Imatges de pÓgina
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To AGEsiAs of SYRACUSE, on his Victory gained

by the Apené, or Chariot drawn by Mules.


The Poet, after comparing the opening of his Ode to

the beautiful portico of a palace built by a skilful Architect, celebrates - AGESIAS on account of his. OLYMPIC Viktory, his being Guardian of the Altar of Jupiter, and being admitted to the rights of a Citizen at SYRACUSE ; and from these circumstances compares him to AMPHIARAUS. Then he mentions his ancestors; and speaking of Pitana > and EVADNE, has a long digression on the birth of IAMUS. The Poet then returns to AGESIAS, and declares himself, to be in some measure of the same country; and exhorts Æneas, the Leader of the Chorus, to exert himself; diretting him to celebrate Agesias, for his being an inhabitant of Sicily, and for his friendship with Hiero,

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King of SYRACUSE ; and, congratulating him on his good fortune in having two countries, concludes with a Prayer to Neptune for his prosperity.


HE skilful Architect whose dædal hand


Contrives the far-resplendent dome to raise, Bids the bright porch on shapely columns stand, That rich with gold and polish'd marble, blaze.-


So we superbly pour along
In conscious dignity the opening Song.

To him OLYMPIA's Wreath who wears,

Who guards the Thunderer's facred Fane,
And every social blessing shares,

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With SYRACUSA's happy train;
Each friendly voice shall notes of triumph blow,
And each unenvious hand, a votive Wreath be.


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In this thrice-honor'd State by fortune placed
The happy son of Sostratus behold!
Nor is the Warrior, or the Seaman graced 15
Till Danger and till Toil their worth unfold.
But Fame's eternal Pæans wait
The virtuous labors of the brave and great.-
To thee, Acesias, shall belong
Those genuine Praises, which of old
ADRASTUS with no flattering tongue
On AMPHIARAUS, sacred Seer! bestow'd :
What time the fatal earth with yawning womb,
Him and his fiery steeds clos'd living in the tomb.


Now seven funeral pyres begun

To shed a lurid blaze around,
When * Talaus' sorrowing fon
Pour'd to the Theban host this mournful found:


• O how I languish to behold

• The bravest of my warrior train,

30 • Who Fate's eternal mysteries can unfold, • Or spread destruction o'er the embattled plain ! To him, the SYRACUSAN Youth belong Such praise, to whom I tune the OLYMPIC Song,

No Son of Discord, I proclaim


His Worths, his Triumphs are the fame :

And with an oath confirm the unerring strain,

Form'd by the favoring help of all Aonia's train.


Come then, O Paintis! to the shining Car With speed, with speed, the rapid Courfers join; 40 That whirling o'er the purest paths afar

We reach his Ancestor's high-honor'd line.

Above the rest


Courfers know

When Posa's Olive decks the Hero's brow,

To bear him o'er the founding road


Where, far from dark oblivion's cell,

Bright Honor holds her high abode,
And Fame and Glory ever dwell.
Now wide the Gates of Harmony display,
For to EUROTA's shores I guide the founding Lay. 5°

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With strictest care lhe hid her virgin throes;
But when the circling moons her pain


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Where ALPHEUs pours his filver-winding way: 60


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