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HÉ lady Abney of Newington.
The reverend Mr. John Adams of Dart-

The reverend Mr. John Adams of Bewdly.
The reverend Mr. Atkinson of Coventry.
The reverend Mr. John Auther of Walthain-

Mr. George Abney of Birmingham.
Mr. Atkins.

B. Nathaniel Brassey esquire. Thomas Butterworth esquire of Manchester. The reverend Mr. Barker. The reverend Mr. Bayes. The reverend Mr. Baron. The reverend Mr. Benson. The reverend Mr. Belsham of Bishop-Stortford, The reverend Mr. Baggeshot of Northampton. The reverend Mr. Brabant of ditco. The reverend Mr. John Bryant of Uppingham. The reverend Mr. Boyce of Kettering. VOL. I.



The reverend Mr. Brogdon of Narborough.
Mr. James Brogdon merchant.
John Bosquain of St. Ives gentleman.
Mrs. Anne Bielby of Hull,
Mrs. Hannah Bull.
Mrs. Elizabeth Bull.
Mr. Frederick Bull.
Mr. Thomas Bull.
Mr. Bland, two sets.
Mr. John Burkitt of Sudbury in Suffolk.
Mr. Benjamin Brockhurst of Coventry.
Mr. John Bromley of ditto.
Mr. James Boydall of ditto.
Mr. Robert Butler of Arnold in Nottingham.

Mr. John Bowles.
Mr. Bridges of Borcham in Effex.
Mr. John Bentley of Sheepshead in Leicester,

Mr. Robert Bakewell of Dishley in ditto.
Mrs. Sarah Boddington.
Mrs. Jane Brown of Ware.
Mr. Daniel Baker of Kettering.

с John Cay esquire counsellor at law. The reverend James Clegg M. D. of Chapple

le Frith in Derbyshire. The reverend Mr. Coveney of Oulton in Nor

folk. The reverend Mr. Carpenter of Warwick. The reverend Mr. Joseph Cappe of Leeds.


The reverend Mr. Clarke of St. Albans.
The reverend Mr. Coriolanus Coppleston of

Mrs. Elizabeth Coates of Chesterfield, fix secs.
Mrs. Cole.
Mifs Cole.
Mr. Cole of Kingston.
Mr. Samuel Cowel of Hunsdon in Hertford

Thire. Miss Cholmley. Mrs. Cass of Ware. Miss Cornwall. Mr. Joseph Cater attorney at law in Coventry. Mr. Charles Coe merchant in Malden. Mr. John Coe merchant in ditto. Mr. Carleton. Mr. Chapman. Mr. William Chambers of Hull. Mr. James Carlill of ditto. Mr. Robert Cliffe. Mr. Joseph Cruttenden attorney at law. Mr. Samuel Crumpion of Derby. Mr. Samuel Critchlow of Coventry, Mr. Nathaniel Cox of ditto. Mr. Henry Cooper of Walsall. Mr. Samuel Clay of Arnold in Nottinghamshire. Mr. Thomas Clarke of Breedwell in Devone.

shire. Mr. John Clark of Wigston in Leicestershire. , Mr. Cadell Bookseller at Bristol.


D. Robert Duckenfield esquire of Manchester. The reverend Philip Doddridge D. D. of North

ampton. The reverend Mr. Dawson of Hinkley in Lei

cestershire. Thé reverend Mr. Dowley of Lutterworth in

ditto. Mrs. Mary Docwra of Ware. Miss Docwra of ditto. Mr. Richard Dickinson of ditto. Mr. Samuel Dickinson. Mr. William Dodge of Bagworth in Leicester

shire. Mr. Thomas Dimsdale of Hertford. Mr. William Dimnisdale of Ware. Mr. Thomas Daville of Stoke-Golding in Lei


E. Mr. John Eames Fellow of the Royal Society,

two sets. Samuel Eaton D.D. of Nottingham, Mr. John Eldridge of Yarmouth,

F. Freeman Flower esquire of Gainsborough, lix

sets. The reverend Mr. Richard Frost of Yarmouth. The reverend Mr. John Fletcher of Trunch in

Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher of Hull.


Mrs. Fletcher of Ware.
Mr. Thomas Fletcher of ditto.
Mr. Thomas Fletcher of Cheapside.
Mr. John Fallowfield of Hull.
Mr. John Ferguson bookseller at Norwich.
Mr. John French of Maidenhead.
Mr. Edward Feeeman of Coventry.
Mr. Philip Furneaux.
Mr. Joseph Foster brewer,

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G The reverend Mr. Daniel Goodrich of Oundle. The reverend Mr. Jeremiah Gill of Sheffield. The reverend Mr. Jeremiah Gill of Gainsborough. Mr. Edward Godfrey of Hampstead. Mr. Grier merchant. Mr. Thomas Greaves of Northampton. Mr. Joshua Grundy. Mr. Richard George. Mr. James Gibson. Mr. Joseph Gray of Coventry.

H. Peter Hinde esquire, two sets. Thomas Hunt esquire Alderman of Coven.

try. Phineas Hussey esquire of Little Wirley in

John Hopkins esquire, fix sets.
The reverend Obadiah Hughes D. D.

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