Imatges de pÓgina
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No. 5.

My Savior's Footsteps,




In the path-way of my jour-ney I see steps that lead to God; 2. Thou hast borne my ev-'ry bur-den, Borne death's anguish on the tree; 3. Thou hast lived on earth for others, Spent thy life for us in love;

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They're the foot-steps of my Sav • ior, Show-ing me the path He trod.

All this hast thou meekly suf - fered E'en for my in- i - qui - ty.
Thus would I diy life be spend - ing Till I meet Thee, Lord, above.

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Lead me, Say - ior, lead me ev - er, Lead me, Je • sus, all the way;

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.er in Thy foot-steps Lest I from thy path-way stray;

Keep me

ev • er in Thy foot-steps, Lest I from Thy pathway stray.

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1. O Pilgrim bound for the heav'nly land, Nev-er lose sight of Je - sus; 2. When e'er you're teinpted to go a-stray, Never lose sight of Je - sus; 3. Tho' dark the pathway may seem ahead, Nev-er lose sight of Je - sus; 4. When death is knocking outside the door, Nev-er lose, sight of Je - sus;

He'll lead you gen-tly with lov-ing hand, Never lose sight of Je-sus. Press on-ward, upward the nar-row way, Nev-er lose sight of Je-sus.

"I will be with you" His word hath said, Never lose sight of Je-sus. Till safe-ly land -ed on Canaan's shore, Nev-er lose sight of Je - sus.


Nev- er lose sight of. Je - sus, Nev - er lose sight of Je


Day and night He will lead you right, Nev - er lose sight of Je-sus.

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1. "He car-eth for me, my. Fa-ther cares! Oh, sweetest tho't to my

He car-eth for me, I take no care; I trust in Him who will 3. He car-eth for me, my Fa-ther cares! My heart is singing a

is for my 4. He car-eth for me; this wea-ry road The saf - est bha


spir - it known; I have no fears for the com-ing years, He guard and guide, It is e - nough when the road is rough, To grate - ful song;

I look a - bove I sing His love, To feet to tread; In paths of bliss I might some-times miss The

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를 I. It pays to serve Je-sus, I speak from my heart;He'll always be

And oft when I'm tempted to turn from the track, I think of my 3. There's a place that remembrance still brings back to me, 'Twas there I found 4. How rich is the bless-ing the world cannot give, I'm sat is - fied


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with us,

if we do our part; There's naught in this wide world can Sav-ior,-my mind wanders back To the place where they nailed Him on par-don,-'twas heav-en to me; There Je - sus spoke sweetly

for Je - sus to live, Tho' friends may for-sake me and




pleas-ure af-ford, There's peace and contentment in serving the Lord,
Cal - yą -
- ry's tree-I

hear a voice saying: "I suf-fered for thee! my wea - ry soul, My sins were for-giv-en, He made my heart whole. tri - als a-rise, I am trust-ing in Je-sus His love ney - er dies.

D. S.-ev-er the cost, I'll be


a true soldier,-P'll die at my post.

D. S.

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I love Him far better than in days of yore,
I'll serve Him more truly than ever before, / I'll do as He bids me what-

5 There is no one like Jesus, can cheer 6 Will you have this blessing that Je me to-day,

(fade away,
sus bestows,

[knows? His love and His kindness can ne'er A free, full salvation-as ev'ry one In winter, in summer, in sunshine Oh, sinner, poor sinner, to Calvary and rain, (same. flee,

[there for thee; His love and affection are always thel The blood of my Savior was shed

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