Imatges de pÓgina

sensible of this great ho- nities, the unrighteous nour and blessing, of being judgment, the miserable the habitation of Thy good

death of the cross : and Spirit; and the holiness this, by Thy grace, shall required of me, and of the be my pattern. Amen. great danger of profaning a temple consecrated to St. Luke xxiii. 14. We Thee. Make me worthy receive the due reward of Thy continual abode of our deeds : but this and presence. Take pos

Man hath done nothing session of my heart and amiss. soul; and let me know that Thou dwellest in me,

I confess, O God, with by the fruits of Thy Spirit.

this malefactor, that whatAmen.

ever I suffer in this life, I suffer most justly for my

sins! And therefore, with Heb. xii. 1, 2. Let us run the submission of a peni

with patience the race tent criminal, under the that is set before us, look

righteous sentence of ing unto Jesus, the Au

death, I offer my life a thor and Finisher of sacrifice of obedience to our Faith, &C.

Thy Divine justice, in

union with that of iny SaGrant, O God, that I may bear all the troubles

viour's, at what time and of this life with a meek

in what manner to Thee

shall seem meet ; trusting and patient spirit, without

in the merits of my Rerepining at whát Thou

deemer at the hour of shalt appoint for the punishment of sin, and for the

death, and in the day of salvation of the sinner. I judgment. Amen. will look unto 'Thee, O Je

St. Luke xv. 6. I have sus, when Thou wast in the place of sinners, with

found My sheep which

was lost. what patience 'Thou didst bear the scorn, the indig- O good Shepherd, I thank Thee for Thy ten- the adversary of my soul der care and concern for may never find me off my Thy lost sheep. I had, guard, or from under Thy indeed, been for ever lost, protection. had not Thy love sought and found me when I was St. Luke xi. 13. Your astray. For Thy good

heavenly Father will ness' sake keep me, for give the Holy Spirit to the time to come, from them that ask Him. wandering from Thee, and from Thy fold. Amen. O heavenly Father, let

it be unto Thy servant St. John v. 14. Behold, according to this word. thou art made whole :

Abandon me not, I besin nio more, lest a worse

seech Thee, to the opposithing come unto thee.

tion that I shall at any

time make to Thy Holy Lord, the frailty of man Spirit, that I may never without Thee cannot but i render myself unworthy fall; in all temptations, i of so great a blessing. therefore, I beseech Thee to succour me, that no sin, St. John viii. 15. If a no evil spirit, may ever get man keep Nby saying, the dominion

he shall never see death. Amen.

O Jesus, who hast made St. Matt. xxvi.41. Watch known to us another death

and pray, that ye enter besides that which sepanot into temptation.

rates our souls from our

bodies, let Thy grace and Make me, O Lord, ever mercy deliver me from mindful of my infirmities the bitter pains of eternal and backslidings, that I death. Amen. may be more watchful and more earnest for grace, for St. Matt. xi. 29. Learn the time to come; that of Me, for I am meek

over me.

ture is so averse.

and lowly in heart; them after this example, and ye shall find rest not for judgment and to your souls.

vengeance, but for mercy;

for their pardon, and for O heavenly Master and their eternal happiness. Pattern, how am I aston- Amen. ished when I consider Thy humility,, Thy po- St. Luke xiii. 26, 27. Then verty, Thy meekness, Thy resignation, in the midst

shall ye say, We have of injuries, oppression,

eaten and drunk in Thy and wrongs!

It must

presence, &C.But He be Thy Almighty grace

shall say, I tell you I which must enable me to

know you not; depart follow Thy example, and

from Me all ye workers submit to this

of iniquity, &C. of

way peace, to which our na


Let me not depart from this grace I now pray

Thy Table and presence, through Thy merits and

O Lord, without obtaining

the mediation, 0 Jesus.

grace to lead a godly Amen.

and a Christian life; that I

may escape this terrible

and just judgment to be St. Luke xxiii. 34. Jesus passed upon all those who said, Father, forgive enjoy the means of grace them; for they know

and salvation, without benot what they do.

ing bettered by them, but We do not, indeed, con

continue to lead unchrissider what we do, when

tian lives. Amen. we provoke that justice which could not be ap- St. John i. 12. peased but by the death received Him, to of the Son of God. If them gave He power I have any enemies, O (and right) to become God, I beseech Thee for the sons of God, even to

As inany


them that believe on His My peace I give unto Name.


It must be Thy Spirit, I will not live in sin; O Prince of Peace, that knowing, O God, that I

must put us into possesam accounted Thine. O Jesus, who hast obtained dying legacy. O give me

sion of this Thy last and for us this mighty privi- this peace which the world lege, give me grace to

cannot give ; which passlive as becomes the child

eth all understanding: of so great, so good, so

The peace and pleasure of holy a Father; that I may being in the favour of never abuse this mercy, God; and that I may nor forfeit the right of the inheritance of the child possess my soul in peace,

in the midst of the tempren of God, by infidelity, tations, and troubles, and or disobedience to the

allurements, of this precommands of my hea

sent evil world. And let venly Father. Amen.

this peace which Thou hast purchased with 'Thy

precious blood, be with St. John xiv. 27. My me and with Thy whole

peace I leave with you ; | Church evermore. Amen. CONCERNING SPIRITUAL COMMUNION.

'HE Church, for the this Rubric, had, it is


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tage of such Christians as the daily sacrifice, which through any just impedi- | under the law of Moses ment are hindered from was offered for the whole receiving the Lord's Sup- people of Israel ; at which per in the manner which all such pious persons she has appointed, that is, who could not possibly be from the hands of Christ's

present, yet offered their own ministers, has given į daily prayers to God in us this instruction :

union of Spirit, and in That if we do truly virtue of that sacrifice repent of our sins : have offered in the temple, and a lively faith in God's which, no doubt of it,

mercy through Christ, were accepted of God. 66 with a thankful remem- Now,forasmuch as very brance of His death, many pious souls do laC., we do eat and bour under this sad imdrink the Body and pediment, especially in Blood of Christ, profit- many country Churches

ably, and to our soul's where the Sacrament is health, although we do but too seldom adminisnot receive the Sacra- tered: to supply this de" ment with our mouth.| fect, some such help as

They that composed | the following may be


1 See the second Rubric after the Office of the Communion of the Sick.

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