Imatges de pÓgina

BURGERSDICH (Franc.) Institutiones Metaphysicæ. 12mo, Londini, 1653.

[B. 8. 14.] GASSENDI (Petri) Disquisitio Metaphysica, seu Dubitationes et Instantiæ

adversus Renatii Cartesii Metaphysicam et Responsa. 4to. Amstelo

dami, 1644. [G. 7. 399.]
GOCLENI (Rodolphi) Dilucidationes Canonum Philosophicorum. 12mo.

Lichæ, 1604. [I. 8. 2.)
Mori (Henrici) Enchiridion Metaphysicum. 4to. Londini, 1671.

[H. 7. 21.] NEUHUSII (Edonis) Theatrum Ingenii Humani: sive de cognoscenda Hominum Indole et secretis Animi Moribus. 8vo. Amstelodami, 1633.

[M. 7. 16.) RITSCHEL (Georgii) Contemplationes Metaphysicæ, ex Natura Rerum et

rectæ Rationis lumine deductæ. 12mo. Oxonii, 1648. [E. 8. 38.] STIERII (Joannis) Præcepta Metaphysica. 4to. Londini, 1652.

ΓΗ. 7. 19.] SUAREZ (Francisci) Metaphysicæ Disputationes. 2 tomis, folio, Genevæ,

1614. [G. 12. 19.] TEMPLERI (Clementis) Metaphysicæ Systema Methodicum. 12mo. Lichæ,

1604. [M. 7. 34.] BEVEROVICII (Joh.) Epistolica Questio de Vitæ termino fatali, an mobili ?

cum Doctorum Responsis. 4to. Lug. Bat. 1636. [F. 15. 25.]

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ii. Treatises on Man, and on the Nature, Faculties, and

Sensations of the Soul. (1) ON THE NATURE AND FACULTIES OF THE SOUL GENERALLY. SANDII (C. C.) Tractatus de Origine Animæ. 8vo. Cosmopoli, 1671.

[R. 14. 15.] Exemplar aliud. [R. 14. 51.] HOGELANDE (Cornelii ab) Cogitationes de Dei Existentia et Animæ Spiri

tualitate ; necnon Brevis Historia Oeconomiæ Corporis Animalis.

18mo. Amstelodami, 1646. [H. 17. 3.] Hill (William) The Infancy of the Soul, or the Soul of an Infant, which

sheweth the infusion thereof whiles that the infant resteth in the Womb : the time when, with the manner how. Gathered from the bosom of Truth, begun in Love, and finished in the desire to profit others.

4to. London, 1605. [N. 8. 38.] CHARLETON (Gualteri) Dissertatio Epistolica de ortu Animæ Humanæ.

18mo. Londini, 1660. (Hh. 17. 27.] DiGBY (Sir Kenelme) Two Treatises, on the Nature of Bodies, and on the Nature of Man's Soul. 4to. London, 1665.

4to. London, 1665. [F. 15. 37.] ] LOWDE (Ja.) A Discourse concerning the Nature of Man, with an Examin

ation of some of Mr. Hobbs' Opinions. 8vo. London, 1694. [D. 7. 48.) PERRON ET (Vincent) Some Enquiries chiefly relating to Spiritual Beings,

in which the Opinions of Mr. Hobbes with regard to Sensation, Immaterial Substance, and the Attributes of the Deity, are taken notice of,

&c. 8vo. London, 1740. [G. 26. 19.] FLAVEL (John) Pneumatologia : a Treatise of the Soul of Man. 8vo.

London, 1789. [Ff. 6. 32.]

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VINDICIÆ Mentis: An Essay of the Being and Nature of Mind. 8vo.

London, 1702. [E. 19. 12.]
BLUNDELL (Sir George) Remarks on a Tract intituled “ A Treatise on

Human Reason." 24mo. London, 1683. [B. 8. 9.]

LOCKE (John) An Essay on the Human Understanding. 8vo. 2 vols.

London, 1768. [Gg. 7. 50,51.)

Another Copy. folio, London, 1690. [E. 9. 3.]

Locke (John) Letter to Edward (Stillingfleet] Lord Bishop of Worces-

ter, concerning some passages relating to Mr. Locke's Essay of Hu-

mane Understanding, in his Lordship's Discourse of the Trinity. 8vo.

London, 1697. [L. 15. 12.]

The Bishop of Worcester's Answer to Mr. Locke's Letter. 4to. London,

1697. [L. 15. 12.]

The Bishop of Worcester's Answer to Mr. Locke's Second Letter. 8vo.

London, 1698. [L. 15. 13.]

Locke (John) Reply to the Bishop of Worcester's Answer to his Second

Letter. 8vo. London, 1699. (L. 15. 11.)

LEE ( Henry) Anti Scepticism, or Notes upon each Chapter of Mr. Locke's
Essay concerning Humane Understanding. folio, London, 1702.

[C. 12. 20.]

Perronet (Vincent) A Vindication of Mr. Locke from the Charge of giving

Encouragement to Scepticism and Infidelity, and several other Mis-

takes and Objections. In Six Dialogues. 8vo. London, 1736.

[P. 129. (20.)]

Perronet (Vincent) A Second Vindication of Mr. Locke: wherein his

Sentiments relating to Personal Identity are cleared up from some

Mistakes of the Rev. Dr. Butler. 8vo. 1738. [G. 21. 2.]

An Essay on Personal Identity. In two Parts. 8vo. London, 1769.

[P. 259. (3.)]

A Defence of Mr. Locke's Opinion concerning Personal Identity. In

Answer to a late Essay on that subject. 8vo. Cambridge, 1769.

[P. 259. (4.)]

Another Copy. 8vo. Cambridge, 1769. [Hh. 3. 26.]
Synopsis Librorum Hugonis Grotii de Jure Belli et Pacis, Samuelis

Clarkii de Dei Existentia et Attributis, et Joannis Lockii de Intellec-

tu Humano. 8vo. Cantabrigiæ, 1751. [P. 226. (6.)]

MALEBRANCH (Nicholas) A Search after Truth : or a Treatise of the

Nature of the Human Mind, translated from the French. 8vo. I Lon-

don, 1694. [R. 13. 35.]

COWARD (William) The Grand Essay; or a Vindication of Reason and
Religion against the Impostures of Philosophy. 8vo. London, 1704.

[M. 19. 20.]
Coward (William) The Just Scrutiny; or an Enquiry into the Modern

Notions of the Soul. 8vo. London, 1709. [R. 13. 65.]

Baxter (Andrew) An Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1737. [A. 18. 96,97.]

Baxter (Andrew) An Appendix to the First Part of the Enquiry into the
Nature of the Human Soul. London, 1750. [P. 258. (3.)]

Jackson (John) A Dissertation on Matter and Spirit. With Remarks on
An Enquiry into the Human Soul. 8vo. London, 1735. [P. 253. 5.]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1735. [P. 202. (4.)]

BRANCH (Thomas) Thoughts on Dreaming ; occasioned by a Book entitled

An Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul.8vo. London, 1738.

[P. 89. (3.)]

A Letter to the Author of An Enquiry into the Nature of the Soul." Svo.

London, 1741. [P. 97. (6.)]

FLEMING (Caleb) A Surrey of the Search after Souls, by Dr. Coward,

Dr. S. Clarke, Mr. Baxter, Dr. Sykes, Dr. Law, Mr. Peckard, and
others. Wherein the principal Arguments for and against the Materiality
of the Soul are collected. 8vo. London, 1758. [P. 258. (1.)]

A Defence of the Conscious Scheme against that of the Mortalist,

occasioned by Mr. Peckard's Observations on Mr. Fleming's Survey, fc.

8vo. London, 1759. [P. 258. (2.)]

Free Thoughts concerning Souls, in Four Essays. To which is udded an

Essay on Creation, fr. 8vo. London, 1734. [P. 258. (4.)]

Huer (Peter Daniel) An Essay on the Weakness of the Human Under-

standing, translated from the French. 8vo. London, 1732.

[P. 156. (1.)]

Law (Elmund) An Enquiry into the Ideas of Space, Time, Immensity,

and Eternity. 8vo. Cambridge, 1734. [P. 259. (1.)]

WATERLAND (Daniel) A Dissertation upon the Argument à priori for

proving the Eristence of a First Cause. In a Letter to Mr. Law. 8vo.

London, 1734. [P. 259. (2.)]

Hume (David) Essays on several Subjects. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1764.

[Gg. 7. 46,47.]

Hume (David) Essays and Dissertations, Moral, Political, and Philoso-

phical. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1748-50-57. [F. 27. 9-11.]

Hume (David) A Treatise of Human Nature. 2 vols. 8vo. London,

1817. [Gg. 5, 44,45.]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1739. [Dd. 21. 12.]

Hume (David) Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul.

12mo. London, 1783. [Hh. 4. 33.]

Brown (Thomas) Obserrations on the Nature and Tendency of the Doctrine

of Mr. Hume, concerning the Relation of Cause and Efect. 8vo. Edin-

burgh, 1806. [Gg. 6. 56.]

MacLAUCHAN (Daniel) A Philosophical Dissertation upon Death, com-

posed for the Consolation of the Unhappy. 8vo. London, 1732.

[P. 65. (15.)]

VOLTAIRE (M. de) The Metaphysics of Sir I. Newton, or a Comparison

between the Opinions of Sir I. Newton and Mr. Leibnitz. Translated

from the French by David Erskine Baker. 8vo. London, 1747.

[P. 304. (4.)]

Hartley (David) Observations on Man, his Frame, his Duty, and his

Expectations. 8vo. London, 1749. [D. 21. 21,22.]

Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind, on the principle of the Associa-

tion of Ideas. With Essays relating to the subject of it by Joseph
Priestley. 8vo. London, 1775. [Gg. 3. 44.]

Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1785. [G. 23. 3.]

Watts (Isaac) Philosophical Essays on various Subjects. 8vo. London,

1734. [R. 19. 27.]

HAMILTON (Hugh) Philosophical Essays. 12mo. Dublin, 1767.

[Hh. 4. 28.)

TUCKER (Abraham) Man in quest of Himself: or a Defence of the Indi-

viduality of the Human Mind or Self. 8vo. London, 1763.

[P. 313. (2.)]

The Light of Nature pursued. By Edward Search [Abraham Tucker.]

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1768. [D. 25. 7-9.]

CHURCH (Thomas) An Analysis of the Philosophical Works of Lord Bo-

lingbroke. 8vo. London, 1765. [P. 245. 2.)]

HEATHCOTE (Ralph) A Sketch of Lord Bolingbroke's Philosophy. 8vo.

London, 1765. [P. 245. 3.]

BULKLEY (Charles) Notes on the Philosophical Works of Lord Boling-

broke. 8vo. London, 1765. [P. 245. (4.)]

BEATTIE (James) An Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth.

8vo. Edinburgh, 1770. [D. 26. 6.]

RBID (Thomas) Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man. 4to. Edin-

burgh, 1785. [C. 21. 23.]

Reid (Thomas) An Inquiry into the Human Mind, upon the Principles
of Common Sense. 8vo. London, 1801. [Gg. 7. 52.]

Another Copy. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1818. [Gg. 5. 56.]
Priestley (Joseph) An Examination of Dr. Reid's Inquiry into the Human

Mind on the Principles of Common Sense; Dr. Beattie's Essay on the
Nature and Immutability of Truth; and Dr. Oswald's Appeal to Com-

mon Sense in behalf of Religion. 8vo. London, 1784. [G. 25. 11.]
BERKELEY (George, Bishop of Cloyne) Treatise concerning the Princi-

ples of Human Knowledge: with Remarks on each Section, in which
his Doctrines are candidly examined, and shewn to be repugnant to
facts, his principles incompatible with the Constitution of Human Na-
ture and the Reason and Fitness of Things. To which are added his
Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous; and a Philosophical Dis-
course on the Nature of Human Being, containing a Defence of Mr.
Locke's Principles, and some Remarks on Dr. Beattie's Essuy on

Truth--Letters on Materialism and Hartley's Theory of the Human

Mind. Addressed to Dr. Priestley. Svo. London, 1786, 1776.

[G. 24. 2.]

STEWART (Dugald) Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind.

Vol. I. 8vo. London, 1811. [Gg. 5. 57.]

*Stewart (Dugald) Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind.

Vol. II. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1814.

Stewart (Dugald) Philosophical Essays. 4to. Edinburgh, 1810.

[Gg. 3. 26.]




Man's MoRTALLITIE ; a Treatise wherein it is proved that Man is a com-

pound wholly mortall, contrary to the common distinction of Soul

and Body. 4to. Amsterdam, 1643. [L. 15. 21.]
THE PREROGATIVE of Man: or his Soul's Immortality and high Per-

fection defended. 4to. 1645. (M. 15. 37.]


Lux ORIENTALIS: or an Enquiry into the Opinion of the Eastern Sages concerning the Præ-existence of Souls. 12mo. London, 1662.

[G. 8. 17.] , DODWELL (Henry) A Discourse proving from the Scriptures and the

first Fathers that the Soul is a principle naturally mortal, but immortalized actually, by the Pleasure of God to Punishment, or, to Reward by its Union with the Divine Baptismal Spirit. 8vo. London, 1706.

[R. 10. 3.) Thoughts concerning the Human Soul: demonstrating the Notion of the Hu

man Soul as believed to be a Spiritual Immortal Substance united to a Humun Body, to be a Heathenish Invention. 8vo. London, 1702.

[R. 10. 34.] SMITH (Thomas) The Immortality of the Human Soul proved from Scripture and Reason. 8vo. London, 1703. [M. 19. 41.]

. TURNER (John) Justice done to Human Souls, in a Short View of Mr.

Dodwell's Epistolary Discourse. 8vo. London, 1706. (M. 19. 39.] Turner (John) A Brief Vindication of the Separate Eristence and Immortality of the Soul, in Reply to Mr. Dodwell's Second Thoughts. 4to. Lon

. don, 1702.. [N. 8. 30.]

Another Copy. 4to. London, 1702–3. [P. 38. (18,19.)] CHISHULL (Edmund) A Charge of Heresy maintained against Mr. Dod

well's Epistolary Discourse concerning the Mortality of the Soul. 8vo.

London, 1706. [N. 7. 44.]
PITTS (John) A Defence of the Animadversions on Mr. Chishull's Charge

of Heresie against Mr. Dodwell's Epistolary Discourse on the Immor

tality of the Soul. 8vo. London, 1708. [M. 19. 17.] Chishull (Edmund) Some Testimonies of Justin Martyr set in a true light ;

as they relate to Mr. Dodwell's Question concerning the Immortality of the Soul. 8vo. London, 1708. [M. 19. 26.]

- Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1708. [N. 9. 3.] CLARKE (Samuel) A Letter to Mr. Dodwell, in Reply to his Epistolary Discourse, proving the Natural Immortality of the Soul. 8vo. London, 1706.

[N. 9. 3.) Another Copy. 8vo. London, 1708. [L. 17. 25.]

Three Defences of an Argument made use of, in a Letter to Mr. Dodwell, to prove the Immateriality and Natural Immortality of the Soul. 8vo. London, 1707-8. [M. 19. 31.]

Fourth Defence. 8vo. London, 1808. [M. 19. 17.]

Four Defences. 8vo. London, 1707-8. [N. 9. 3.]
Clarke (Samuel) Letter to Mr. Dodwell, with the Four Defences of it, fc.

folio, Works, Vol. III. [N. 3. 33.]
MILLES (Thomas) The Natural Immortality of the Soul, asserted and

proved from the Scriptures and first Fathers ; in Opposition to Mr. Dod

well's Epistolary Discourse. 8vo. London, 1707. (M. 6. 4.] Collins (Antony) A Reply to Mr. Clarke's [First] Defence of his Letter

to Mr. Dodwell; with a Postscript relating to Mr. Milles's Answer to

Mr. Dodwell's Epistolary Discourse. 8vo. London, 1707. [N. 9. 3.] Immortality preternatural to Human Souls; the Gift of Jesus Christ,

collated by the Holy Spirit in Baptism ; proved to be a Catholick Doc

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