Imatges de pÓgina


( combin'd,

No more shall win the reverence of mankind,

COURAGE, and Worth, no longer honor boast,

But GLORY follow whom


favor moft :

«O'er BEAUTY, Pam shall reign despotic still,

• Cupid resign his arrows to SPADILLE,

! And all who bow to Fashion's dread awards,

! Confess the universal power of Cards.'


'S H ο ο Τ. Ι Ν


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E sylvan muses! as my step invades


The deep recesses of your hallow'd shades,

Say will


your echoing caves prolong The harsher cadence of your votary's song ?

Not anxious now to strike the trembling wire,

Sweetly responsive to your vernal choir;

Or from the treasur'd stores of earth to bring

The fragrant produce of the roseate spring:

Mine the rude task, while summer's fading ray

To yellow autumn yields the shortening day,


And all the variegated woods appear
Clad in the glories of the withering year,
With dogs and fiery weapons to profane
The peaceful sabbath of your rural reign;
Your desolated regions to explore

'Mid the wild tempeft, and the feason frore;

Destruction on your feather'd race to pour,

And add new. horrors to the wintry hour.

'Twas thine, immortal SOMERVILLE! to trace

The livelier raptures of the joyful chace,
O'er hills and dales to urge, with eager speed,
The hound sagacious, and the panting steed;
And guide the labors of the enthusiast throng
With all the extatic energy

of song.

Severer care these calmer lays demand,

And Fancy curb'd by sage Instruction's hand :


Yet, for the Muse some scatter'd charms shall gleam

'Mid the rich chaos of this copious theme;

Yet, here shall Glory view with generous aim,

The rising elements of martial fame.

As from the chace BRITANNIA's youth shall learn

The docile ftecd with ready hạnd to turn;

O'er the rude crag his bounding steps to guide,

Or press his ardor down the mountain's fide,

Till, rushing to the field with fierce delight,

She sends forth other * LINDSEYS to the fight :

So shall the steady train, of careful eye,
Who wound th' aerial offspring as they fly,
Whose limbs unwearied keep the constant way,
From morn's first opening dawn, till parting day,
Manly and firm, an unexhausted race,
With hardy frames the shining phalanx grace;

* This gallant Officer, who was killed in one of the defcents on the coast of France, during the war before last, was very instrumental in first forming the Light Horse of this country.

With steps, by labor unfubdu'd, shall know
Incessant to pursue the fainting foe;
Shall, 'midst the rocks and woods, with active toil

Hang o'er his march, and all his movements foil;

Their close platoons, with cool and certain aim;

Shall send destruction forth in vollied flame :

Or o'er the field dispers’d, each shot they pour

Shall mark some hoftile victim's fatal hour.

Of old, ere man with imitative skill,

Taught mimic thunders to obey his will,
Train'd by superior care, the elastic yew
With finewy arm, our English bowmen drew :
The warlike art exulting Albion law
Protected by the fostering hand of law;
Attentive * senates watch’d, with anxious zeal,
This martial bulwark of the general weal;

* See 33 Hen. VIII. ch.9.


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