Imatges de pÓgina
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1. Ma - ny sto ries quaint and old - en, Oft are told to me, 2. Songs of al - most heav'n-ly sweet - ness, Fall up - on my ear, 3. Ma - ny are the gifts 1 cher - ish, Friendship's to - ken true,

Some are touched with grief and sad - ness, Oth - ers full

of glee, Hap - py songs of home and kin - dred, Fill - ing me with cheer, Giv - ing me ex • quis - ite pleas - ure, As they meet my view,

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But there's one that's sweet-er, dear - er, Than all oth lays, One sur-pass - ing

all the oth - ers, In my soul doth ring, But there's one of price - less val- ue, Bless - ings to

im . part,

Christmas Bells. Concluded.

'Tis the sto ry

told by

an - gels, In the old - en days. 'Tis the song of peace and glo ry, Christ-mas an - gels sing. 'Tis the Christ child's Christmas greet-ing, treas-ured in my heart.

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Sweet and joy-ous is the ring - ing, of the bells,

Sweet and joy - ous is the of the bells, The merry bells,

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Christmas bells,

Full of beaûty is the sto mer - ry Christmas bells,

ry each one

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er glad - ly tells, Christmas bells,

sweet bells, Joy - ous bells, sweet, mer · ry,Christmas bells.

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A band of faith-ful reap-ers we,

Who gath-er for e • ter - ni. We are a faith-ful gleaning band, And. la- bor at our Lord's com3. The golden hours like moments fly, And harvest days are pass-ing

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The gold - en sheaves of rip - ened grain From ev - 'ry mand, Un-yield-ing, loy al, tried and true, For lo! the by; Then take thy.rust y sick - le down, And la bor

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val - ley, hill and plain; Our song is one the reap - ers reap - ers

but few;

Be-hold the way - ing har - yest for fade - less crown; Why will you id. - ly stand and


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In hon - or of their Lord and King— The Mas-tur
A - bun-dant with gold - en yield; And hear the
Be-hold, the hour is grow-ing late ! Can you to


To the Harvest Field, Concluded.

of the har - vest wide, Who for a world of sin-ners died. Lord of har- vest say To all: “Go reap for me to - day.” judgment bring but leaves, While here are waiting golden sheaves?

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It seems like a kind. an-gel's call, And play, Be care-ful, my friend,stop and think, Con. way;

His coun-sels true pleas-ure af · ford, And

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asks those who sin, will it pay? Will it pay to make pleasure the

sid · er the cost, will it pay? Will it pay for the charm of the serv-ing Him sure - ly will pay; It is bet - ter to turn from all

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