Imatges de pÓgina


Who now his head sublime, astonish'd shrouds

In the dull gloom of rain-distended clouds,

And fits enthron'd 'mid folitude and fhade

Which human eye-fight never can pervade,
Or rides amidst the howling tempest's force
Tracing the volley'd lightning to it's fource,
Or, proudly rising o'er the lagging wind
Leaves all the jarring Atmosphere behind,
And at his feet, while fpreading clouds extend,

While thunders bellow, and while storms descend,

Feels on his head the enlivening sun-beams play,

And drinks in fkies ferene the unsullied stream of


And say ye gloomy Cynics who despise The manly labors of the brave and wise,

Who damp with envious breath the generous fires

Which Science kindles and which Fame inspires;


Yet Hell's remotest regions wbuld explore
If the rich miñe allúrd with profferd ore.

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Say can ye tell what this, yet novel art,

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May to the future race of man impart,
What wonders hence may' to our fons be shewn,
Truths now luntaught, and blessings yet unknown?

Tempted by cloudless skies, yet half afraid,

When first the novice mariner essay'd

On the frail raft the border to forsake

To try the bofom of the unruffled lake;
Grasping with trembling hand the ill-form'd oar,

And scarcely venturing from the lessening shore,
While shouting crouds applauding rent the skies,
And weeping matrons blam'd the bold emprize :

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That Ocean sway'd by this improving Art
Should join those coasts it's billows seem'd to part,
Bear the stupendous Bark in safety o'er;

And every produce waft to every shore;

Had talk'd of climes by future Navies cross'd
From scenes of Arctic to Antarctic frost;
And regions opend to the astonish'd fight
Beyond Imagination's wildest flight;
Such credit had he gain’d, as now would gain
The sanguine votary from the sneering train,
Whose hopes should promise from the improv'd


Planets explor'd, and Empires of the Moon.

Then while the fons of Gallia juftly claim

The earliest trophies in this field of fame,
Shall Albion's race with impotence of Pride

Not emulate their triumphs, but deride?


No! while they candid own their Rivals here

Have started first in Glory's bright career,


ardor fire each kindred soul

To join their footsteps ere they reach the goal.
And while the Wealthy and the Great combine

United Patrons of this bold design,

The applauding Mufe her garlands shall bestow
To crown the intrepid Youth's successful brow,

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The laboring bofom of the stormy deep,
The face of day o'erspread by vapors scowls,
And ʼmid the shrowds the increasing tempest howls
O'er the tall mast the giant furges rise,

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And a new Chaos mingles earth and skies;

Bold even in danger's face, the naval train
Exert their force, and try their art in vain;

Despair and Death on all their efforts lower,

And the loud teinpelt mocks their feeble power.


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