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The reverend Mr. Thomas Hornblower of Kid.

derminster. The reverend Mr. Samuel Hurrion of Gueft

wick in Norfolk.
The reverend Mr. Holdsworth of Chelmsford.
Mr. John Hawkins brewer.
Mr. Robert Harrison.
Mr. Benjamin Hewfon of Northampton.
Mr. Thomas Hancock of Lympítone in Devon.
Mr. Edward Hodgson merchant in Hull.
Mr. Lawrence Hill merchant in ditto.
Mr. Thomas Hickson merchant in ditto.
Mrs. Hughes.
Mrs. Elizabeth Handley of St. Albans.
Mr. James Harkness of St. Ives.
Mr. Timothy Haycock in Coventry,
Mr. Abraham Hancox of ditto.
Mr. James Hannot of Yarmouch.
Mr. Edward Hippisley attorney at law.
Mr. William Howe.
Mr. Hall of Herringham near Newark upon

Mr. Henry Hunt of Birmingham.

The reverend Mr. Jones Rector of Alconbury

in Huntingdonshire, The reverend Mr. Evan Jones of Spalwick, The reverend Mr. Jollie. The reverend Mr. David Jennings. The reverend Mr. John Jennings in St. Ives. The reverend Ms. William Johnson of Wilbich.


The reverend Mr. Jackson.

Mr. Iles of Hertford.
Miss Iles of ditto:
Mrs. Jarvis of Cheshunt.
Mr. Josiah Jefferys of Hockley in Effex.
Mr. John Ives of Ware.
Mr. John Iliff of Oadby in Leicestershire,


Mr. William Kerr of Sheffield.
Mr. Kiplin of Pongefract.
Mrs. Martha King of Northampton.
Mr. Richard King.


George Leghz: LL. D. Vicar of Hallifax. Thomas Langford esquire Alderman of Nok.

tingham. The reverend Mr. Lax of Burlington, two

The reverend Mr. Lavington at Exeter.
The reverend Mr. Nathaniel Lardner.
The reverend Mr. William Lister of Ware,
Mr. John Lewin of Leicester.
The Reading society of ditto.
Mrs. Elizabeth Lightfoot of Hariworth in Not-

Mrs. Leeds of Ware.
Mr. David Landell of Newcastle.
Mr. John Lucas of Coventry.

Mr. Nathaniel Lawton junior of Coventry,
Mr. John Lant of Barkwell near ditto.
Mr. Richard Lathropp of Bristo!.


The reverend Mr. Mottershead of Manchef


The reverend Mr. Miles of Tooting in Surrey, The reverend Mr. Mason of Dorking in dittoThe reverend Mr. Meadows of Needham in

Suffolk. The reverend Mr. William Martin of Hull. The reverend Mr. Samuel Merivale of Sleaford

in Lincolnshire, The reverend Mr. Joseph Marshall of Roch

ford in Eflex.
Mrs. Moody of Bury St. Edmunds,
Mr. Samuel Malkin of Coventry,
Mr. Samuel Martin of Hull.
abr. Richard Moore of ditto.
Mr. Nathaniel Mears of Sheffield.
Mr. Richard Milnes of Chesterfield.
Mr. Owen Manning of Hardington in North-

Mr. John Mansell.of Wolverhampton.
Mr. Benjamin Mansell of Birmingham.
Mr. Robert Moore of ditto.
Mr. Joshua May of ditto.


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.61:: inilabilitatilir The Right worshipful James Nasmith esquiro Mayor of Norwich.

il Robert Newton esquire of Norton in Derby,

Mr. Neal attorney at lay.

Mr. John North of Ware,
Mr. Anthony North,
Mr. Abraham North, two sets.
Mr. John Newnham of Birmingham,

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The Right worshipful Thomas Oldham esquire

Mayor of Coventry. The reverend Mr. John Oakes of Cheshunt. The reverend Mr. Orton of Shrewsbury. The reverend Mr. John Olding of Northamp.



The reverend Mr. Thomas Palmer of Hull.
The reverend Mr. Petwin.
The reverend Mr. Michael Pope.
The reverend Mr. Andrew Porteous of Ayton

in Yorkshire.
Mr. William Pickard merchant.
Mr. Phillibrown.
Mr. Andrew Parminter of Barnstaple.
Miss Phillimore of Hertford.



Mr. John Phillimore of Hertford.
Mr. James Piddock of Birmingham.
Mis Joseph Peale merchant-in Hull

: Mr. James Pickering.

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Q. Mr. Samuel Quarrel of Llangfylling in Montgomeryshire.


d John Richards esquire of Normanton in Leicestershire.

. James Raymond esquire of Şaffron Walden. Richard Reynolds esquire of Hertford. Mafter Richard Reynolds of ditto. The reverend Mr. Richard Rawlins. The reverend Mr. John Reynolds of Atherstone

in Warwickshire. The reverend Mr. Richard Rogerson of New

castle. The reverend Mr. John Reynell of Totness in

Devon. Mr. Thomas May of Bedford.) Mr. John Rotheram of Dronfield in Derby y shiretwo fets, Mr. Gilbert Roberts of Sheffield, Captain Caleb Rich of Hull... Mr. Thomas Remington of Coventry. Mr. Thomas Rudd of St. Albans. Mr. Samuel Richards of Birmingbam.


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