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Sybel, Professor Heinrich
History of the French Revolution
by, 402
Sydney Papers, the, 318


ALE of a Tub,' representative
character of its ideas, 172
Tallages, not declared illegal in the
Confirmatio Cartarum, 80
Tanner, bishop, his Bibliotheca,


Taxation, assessment of, 57
Taylor, Rev. Isaac, his Words and
Places, 208


Township, the, sends deputies to
the hundred-mote, 18

Trevisa, John of, his translation of
Higden, 285

Trevelyan, Mr. G. O., his Early
History of C. J. Fox, 392
Tribe, the English, 17; their
amalgamation into kingdoms, 19
Trivet, Nicholas, his Annales, 273;

his six Angevin kings, how
reckoned, ib. n. 2; Rishanger's
work largely borrowed from, ib.
n. 3
Trokelowe, John of, his Annales,

Tudor monarchy, the, causes of its
strength, 99

Temple, Sir William, his Letters and
Memoirs, 359; Life of, by Hon.
T. P. Courtenay, 369

Teulet, M., his edition of the
French Despatches, 316
Thegns, their position in the
Witenagemote, 31; their relation
to the king, 33; distinguished
from eorls and gesiths, ib.
Theodore, archbishop, his organisa-
tion of the Church, 26
Thomason, collection of pamphlets
by, 333

Thornton, Mrs. Alice, Autobiography
of, 349

Thorpe, Benjamin, his edition of
the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 238;
his edition of the Ancient Laws,
&c., 254

Thurloe Papers, the, 337
Tindal, Nicholas, his Continuation
of 375

Toleration, its adoption by the VENE

sects, 148; its prospects under
the Restoration, 155

Toleration Act, the, enactment of,
Tooke (and Newmarch) History of
Prices by, 403
Tories, the, oppose the Exclusion
Bill, 159; their depression after
the death of Anne, 169; recon-
struction of the party of, 186;
their principles in the reign of
George III., ib.
Townshend, Heywood, his His-
torical Collections, 315

Tulloch, Dr., Rational Theology of,

Turner, Sir James, Memoirs by,

Twysden, Sir Roger, the Decem
Scriptores generally known under
his name, 216

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Tyerman, Rev. L., his Life of Wes-
ley, 393

Tytler, W., his work relating to
Mary, Queen of Scots, 317, 329


SSHER, archbishop, one of
the editors of the Decem
Scriptores, 216

Utopia, the, its characteristics, 105

Relation,' the,
Venetian Reports, the, in the seven-
teenth century, 345

Vergil, Polydore, his Historia An-
glica, 298; his value as a contem-
porary authority, 302
Verney Family, the, Letters and
Papers of, 335

Verney, Sir Ralph, his Notes on the
Long Parliament, 337
Vienna, the Congress of, 196
Villenage, cry for the abolition of,

Voltaire, influence of, on the French
Revolution, 192


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Webb, John, his Memorials of the
Civil War, 343

Wedmore, the treaty of, 29
Wellington, Duke of, his Life by
Brialmont, 399; his Despatches,
400; his Correspondence, ib.
Welwood, James, his Memoirs of a
century, 351
Wendover, Roger of, part author
of the Historia Major, 272
Wergild, payment of, 20
Wesley, John, preaching of, 177;
his influence on a later genera-
tion, 190; Lives of, by Southey
and Tyerman, 393
Wharton, Henry, continued Cave's
Historia, 214; his Anglia Sacra,
Whethamstede, John, account of by


John Amundesham, 291; his
Register, ib.

Whigs, the, support the Exclusion
Bill, 159; causes of the ascen-
dancy of, after Anne's death, 170;
their relation with the mercantile
class, 172; their relation to the
Dissenters, 172; their weakness
at the end of the reign of George
II., 176; their relations with the
elder Pitt, 179; their struggle
with George III., 180; adopt the
teaching of Burke, 183; defeat
of, by George III., 186; seces-
sion of, from Fox, 194
Whitelock, Sir Bulstrode, Memo-
rials of, 337

Wilfrid, his argument in support of
the Papal claims, 26; Life of, 247
Wilkes, declared incapable of
sitting in the House of Commons,
Wilkins (and Spelman) Councils,
&c. by, 244

William I., defeats Harold at
Senlac, 40; character of his
government in England, 43;
causes of his power in England,
44; his position as a national
king, 44; organises the English
Church, 50

William II., his tyranny, 50; ap-

points Anselm archbishop, 51;
his quarrel with Anselm, 52
William III., his Continental posi-
tion, 161; the crown offered to,
162 his position in the Govern-
ment, 167; Letters of, edited by
Grimblot, 377

William of Malmesbury, his histori-
cal writings, 51; see Malmesbury.
Williams, Archbishop, Life of, by

Hacket, 348

Williamson, Sir Joseph, Letters of,

Wilson, Arthur, his History of
James I., 332

Winchester, Annals of the monas-
tery of, 274
Winwood's Memorials, 318
Witenagemote, the, relations of,
with the king, 19; its constitu-

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TAINE'S (IIPPOLYTE ADOLPHE) WORKS. UNIFORM LIBRARY EDITION. 14 vols., large 12mo. $2.50 per vol.

"The paper, print, and binding of this series leave nothing to be desired in point ste and attractiveness."-Nation.

The French Revolution. Vols. I. and II. Translated by John Durand. Large 12mo. $5.00.

The Ancient Régime. Translated by John Durand. $2.50. History of English Literature. Translated by H. VAN LAUN. 3 vols. $7.50.

On Intelligence. Translated by T. D. HAYE. 2 vols. $5.00. Italy. (Rome and Naples.) Tr. by JOHN DURAND. $2.50. Italy. (Florence and Venice.) Tr. by JOHN DURAND. $2.50. Notes on Paris. Tr. by JOHN AUSTIN STEVENS. $2.50. Notes on England. Tr. by W. F. RAE. With portrait. $2.50. A Tour Through the Pyrenees. Tr. by J. STAFFORD FISKE. $2.50.

Lectures on Art. Translated by JOHN DURAND. First Series. (Containing the Philosophy of Art; The Ideal in Art.) $2.50.

Lectures on Art. Translated by JOHN DURAND. Second Series. (Containing the Philosophy of Art in Italy; The Philosophy of Ar* in the Netherlands; The Philosophy of Art in Greece.) $2.50.

separate edITIONS.

A Tour through the Pyrenees. Tr. by J. Stafford Fiske. Illus. by GUSTAVE DORÉ. Sq. 8vo, gilt, $10. Levant mor., $20.

" A marvel of beauty."-Boston Transcript.

History of English Literature. Translated by H. VAN LAUN. 2 vols. 8vo, $7.50; the same in I vol., $4.00; the same, large 12mo, $1.25.

The Class-room Taine. History of English Literature by H. A. Taine. Abridged from the translation of H. VAN LAUN, and edited with chronological table, notes, and index, by JOHN FISKE. Large 12mo. $2.00.


"Much information otherwise widely scattered, and to be sought for within the covers of many books, old and new, is here put together in readable shape. The results of the late archaeological research and of recent critical examinations into historical authorities and monuments of art, are here given with sufficient thoroughness. The whole book, indeed, is composed in the light of the most modern knowl edge and opinion, and is quite free from the legendary story-telling tone."-Nation.

"A most delightful book, brimful of interest and information."-Boston Advertiser.

"A clear and symmetrical narrative in a very pleasing_style."—Atlantic Monthly.


ESCOTT'S (T. H. S.) ENGLAND. Her People, Polity, and Pursuits. 8vo. $4.00.

"A large and ustive treatise on England. . A most useful work. A massive achievement, and one which is likely to do excellent service.”—Satur day Review,

"It is a work of real value and usefulness on England as a people and a nation, and gives information about that country which it is impossible to find elsewhere in so convenient and interesting form."-N. Y. Tribune.

"One of those sterling though unpretentious books whose value is permanent. Rests on a philosophy so sound, and moves within information so accurate, that many generations to come will have to learn from him how England lived and felt and acted in 1880. To Americans it is nothing less than a revelation. The most perfect and satisfactory study in practical sociology now in existence."-Boston Advertiser.

WALLACE'S (D. MACKENZIE) RUSSIA. With two maps. 8vo. $4.00.

"One of the stoutest and most honest pieces of work produced in our time, and the man who has produced it, even if he never does anything more, will not have lived in vain."-Fortnightly Review.

"Excellent and interesting, worthy of the highest praise. We commend his book as a very valuable account of a very interesting people."Nation.

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BAKER'S (JAMES) TURKEY. 8vo, with two maps. $4.00.

"His work, like Mr. Wallace's, is in many parts a revelation, as it has had no predecessor, which was so founded upon personal observation, and at the same time so full of that sort of detailed information about the habits, the customs, the character, and the lite of the people who form its subject, which constitute its best possible explanation of history and of current events. Invaluable to the student, profound or superficial, of Turkish affairs."--N. Y. Evening Post.

McCOAN'S (J. C.) EGYPT AS IT IS. With a map taken from the most recent survey. 8vo. $375.

"We can recommend Egypt as It Is to our readers as supplying a want which is most felt; a detailed and a truthful and able account of the country as it is in its moral material and economical aspect.”—London Athenæum.

CREASY'S (SİR EDWARD S.) HISTORY OF THE OTTOMAN TURKS. From the Beginning of their Empire to the Present Time. Large 12mo. $2.50.

"It presents a vivid and well-connected account of the six centuries of Turkish growth, conquest, and decline, interwoven with summary views of institutions, national characteristics, and causes of success and failure. It embodies also the results of the studies of a large number of earlier and later writers, and throughout evinces research, independence of judgment, and candor.”—Nation.

JONES' (C. H.) AFRICA: The History of Exploration and Adventure as given in the leading authorities from Herodotus to Livingstone. With map and illustrations. 8vo. $5.00.

"A cyclopædia of African exploration, and a useful substitute in the library for the whole list of costly original works on that subject.”—Boston Advertiser.

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