Evidence and Truth: Foundations for Christian Truth

Crossway, 2003 - 126 pàgines
How do we answer someone who asks us to show that Christianity is true? How do we respond to those who say it's all just stories and feelings? How do we resolve in our minds lingering doubts about whether or not what we believe is real? In Evidence and Truth, Robert J. Morgan takes readers step-by-step through the well-documented historical and physical evidence that supports the claims of Christianity. Morgan deals with such topics as the resurrection of Christ, the complexity of creation, the reliability of the Bible, and the changed lives of believers in a way that is thorough and compelling.Whether the reader wants to be prepared to answer a friend or whether looking for personal answers, this book will help. Evidence and Truth offers a solid intellectual basis from which the reader can take a step of faith and experience the ultimate assurance that comes from God's Spirit.

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