Imatges de pÓgina

That, while such virtuous chiefs adorn thy strain

As GREECE and Rome shall emulate in vain,

Albion may consecrate thy deathless name,

And found her Epic pride on Hayley's fame.


Χρύσεα χαλκείων, εκατόμβοι εννεαζοίων. HOME Α.

O FARINGDON's illustrious Hili


On which PARNASSIAN dews distil

Ye southern Muses bend, :

And there falute with proud acclaim

In him who gave that Hill to fame

The Poet and the Friend :

Tell him in his applauding voice
Your EARTHAM's echoing groves rejoice,

And with new pride expand,
Tell him his gifts your votary chear,

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Leaves all thy votaries wandering far behind,

Eludes their search, and mocks their anxious care

What distant region holds thy fair retreat,

Where no keen look thy footsteps may surprise ?

In what lone desert halt thou fix'd thy feat,

Far from the curious search of mortal eyes?

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Amid the jocund race, say, art thou found,

Who pass in mirth the dreary hours of night; Or in the dance with pliant sinews bound,

Till fades the taper at AURORA's light?

Ah no! when Reason reassumes her sway,

And the tamed blood in calmer current flows,

These joys, like fairy visions, melt away,

And leave the bosom press'd with serious woes.

Or, dost Thou dwell with regal pomp and power,

Rever'd and honor'd by the wise and great ? Ten thousand cares on scepter'd splendor lower,

And bend the weary monarch with their weight.

Or, shall we seek Thee through the ranks of war,

Where bold Ambition leads her daring train; While the shrill clarion, founding from afar,

Calls the slow warrior to the purple plain?

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Alas not there !--though conquest grace his sword,

Though proudly wave his banners in the air,

By legions guarded, the victorious Lord

Shall find no arms to shield his heart from care.

Doft Thou reside in the gay youth's fond breast,

Who bends obedient to the power of love;

Who, by the fair one he adores caress’d,

May all the joys of mutual transport prove ?

With passion fraught, though smiling now serene,

In soft endearments flow each tender hour;

Too foon, alas! must change the blissful scene,

When time's cold blaft shall blow on beauty's


And oft, amid the blooming days of youth,

Inconitancy asserts her fickle reign;
Or pale-ey'd Jealousy, with venom'd tooth,

Cankers the golden links of Hymen's chain.


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