Imatges de pÓgina




It is now about twenty-seven years since the Ge

neral History of the Church, as illustrated chiefly from the Apocalypse, by Signior Pastorini, was first presented to the Public. It was variously received, according to the various temper and dispositions of its readers. Some did not hesitate to treat it with ridicule, as the production of a weak and visionary mind: Others attacked it by objections of different kinds, none of which seem to carry with them very considerable weight: But the generality formed a very favourable opinion of it, and read it with equal satisfaction and edification. They were not a little struck by the new light which the author seemed to have thrown on the mysteries contained, and the judgments denounced, in the prophetic book before us. Their attention was particularly excited by his open declaration, that, he apprehended, some of the seven scourges there threatened, were hastening fast to be inflicted on criminal and unrepenting nations, and a prophetic Vial was soon to be poured out on guilty heads. He charitably therefore forewarned his readers, to seek by sincere repentance to avert, if possible, the impending judgment, or, to be at

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