Imatges de pàgina
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To leave the beaten paths of life behind,
Sublime on Glory's pinions to arife,
Vrg'd by the love of manly enterprize ;
Swol'n Indolence and Fear, with envious view
The radiant track incessant will pursue,
The sneer of Malice to the croud will teach,
And mock those labors they despair to reach.

* This little Poem was written on seeing Mr. SADLER, the first ENGLISH AERONAUT, ascend in his Balloon from the Physic Garden in Oxford, in November 1784.

Nor Nor does the bold Adventurer dread alone

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The poison'd shafts by scowling Envy thrown;
For deck'd in Wisdom's garb pedantic Pride,
And pompous Dulness constant to her fide,
Shall try with looks profound each new design
By the strict rules of Compass and of Line,

And damn the Scheme, whose Author can't pro


The exact returns of profit and of use.

Far be it from the Muse with Siren song

To draw from useful toil the industrious throng,

Or o'er the serious arts of life to raise

Warm Speculation's yet unsan&tion'd praise,
Earth's genial lap who teaches to unfold
A richer store of vegetable gold;

Who knows in union's closer bands to draw

The opposing claims of Liberty and Law,


Who dares in Freedom's holy cause to brave

The adverse legion and the hoftile wave,
Shall gain from Virtue's breath a purer fame
Than all the Poet or the Sage can claim.

Yet, led by Science; they whose steps explore

Each deep resource of Nature's hidden fore;

Whether pale study prompt them to reveal:

What wonderous scenes her shapes minute conceal,

Or with superior zeal and bolder toil,

Which danger cannot check, or labor foil,

They trace her giant form and march sublime

Through each viciffitude of soil and clime,
Shall surely there fome treafur'd secrets find,

Parents of good and useful to mankind,

Which far conceald from vulgar eye-light lay
Till active Science call’d them into day.

Whena When first sage Mathesis those laws reveal'd

Which lead the Stars thro' Heaven's eternal field,

What prescience could foresee their course should


The future vessel through the unfathom'd tide ?

Does BOTANY collect her flowers in vain

Without one lenient herb to soften pain?
And has the Muse still pour'd an empty lay,

Nor charm’d one vagrant foot to virtue's way?

Or grant that Science, of her stores profusę,

Forsake awhile her toils of

grayer use,


Yet sure no vulgar joys his breast engage
Who reads the wonders of her awful page,
Pursues the paths by former Sages trod,
Which lead thro’ Nature's works, to Nature's God:
Now follows Vegetation's varied powers,
Thro' all the change of foliage, fruit, and flowers,


Now feels the ele&ric spark with sudden flame..

Shoot mimic lightning through his thrilling frame,

And now delights the etheraal orbs to trace

Amid the vast expanse of boundless space.

Hail then ye daring few! who proudly soar

Through paths by mortal eye unview'd before!

From earth and all her humble scenes who rise

To search the extended mansions of the skies.

. If firm his breast who first undaunted gave

His fragile vessel to the stormy wave,
How much fuperior he! whose buoyant car

Borne through the strife of elemental war,
Driven by the veering wind's uncertain tidę,
No helm to steer him, and no oar to guide,
See Earth's ftupendous regions spread below,

To hillocks shrunk the mountains loftiest brow.


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