Imatges de pÓgina



Müller, Oliphant, Isaac Taylor. WORKS ON THE COMPARATIVE

HISTORY OF INSTITUTIONS: Sir H. Maine, Freeman, Kemble,


TORICAL WRITERS: John Boston, John Leland, John Bale, John

Pits, William Cave, Sir James Ware, Thomas Tanner. Later pub-

lications: Macray, Prof. Morley, Sir T. D. Hardy. EDITORS:

Archbishop Parker, Sir H. Savile, the Decem Scriptores, Henry

Wharton, Thomas Hearne, Fulman, Gale, Hall, Sparke, Kennet,

the Acta Sanctorum, Migne's Patrologia, Archaeologia, Ellis's Letters.

The Rolls Series. HISTORICAL SOCIETIES: Roxburgh, Bannatyne,

Maitland, and Abbotsford Clubs; Surtees Society, English Historical

Society, Camden Society; Parker, Percy, and Shakespeare Societies;

Spalding Club; Aelfric and Chetham Societies; Caxton and Early

English Text Societies. STATE PAPERS: Rymer's Foedera; Rolls

of Parliament; Publications of the Record Commissioners; Corres-

pondence of Henry VIII.; Calendars of State Papers. SPECIAL

SUBJECTS: Cobbett's Parliamentary History; Earlier Collections of

Parliamentary Debates; Hansard; Journals of the Houses of Parlia-

ment; Strickland's Lives of the Queens of England; Green's Lives of

the English Princesses; Foss's Lives of the Judges; Campbell's Lives

of the Lord Chancellors and of The Lord Chief Justices; Le Neve's

Fasti; Macpherson's Annals of Commerce; Porter's Progress of the

Nation; Leone Levi's History of British Commerce; James's Naval

History; The Harleian Miscellany.


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Authorities to A.D. 450.

CONTEMPORARY WRITERS.-The Classical Writers; Itinerarium of
Antoninus; Notitia Dignitatum. NON-CONTEMPORARY WRITERS. —
Gildas; Bede; his Historia Ecclesiastica; editions by Smith,
Moberly, Mayor and Lumby. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; edi-
tions by Thorpe and Earle; Geoffrey of Monmouth; influence of his

Historia; the de Situ Britanniae; spuriousness of the work; the
Monumenta Historica Britannica. Hübner's Inscriptions. MODERN
WRITERS: Works on Roman, British, and Saxon Antiquities by
Horsley, Bruce, Algernon Herbert, and Stukeley; Articles by Dr.
Guest; other Authorities for points in dispute. The Ancient
British Church. Camden's Britannia

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A.D. 450 to the Norman Conquest.

CONTEMPORARY WRITERS.-Growing importance of the Anglo-
Saxonhronicle; Asser, Ethelwerd, the Emmae Encomium, the
Vita Aedwardi; Lives of Wilfrid and St. Cuthbert; Aldhelm,
Alcuin, St. Dunstan. NON-CONTEMPORARY WRITERS. - Marianus
Scotus, Simeon of Durham, Henry of Huntingdon, Ralph of
Diceto, Peter Langtoft, William of Malmesbury, Florence of
Worcester; Lives of Edward the Confessor; Penitentials; Lives of
St. Dunstan; Early English Legislation; the Pseudo-Ingulphus.
MODERN WRITERS.-Palgrave, Kemble, Stubbs, Freeman, Waitz,
Worsaee; Freeman's Norman Conquest; Bright, Milman, and
Church; Dictionary of Christian Biography; Wright's Biographia;
Stubbs's Select Charters; Dugdale's Monasticon
· 245-257


From the Norman Conquest to the Accession of King John.
William of Jumièges, the Roman de Rou, William of Poitiers; the
Bayeux Tapestry; Guy of Amiens. CONTEMPORARY WRITERS ON
ENGLISH HISTORY.-Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Eadmer, Geoffrey
Gaimar, Ordericus Vitalis, William of Malmesbury; the Gesta Ste-
phani; the Hexham Chroniclers; Aethelred of Rievaulx; Chronicles
of Melrose and Lanercost; William of Newbury; the Gesta Regis
Henrici; Roger Hoveden, Ralph of Diceto, Richard of Devizes,
Hugo Candidus, Gervase of Canterbury; other sources for reign of
Richard I.; Giraldus Cambrensis, Walter Map and John of Salis-
bury; other works of Giraldus; Poem on the Conquest of Ireland;
Works relating to the Early History of Ireland; contemporary
Satirists; Domesday Book; contemporary Biographies. Dialogus
de Scaccario. NON-CONTEMPORARY WRITER.-John of Bromp-
MODERN WRITERS.-Freeman, Stubbs, Guizot, Bryce; Lives
of Lanfranc, Anselm, Beket, and Hugh of Lincoln; Sismondi; Cox's
Crusades; Stubbs's Plantagenets



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CONTEMPORARY WRITERS.-Adam of Murimuth (continued), Robert
Avesbury, Higden and John of Trevisa, Henry Knighton, Chronicle
by a Monk of St. Albans; Walsingham's Historia; French Chroni-
clers on Richard II.; Adam of Usk, John Capgrave, Thomas
Otterbourne; Lives of Henry V.; Chronique de Normandie; the
Siege of Rouen; John Amundesham, John Whethamstede; other
Chronicles for Reign of Henry VI.; Bekynton's Correspondence;
John Harding, Ric ard Grafton, Jean de Waurin, William of
Worcester, Jean de Bel, Froissart, Enguerrand de Monstrelet;
Robert Blondel; Historie of the Arrivall of Edward IV.; the
Paston Letters; Richard of Bury, Reginald Pecock, Continuation
of the Croyland Chronicle; Warkworth's Chronicle; More's Richard
III., Papers of Richard III.; Docket Book of Edward V.; Robert
Fabyan; contemporary writers on Wyclif and Lollardism, Wright's
Poliual Poems. NON CONTEMPORARY WRITERS.-Polydore Ver-

gil, Hall, and Redman. MODERN WRITERS.-Lives by Pauli, Gaird
ner, Longman, Wallon, Freeman, Brougham, Hallam; Walcott's
Wykeham; Anstey's Munimenta; Hook's Archbishops; Shirley,
Gairdner, Geffcken, Kirk; Rogers's History of Prices


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From the Accession of Henry VII. to the Death of Elizabeth.

CONTEMPORARY WRITERS.-Polydore Vergil and Hall (con-
tinued); Bernard André; the Venetian Relation'; the London
Chronicle Harpsfield and Cardinal Pole; Wriothesley's Chronicle ;
More's Utopia and Starkey's England; influences of the Reforma-
tion; Holinshed's Chronicles; John Stowe, his Summary, Annales,
and Survey of London; John Foxe, his Acts and Monuments; minor
works relating to the Reformation; Remains of Edward VI.;
Machyn's Diary; Chronicle of Queen Jane; Lives of More and
Wolsey; Hooker's Life of Carew; Camden's Life of Elizabeth; the
State Papers; Calendars of the State Papers; the Zürich Letters;
the Brief Discourse; Martin Marprelate; the Reformed Church in
Scotland,-Peterkin and Calderwood; Archbishop Spottiswoode;
Hardwicke Papers; Digges's Compleat Ambassador; Cabala; the
Somers Tracts; Proceedings of the Elizabethan Parliaments; the
Burleigh Papers; Granvelle's Correspondence; Teulet's French
Despatches; Noailles Despatches; State Papers preserved at Venice
and Simancas; materials for the history of Mary, Queen of Scots;
literature relating to the Catholics and Jesuits in England;
Winwood's Memorials; Sydney Papers; Carew Letters; Harrison's
Description of England; Stubbes's Anatomie of Abuses; Stafford's
Examination. NON-CONTEMPORARY WRITERS. -Fuller's Church
History; Collier's Church History; Burnet's History of the Reforma-
tion; Le Grand's Histoire du Divorce; Strype's Ecclesiastical
Memorials and Annals of the Reformation; Neal's Furitans; Dodd's
Church History; Hurd's Dialogue. BIOGRAPHIES. - Lives of Henry
VII. and Henry VIII. by Bacon, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, and Sir
John Hayward; Fiddes' Life of Wolsey; Lewis's Life of Fisher;
Fu ler's Worthies; Strype's Lives; Lloyd's State Worthies; Wood's
Athenae Oxmienses; Nichols's Progresses. AUTHORITIES FOR
gard, Hausser, Haweis, Hunt, Marsden, Mot ey. Histories of the
Jesuit Order.
Cobbett's State Trials. Bruce's History of the East
India Company. Biographical works by Wordsworth and Seebohm ;
Lives of Cranmer, Parker, Grindal, Whitgift and Nowell; Lives of
Sir Christopher Hatton and Davison by Nicolas; Life of Sir Philip

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From the Accession of Fames I. to the Protectorate.

CONTEMPORARY SOURCES.-State Papers of the period; Camden,

Wilson, writings of James I., Melros State Papers; Carew Letters;

Wallington's Diary; the Thomason Collection of Pamphlets; the

'King's Pamphlets'; Clarendon's History; Dalrymple's Memorials.

PARLIAMENTARY RECORDS.-Debates of 1610; debates of 1620 and

1621; Lords' Debates of 1621, 1624, and 1626; Rushworth's Collec-

tions; Clarendon State Papers; Debates of 1625; Protests of the

Lords; Verney Papers; Whitelock's Memorials; Thurloe Papers;

May's History; Verney's Notes; Scobell's Collections; Parliaments

of 1640; Nalson's Collection; Ormonde Papers; Clarendon's Short

View; Contemporary History of Ireland. SPECIAL EVENTS, &c.---

Genpowder Plot (Gerard and Jardine); Trial of Somerset (Amos);

Spanish Marriage (Fray Francisco); Expedition to Rochelle (Lord

Herbert of Cherbury); Charles and the Covenanters (Balcanqual

and Borough); Balfour's Annales; Guthry's Memoirs; History of

Torture (Jardine); Milton on Church Reform, the Freedom of the

Press, and the Puritan Policy; Strafford's Letters; Ludlow's

Memoirs; Holles's Memoirs; Walker's Discourses; Sprigg's Anglia

Rediviva; Cromwell and Manchester; Letters of Charles and Hen-

rietta; Register of the Visitors of Oxford; Herbert's Memoirs of

Charles the First's last years. FOREIGN RELATIONS, &c.-De la

Boderie, Dumont, Winwood, Bassompierre, Venetian Reports;

Sully's Oeconomies Royales; Birch's Historical View; Carleton

Letters; Rusdorf Despatches. BIOGRAPHIES.-Materials for Lives

of Prynne and Laud; Heylin's Life of Laud; Lives of Hutchin-

son, Williams, Birch, Bedell, and the Dukes of Hamilton; Auto-

biographies of D'Ewes, Sir R. Carey, Lord Herbert, Larly Halket,

and Mrs. Alice Thornton. Halliwell's Letters; Correspondence

of the Hatton Family; Fairfax Correspondence; Hamilton Papers;

Baillie's Letters; Welwood's Memoirs. LATER WRITERS.-Dr.

Birch, Carte, Brodie, Godwin, Lingard, I-aac Disraeli, Carlyle,

Guizot, John Forster, Gardiner, Ranke, Sanford, Mozley, Burton ;

Bancroft's History of the United States; Nichols's Progresses;

Spedding's Bacon; Masson's Milton; Lives of Montrose, Prince

Rupert, and Fairfax; Miss Strickland and Mrs. Everett Green ́.

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