Imatges de pÓgina
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(Happy beyond the race of man is he
Who boasts a heart from greater foibles free, )
O let me still the sweet delusion prove,

Still keep the Folly which so much I love,

Nor ever try, with useless Wisdom, kind,

To tear this favorite Error from my mind.

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In robes of virgin white, the fields inclose;

When Beaux, and Belles, their rural seats forego,

For the gay seats of Almack's and Soho:

When to his confort's wish the sportsman yields, And quits, for GROSVENOR-SQUARE, the frost

bound fields;

What time stout Labor waking rears his head,

And jaded Luxury just thinks of bed;

Tir'd with the toilfome pleasures of the day,

Stretch'd on my couch with weary limbs I lay :


Then, as disorder'd slumbers clos'd my eyes,

This strange fantastic vision seem'd to rise.

Methought my footsteps trod a spacious plain, Of size, assembled nations to contain: Expos'd to fight, nor screen'd by sheltering wood,

Full in the midst a spacious building stood.

In various ornaments, on every part,

Had ARCHITECTURE lavish'd all her art;

Here GRECIAN columns Gothic structures bear,

Gay China spreads her painted arches there;

The artist's skill, to charm the roving view,

Had mix'd old orders, and invented new.

High in the dome, on massy pillars rear'd,

Rich with refulgent gems, a throne appear’d,

Where, deck'd in all the pomp of regal state, 'Mid gazing crouds, a female figure fat;


And, while ten thousand tongues her power proclaim,

The vaulted roofs re-echo FASHION's name.

Round her a train of busy nymphs are seen,

Dressing with skilful hands their haughty queen :
Some plait her robes, her washes fome prepare,

Some paint her cheeks, and some adorn her hair;

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One moment alters, what the last had done.

Numbers each art to gain her favor try,

And watch the varying motions of her eye;

At her command employ their utmost skill,
And yield their minds, and bodies, to her will ;
Lay health, and fame, and fortune, all afide,

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To follow blindly where her mandates guide.

Let but the worshipp'd Goddefs give the word,

No toil seems difficult, no scheme absurd.


Pale Sickness tries each art that can avail,

To make her faded features yet more pale;

While rofy Healih's capricious fingers spread,
On her fresh blooming cheeks, a foreign red.
The weakly stripling, fainting with the pace,
Urges o'er hill, and dale, the breathless chace;
While the stout brawny youth, in languid strains,
Of tender frame, and shatter'd nerves, complains.
Nobles, whose fires for freedom bravely stood,

Or seald her facred charter with their blood,
Glory their country's honor to have fold,
And prostitute their dearest rights for gold;
In Britain's cause while patriot Porters cry,

And Butchers bellow, WILKES and LIBERTY !

As at this motley scene, in wild amaze, On every side with wondering eyes I gaze,

Sudden, methought, I heard the clarion's notes;

Loud on the wind the martial clamour floats!




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