Imatges de pÓgina

Votive Masses.


All as on Trinity Sunday, page 430. except

EPISTLE. 2 Cor. xiii. 11. Brethren: Rejoice, be perfect, take exhortation, be of one mind, have peace: and the God of peace and of love shall be with you. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the charity of God, and the communication of the Holy Ghost be with you all. Amen.

After Septuagesima, instead of the Alleluia and V. of the Gradual, page 431, is said the

TRACT. With our whole hearts we glorify, praise, and bless thee, O God the Father not begotten, thee the only-begotten Son, thee the Holy Ghost the Paraclete, the holy and undivided Trinity. V. For thou art great and dost wonderful things; thou alone art God. V. To thee be praise, to thee be glory, to thee be thanksgiving for ever and ever, Ö blessed Trinity.

In Paschal Time, the Gradual is omitted, and the following is said:

Alleluia, Alleluia. Blessed art thou, O Lord God of our fathers, and worthy of praise for ever. Alleluia. Let us bless the Father and the Son with the Holy Ghost. Alleluia.

GOSPEL. John xv. page 410.

N.B. On any occasion of Thanksgiving, either the Votive Mass of the Blessed Trinity, or that of the Holy Ghost, or of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is said, with the addition of the following Collect, Secret, and Postcommunion,

COLL. Deus, cujus. O God, whose mercies are without number, and the treasure of whose goodness is infinite, we give thee thanks for the blessings thou hast bestowed on us: always beseech.

ing thy divine Majesty, that as thou grantest what we ask, so thou wouldst continue thy favours to us in such a manner, that by them we may be prepared for receiving the rewards of eternal happiness. Through.

SECRET. Receive, O Lord, this sacrifice of thanksgiving, and grant that those whom thou hast heard, and hitherto preserved, thou mayest hereafter defend from all adversity, that they may serve and love thee more and more. Through.

P. COMM. Deus, qui. O God, who sufferest not those who hope in thee to be over much afflicted, but mercifully attendest to their petitions; we give thee thanks for having heard our prayers, humbly beseeching thee, that by what we have received, we may be delivered from all adversity. Through.


Onitting the Alleluias (except in Paschal Time) all as on Whitsunday page 414, except

LESSON. Acts viii. 14, 17, as in page 419.

GRAD. Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord: the people whom the Lord hath chosen for his inheritance. By the word of the Lord the heavens were established: and all the power of them by the spirit of his mouth. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. (Here kneel.) Come, O Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of thy love. Alleluia.

After Septuagesima, instead of the foregoing Alleluia and V, is said the

TRACT. Ps. ciii.

Send forth thy Spirit, and they shall be created, and thou shalt renew the face of the earth. V. O Lord, how good and

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sweet is thy Spirit in us. V. Come, O Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of thy love.

N.B.-In Paschal Time, instead of the foregoing Gradual, &c. is said the V. Send forth, &c. page 415.


Omitting the Alleluias in the Introit, and the Prose, all as on Corpus Christi, page 433.

After Septuagesima, instead of the Alleluia, and the V. of the Gradual, is said the

TRACT. Malach. i. From the rising of the sun even to the going down, my name is great among the Gentiles. V. And in every place there is sacrifice, and there is offered to my name a clean oblation: for my name is great among the Gentiles. V. Prov. ix. Come, eat my bread, and drink the wine which I have mingled for you.

In Paschal Time, the Gradual is emitted, and the following is said:

Alleluia, Alleluia. The disciples knew the Lord Jesus in the breaking of bread. Alleluia. My flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed: he that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood abideth in me and I in him. Alleluia.

MASS of the CONCEPTION of the B. V. M.
All as on the 8th of December, page 577.

After Septuagesima instead of the Alleluia and V. of the Gradual, is

said the

TRACT. Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast destroyed all heresies. V. Who didst believe the words of Gabriel the archangel.


Whilst a Virgin, thou didst bring forth him that was God and man; and after child-birth didst remain a pure Virgin. V. O mother of God, intercede for us.

In Paschal Time, the Gradual is omitted, and the following is said:

Alleluia, Alleluia. Thou art happy, O holy Virgin Mary, and most worthy of all praise: because from thee arose the sun of justice, Christ our Lord. Alleluia. V. A rod of Jesse hath budded: a virgin hath brought forth him, who is God and man: God hath restored peace, reconciling in his person the highest things with the lowest. Alleluia.

Votive Masses of the B. V. Mary.


SALVE, Sancta Parens enixa puerpera Regem, qui cœlum terramque regit in sæcula sæculorum. Ps. Eructavit cor meum verbum bonum: dico ego opera mea Regi. V. Gloria.

HAIL, HOLY Mother, who didst bring forth the King who reigns over heaven and earth for evermore. Ps. My heart hath uttered a good word: I speak my works to the King. V. Glory.

COLL. Concede nos. Grant, O Lord, we beseech thee, that we thy servants may enjoy constant health of body and mind, and by the glorious intercession of blessed Mary, ever a Virgin, be delivered from all temporal afflictions, and come to those joys that are eternal. Through.

LESSON. Ecclus. xxiv. 14. 16. From the beginning, and before the world, was I created, and unto the world to come I shall not cease to be, and in the holy dwelling place I have ministered before him. And so was I established in

Sion, and in the holy city likewise I rested, and my power was in Jerusalem. And I took root in an honourable people, and in the portion of my God his inheritance, and my abode is in the full assembly of saints.

GRAD. Thou art blessed, and worthy of our respects, O Virgin Mary, who, without prejudice to thy virginity, didst become the mother of our Saviour. V. Ở Virgin-mother of God! he whom the whole world cannot contain, became man, and was shut up in thy womb. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. After child-birth thou remainedst still a pure Virgin: 0 mother of God, intercede for us. Alleluia.

From Candlemas to Septuagesima instead of the last V. is said, V. A rod, &c. page 548: after Septuagesima instead of Alleluia and V. is said:

TRACT, Rejoice, page 547.

From Easter to Pentecost, instead of the Gradual, the following is said, Alleluia, Alleluia. A rod, &c., as above, and after Alleluia is added: V. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women. Alleluia.

GOSPEL. Luke ix. 27, 28. At that time: Whilst Jesus spoke to the multitude: A certain woman from the crowd lifting up her voice said to him: Blessed is the womb that bore thee, and the paps that gave thee suck; but he said: Yea rather, blessed are they who hear the word of God and keep it.

From EASTER TO PENTECOST. GOSPEL. John xix. page 268.


OFFERT. Thou art truly happy, O sacred Virgin Mary, and most worthy of praise: for out of thee arose the Sun of righteousness, Christ our God.

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