Imatges de pàgina


Migne, the Abbé, his Patrologia
Latina, 218

Mignet, M, his Histoire de Marie
Stuart, 329; his collections re-

lating to the Spanish Succession, NAL

[blocks in formation]


Murimuth, Adam of, continuation
of, 284

NALSON, John, Collection of,


Napier, Mark, Life of Montrose by,
356; his Life of Graham of
Claverhouse, 369

Napier, Sir William, his History of

the Peninsular War, 402
Naval History, see James, 230
Neal, Daniel, his History of the
Puritans, 321

Nelson, lord, Life of, by Southey,

400; his Despatches, ib.; Life of,
by Clarke and McArthur, ib.
Nennius, Historia Britonum of,
Netherlands, the, attack of France
on, 196

Netter, Thomas, his Fasciculi Zi-
zaniorum, 297

Newbury, William of, his Historia
Rerum Anglicarum, 262
Newton, Sir Isaac, Life of, by

Brewster, 382

Nicolas, Sir Harris, his Lives of
Davison and Hatton, 328
Nichols, John, his Progresses of
Queen Elizabeth, 324; his Pro-
gresses of James I., 356; Literary
Anecdotes by, 382

Noailles, de, Despatches of Antoine
and Francois, 316
Notitia Dignitatum, the, 233
Noorden, Čar von, his Europäische

Geschichte, 381

Norman conquest of England, part
of a reaction of the South against
the North, 41; its effect on the
organisation of the country, 43
Normandie, Chronique de, cited by
Fabyan, 290

Normandy, its early relations with
England, 39; taken from John,

Norman history, authorities for, 258
Normans, the, character of, 42;

their organisation of England, 43
North, Lord, his coalition with
Fox, 186; becomes Prime Minis-

Motley, Mr., his Dutch Republic
and United Netherlands, 327
Mozley, J. B., his Essays on Straf-
ford, Laud, and Cromwell, 355
Müller, professor Max, his Lecture

on Language, 207

Mullinger, Mr. J. B., his History of
the University of Cambridge, 283




ter, ib. ; his correspondence with
George III., 386
North, Roger, Lives of his brothers
by, 365; his Examen, 359
Northumberland, Wilfrid in, 26;
cession to the King of the Scots
of the Northern part of, 30


CCASIONAL conformity, le-
gislation on, 172
O'Curry, Mr. Eugene, his Lectures
on Irish History, 266

Oliphant, Mr. T., his Old and
Middle English, 208
Ordericus Vitalis, his Ecclesiastical
History, 51, 260

Organisation of England, political,
21; ecclesiastical, 22

Ormonde Papers, the, 339
Osbert de Clare, his Life of Edward
the Confessor, 252

Osney, Annals of the monastery of,


Otterbourne, Thomas, his Chronica,

Overton, J. H., see Abbey.
Oxford, University of, Puritan visi-
tation of, 344

[blocks in formation]


tative knights to, 73; a mission
of representatives of the towns to,
74; its progress under Edward
I., 75; its complete form, 80;
rise of the House of Commons in,
88; its relation with Elizabeth,
125; growing importance of, 127;
see Rolls; the Unreported,' 390
Parliamentary History, the, 227
Paston Letters, the, 295
Pauli, Reinhold, his opinion on As-
ser, 246; his account of the reigns
of John and Henry III., 282; his
Simon von Montfort, 283; his Auf-
sätze zur Englischen Geschichte,
299; his Geschichte Englands seit
den Friedenschlüssen, 403
Pearson, Mr. C. H., his view of
British history, 244

Peasants' revolt, the, 92
Pelham, Henry, Life of, by Coxe,

Penitential system, its action as an
organising power, 24; literature
of the, 253

Penn, William, Life of, by Dixon,

Pepys, Samuel, Diary of, 361
Percy Society, foundation


object of, 222
Persia, fall of the empire of, 3
Peterborough, Benedict of, work
ascribed to, 262; Chronicle of
the monastery of, 277
Peterkin, Alexander, on the Re-
formed Church of Scotland, 313
Philip II., king of France, takes

provinces from John, 63
Philip VI. makes war with the
Flemish burghers, 87

Pictet, M., his Origines Indo-
Européennes, 207

Picts, the, their attack on south
Britain, 15

Piers the Ploughman, 92
Pits, John, his Scriptores Angliae,

Pitt, William (the elder), his cha-
racter as a statesman, 178; his
Life by Thackeray, 382; his
Correspondence, 385; see Chatham,
the earl of.

[blocks in formation]


Reformation, the age of the, its
general character, 109
Reformation, the, its influence on
our historical literature, 306
Reformation, Narratives of the, 310
Renaissance, the, character of, 104;
its effect upon England, 105; its
development under Elizabeth, 123
Representative government, the

Roman empire incapable of, 8
Representative system in England,
the, its germs, 69; Simon de
Montfort's scheme of, 73; growth
of, 74; completion of, 75
Reresby, Sir John, Travels and
Memoirs of, 360

Restoration, the, 154
Revolution of 1399 contrasted with
the Revolution of 1688, 97
Revolution of 1688, the, institutions
established at, 163; res riction of
the sphere of government as a
result of, 165

Richard, bishop of London, his
Dialogus de Scaccario, 268
Richard I., his reign, 61; authori-
ties for reign of, 264
Richard II., beginning of his reign,
93; his weakness, 96; deposition
of, 97; French chroniclers on,

Richard III., Papers of, 296
Richey, Mr. A. G., his Lectures on
Irish History, 324

Rievaulx, Aethelred of, his a count
of the Battle of the Standard,
Rishanger, William, his Chronica,
Rockingham, lord, Memoirs of,

Rockingham, the Marquis of, his
leadership, 180; death of, 188
Rogers, professor Thorold, his
History of Prices, 301
Rolls of Parliament, first publication

of, 225

Rolls Series, the, account of its
origin, 219; value of the series,


Roman law, revival of the study, of


Rome, its constitution, 4; effect of
the conquest of Italy on the in-
stitutions of, 6; its position as
head of the nations, 7; impossi-
bility of establishing representa-
tive government in its emp re, 8;
establishment of the empire of, ib. ;
establishment of scientific law in,
9; sacrifice of the individual to
society in, 10; abstract concep-
tion of, 10; relations with the
Church of the empire of, 12;
Teutonic conquest of its empire,
13; its province in Britain, 15
Romilly, Sir John, his proposals in
connection with the Rolls Series,

[blocks in formation]


Saxons, the, settlement of, in
Britain, 16

Scobell, H., Collection of, 338
Scotland, its relations with Edward
the Elder and Edgar, 30; its
relations with Edward I., 77; its
resista ce to Charles I., 141;
sources for early history of, 281;
authorities for history of, in the
sixteenth century, 324

Scots, their attack on Southern
Britain, 15

Scriptores, Decem, 216
Seebohm, Mr., his Oxford Re-
formers, 328

Selden, John, one of the editors of
the Decem Scriptores, 216
Senlac, Harold's death at, 40
Serfdom, growth of, 34
Serfs, the, emancipation of, 97
Shaftesbury, see Cooper.
Shakespeare Society, foundation
and object of, 222
Shakespeare, William, his historical

plays chiefly founded on Hall, 299
Shelburne, the Earl of, his policy,

187; Prime Minister, 188; Life
of, by lord E. Fitzmaurice, 392
Sheridan, R. B., Life of, by Moore,
Shipmoney, levy of, 137
Shirley, professor, his Preface to
the Fasciculi Zizaniorum, 301
Shrewsbury, duke of, his Corre-

spondence, 371
Sidmouth, lord, Life and Corre-
spondence of, 398

Sidney, Sir Philip, Life of, by Lord
Brooke, 328; do. by Zouch, ib. ;
do. by Fox Bourne, ib.
Simancas, State Papers preserved
at, 317

Simon, Earl, see Montfort, Simon de.
Simony, proposed abolition of, 47
Sismondi, account of the third Cru-
sade by, 269

Slavery, effect of the introduction
of, I

Smith, Adam, his influence on Pitt,

Smith, John, his edition of Bede,



Social contract, the Whig theory of
the, 164
Societies, historical, account of
principal, 221-3

Somerset, earl of, account of trial
of, by Amos, 340
Somers Tracts, the, 315
Somerville, Thomas, his History of
Reign of Queen Anne, 378
Songs, political, edited by Wright,
267, 280, 298

Southey, Robert, his Life of Wesley,
393; his Life of Nelson, 400
Spain, negotiations of James I,
with, 132
Spalding Club, foundation and ob-
ject of, 222
Spanish marriage, the treaty for
the, 340
Spanish succession, collections re-
lating to the, 364; works relating
to, 381

Sparke, Joseph, his Scriptt. Hist.
Anglic., 217

Spedding, Mr., his Life of Bacon,

Spelman (and Wilkins), Councils,
&c., by, 244

Spenser, Edmund, his account of
Ireland, 324
Spottiswoode, archbishop, his His-

tory of the Church of Scotland, 314
Sprigg, Joseph, his Anglia Redi-
viva, 343

Stafford, William, his Examination
of Complaints, 319

Stair, the earls of, Annals of, by
Graham, 381

St. Albans, the historic school of,
270; importance of the monastery
at, 271; activity of its chroniclers,
ib.; Chronica of, edited by Riley,
ib. n. 2; monk of, Chronicle of
England by, 286; Annales of
monastery of, 291
Stamp Act, the, imposes taxation
on America, 186

Standard, battle of the, accounts of,

by Richard of Hexham, &c., 261
Stanhope, earl, his History of Eng-
land and Reign of Queen Anne,


Stanyhurst, Richard, a contributor
to Holinshed's Chronicles, 307
Star Chamber, the Court of, institu-
tion of, 102

Starkey, Thomas, his England in
the Reign of Henry VIII., 305
State Papers, formerly not open to
the inspection of men of letters,
223; calendars of, 226; for reign
of James I., 330

State Trials, collection of, by Cob-
bett and Howell, 327
Stephen, king, anarchy of his
reign, 54; authorities for his
reign, 260-1

Stephen, Mr. Leslie, his English
Thought in the Eighteenth
Century, 383
Stewart, Sir Charles, Life of, by
Alison, 401

Stowe, John, his Summary, An-

nales, and Survey of London, 308
St. Paul's, Domesday of, 278
Strafford, lord, Letters and Des-
spatches of, 342

Strickland, Agnes, her Lives of the
Queens, 228; her Lives of the
Stuart Princesses, 357
Strype, John, his Memorials and
Annals, 321; his Lives of Cran-
mer, Parker, &c., 323
Stubbes, Philip, Anatomie of
Abuses, by, 319

Stubbs, professor, on the mark
system, 210; his criticism on the
Lives of Dunstan, 254; his Docu-
ments, &c., ib.; his Select Charters,
&c., 257; his Early Plantagenets,
269; his preface to Walter de
Coventry, 282

Sully, Oeconomies Royales of, 345
Supreme Head of the Church of
England, title of, 110
Surtees Society, foundation and ob-
ject of, 221

Swift, dean, his Journal to Stella,
373; his History of Queen Anne's
Reign, ib.; his political pam-
phlets, 374; his criticisms of
Clarendon and Burnet, ib.; his
'Tale of a Tub,' 172
Swinfield, bishop, the Roll of, 280

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