Imatges de pÓgina

Sad, filent, all, save where the wild winds urge

The sullen fury of the heaving furge ;

And, floating lifeless, see each beauteous form

Drives a pale corse before the ruthless storm.

Even the stern mariner whose doubtful hand

Just grafps the summit of the wish'd-for land,

While scarce his thoughts the sense of safety know,

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Hears their last cries still vibrate in his ear,

Feels their keen anguish 'midst his dearest strife,
And mourns their fufferings while he pants for life,


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Deep in the bosom of a sheltering dale
By uplands guarded from the wintry gale,
In rustic fite a lowly village stands,

Not laid in form exact with artful scale,

But scatter'd wide by Chance's careless hands
'Mid woods, and breczy hills, and lawns, and fal-

low'd lands,



Here by the verdant margin of the flood

'Mid ofiers dank the humble cottage lies,

And here emerging from the bowering wood
From chimnies low the curling steams arise,

Here on the heath adorn'd with purple dyes

The open cafement drinks the ambrofial air,

While pointing boldly to the ambient skies,

The taper steeple marks the house of prayer,
Where to the holy rite the village race repair.

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Was never by unfeeling menace driven,
While Charity in robe of ermine dress'd
Beheld her scanty offerings freely given;
Nor shall her smallest boon escape the eye of



Though proud Magnificence with splendid arm
Had here no vast fuperfluous pomp display'd,

Yet Neatness was at hand with simpler charm,

And each domestic comfort lent it's aid.

Though no extended lawns, no forest-Shade

Struck with astonihment the enchanted fight,
Yet the small spot in Beauty stood array'd,
Since all around by Husbandry was dight,
For well such cultur'd scenes the placid sense de:



Right to the golden fun's meridian ray

Healthful, and gay, the chearful front was placed:
Where no Acanthus twin'd with mimic spray
To crown the column of CORINTHIAN talte;

By the soft tendrils of the vine embraced

O’er the slop'd roof the vivid fhoots extend,
Now with festoons of leaves luxuriant graced,
And now, 'as Autumn's ripening beams defcend,
Loaded with swelling fruit, the purple clusters


: : :


A Garden trim was placed before the door

Kept by diurnal toil in neat array,

By walls defended from the insults frore !

Qf Bareas' blat, and Eurys' rude affray,


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