 1, 1833.
Aug. 23, 1833.


Sept. 27, 1831.
June 22, 1832.

Feb. 11, 1833.
Aug. 11, 1834.

Aug. 1, 1836.
June 15, 1821.
Mar. 29, 1822.
July 11, 1836.
Aug. 15, 1836.
Mar. 16, 1831.

Regent-street paving.

Register, general.
Registry of deeds (Ireland) bill.

Registrar at Madras. Claims of sufferers by the insol-
vency of the late..

Regulation of Roman catholic subjects in foreign states. Revenue, population, commerce, &c. of the United kingdom and its dependencies, tables of the. Part 3. from 1820-1833, both inclusive.

Rideau canal. .

Supplement to Part 3. Colonies.
Part 4.


Supplement to Part 4.


Ribbon-weavers' petitions. (Second Report.)

Rice's (Spring) petition, complaining of an undue election return for Limerick.

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and highways of the kingdom, acts regarding the use of broad wheels, and other matters relating to the preservation of turnpike.

Carlisle and Glasgow.

and bridges, Highland. Twentieth Report..
Twenty-second Report of Commissioners. .
turnpike, and highways of England and Wales.
Highways of the kingdom. (Three Reports.)

and harbour, Holyhead.

(Second Report.) Holyhead..

Holyhead and Liverpool.

London to Holyhead, and from London to
Liverpool. Twelfth Report.

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London and Dublin.

of the kingdom, M'Adam on the public.
Morpeth and Edinburgh.

(Post-Office packets.)
First Report.

1832. 1834.


Mar. 18, 1818.

April and May, 1818.

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turnpike, and highways of the kingdom, preservation of the. (Broad wheels.) [Second Report.] Third Report..

between Carlisle and Port Patrick.

from Holyhead to London. (First Report.)
(Second Report.)

Menai bridge. (Third Report.).
Fifth Report..

Aug. 14, 1835.
June 16, 1836.
July 18, 1832.
July 10, 1832.

May 19, 1829.
June 25, 1816.

May and June, 1808.

June 25, 1819. June 9, 1810. June 9, 1810. May 30, 1811. June 27, 1815. May 20, 1830.

Mar. 2, 1819.
Apr. 22, 1831.

July 18, 1806.
July 28, 1815.
Mar. 25, 1834.
Mar. 25, 1836.
June 14, 1811.

Aug. 21, 1835. July 13, 1836. July 8, 1836. June 20, 1823. July 2, 1822. Mar. 23, 1830.

May 30, 1809.
June 19, 1809.
May 13, 1811.

June 3, 1817.

June 6, 1817.

June 23, 1817. July 3, 1817. June 24, 1818. Mar. 2, 1819. Apr. 8, 1819.

Apr. 29, 1819. July 6, 1819.

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