A Supplement to a Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Old Books

1828 - 95 pàgines
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Pàgina 574 - Fenn's (John) Original Letters, written during the Reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV. and Richard III. by various Persons of Rank or Consequence,
Pàgina 570 - Coppin (Jean) Le Bouclier de l'Europe, ou la Guerre Sainte, contenant des Avis Politiques et Chrétiens, qui peuvent servir de lumière aux Rois et aux Souverains de la Chrétienté, pour garantir leurs
Pàgina 562 - (John) Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain ; presenting an exact Geography of the Kingdom of England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isles adjoyning, with a Chronology of the
Pàgina 605 - Gough's (Richard) Account of the Alien Priories, and of such Lands as they are known to have possessed in England and Wales, plates,
Pàgina 569 - Voyage of the Wandring Knight, shewing the whole Course of Man's Life, how apt he is to follow Vanitie, and how hard it is for him to attaine to Vertue,
Pàgina 580 - the Lord's Prayer, and the Creede, were then used in the Mother Tongue ; and also what Opinion was then held of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood
Pàgina 631 - Ramsay's (Allan) Evergreen ; being a Collection of Scots Poems wrote by the Ingenious before 1600, 2 vols,
Pàgina 567 - (William) Baronetage of England; or History of the English Baronets, and such Baronets of Scotland as are of English Families, with Genealogical Tables, and
Pàgina 568 - Bryant's (Jacob) Observations and Inquiries relating to various Parts of Ancient History, containing- Dissertations on the Wind EUROCLYDON and on the Island MELITE,
Pàgina 592 - et Explication de toutes les Monnoies d'Or, d'Argent, de Billon, et de Cuivre, qu'ont fait frapper les Possesseurs de grands Fiefs, Pairs, Evêques, Abbés, Chapitres, Villes, et autres Seigneurs de France,

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