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1210, blue cloth. Hector Berlioz. Selections from his Letters, and Esth Humorous, and Satirical Writings. Translated, and preceded by a Biographical Sketch of the Author. By WILLIAM F. APTHORP. $2.00.


Is read with surprise, and put aside when the last page is finished with reluctance. Full of anecdote and rich with individuality, the biography gives genuine pleasure."-Art Interchange.

English Actors from Shakespeare to Macready. By HENRY BARTON BAKER. Two vols. $3.50.

"The book is extremely rich in good stories, which are invariably well told.”— Pall Mall Gazette.

Moscheles' (Ignatz) Recent Music and Musicians, as described in his Diaries and Correspondence. Selected by his wife, and adapted from the original German by A. D. COLERIDGE. $2.00.

"The diary and letters between them contain notices and criticisms on almost every musical celebrity of the last half-century."-Pall Mall Gazette.

Chorley's (H. F.) Recent Art and Society, as described in his Autobiography and Memoirs. Compiled from the edition of Henry G. Hewlett, by C. H. JONES. $2.00.

Wagner's (R.) Art Life and Theories. Selected from his Writings, and translated by EDWARD L. BURLINGAME. With a preface, a catalogue of Wagner's published works, and drawings of the Bayreuth Opera House. $2.00.

"A book which will not only be interesting to all lovers of music, but entertaining, at least in some of the chapters, to the general reader."-N. Y. Tribune.

Thornbury's (Walter) Life of J. M. W. Turner, R.A. Founded on Letters and Papers furnished by his friends and fellow academicians. With illustrations, fac-similed in colors, from Turner's original drawings. $2.75.

"The author has told fully and fearlessly the story of Turner's life as far as he could learn it, and has filled his pages with anecdotes which illustrate the painter's character and habits, and his book is, therefore, one of great interest."-N. Y. Evening Post.

Lewes (George Henry) on Actors and the Art of Acting. $1.50.

"It is valuable, first, as the record of the impressions produced upon a mind of singular sensibility by many actors of renown, and lastly, indeed chiefly, because it formulates and reiterates sound opinions upon the little-understood principles of the art of acting. Perhaps the best work in English on the actor's art."--Nation.


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