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made use of on the Lord's St. Luke xxii. 19. Do Day, or on any other holy- this in remembrance of day, in order to preserve

Me. in our minds the memorial of our redemption ;

O Good Saviour, I will, to improve our grateful through Thy grace, do affections towards

this in remembrance of Redeemer; to keep up a

Thee, and in obedience continual correspondence

to Thy command, as well with heaven ; to preserve

as I am able. in us a spirit of piety, and

I do, therefore, this good devotion, and charity, that day join in desire and we may be always pre


, with every Chrispared to receive


tian congregation in the Lord's Supper, whenever world, which truly celewe shall have an oppor

brates this holy mystery: tunity of doing it, in pub

With them, I join in my

devoutest lic, as a public and solemn giving

thanks to Thy Almighty acknowledgment of our being in communion with

Father, and our gracious Christ, and with

God, who did not over

every member of the Church of look lost mankind; but Christ; and which no

sent Thee, His only Son,

to redeem us. good Christian will ne

With them I call to reglect, on any pretence of

membrance what Thou Spiritual Communion.

hast done and suffered for us; Thine incarnation, Thy laborious life, Thy bitter passion, Thy death,


2 We do not want example for recommending this SPIRITUAL COMMUNION. The learned and pious Bishop Taylor, the worthy and ingenious author of the Unbloody Sacrifice, the devout author of the Spiritual Combat, &c., have proposed some such help as this, for the use and comfort of those devout souls, who are deprived of this holy Sacrament in the Church. And to those we are indebted for this intimation, &c.

upon us.

and resurrection, the great | Thee to give me grace, deliverance Thou hast never wilfully to depart thereby wrought for all from Thy laws. mankind; and the obli- I join with Thy Church, gations Thou hast laid and plead the merits of

Thy sacrifice, for all estates I acknowledge and re- and conditions of men ; ceive Thee, O Jesus, as

that none may deprive our heavenly Teacher,- | themselves of that happias our Example and Pat- ness which Thou hast tern; as our only Medi- purchased by Thy death ; ator and Advocate with for all Christian Kings God; and as the Sove- and Governors; for all reign Judge of all man- Bishops and Pastors; that kind.

they may preserve the With Thy Church I sacred rights committed join in pleading the mer- to their trust; for all that its of Thy all-sufficient strive to propagate Thy sacrifice with Thy eternal Gospel ; for a primitive Father ;-I rely upon that real in all that fear Thy sacrifice for the pardon of name ; for all that sit in all my sins; for the assist- darkness, are in error, or ance of the divine grace ; are destitute of necessary for deliverance from the means of instruction ; for corruption of my own na- all that sincerely seek the ture, and from the malice truth ; for all sinners, that and snares of the devil ; they may have grace and for the fellowship of the strength to break their Holy Ghost; and for a bonds ; for all that are in blessed resurrection; the adversity; for all that sufLord Almighty, for Thy fer wrongfully, or that are sake, being reconciled deprived of their just unto me.

rights ; for all that are in I devote my spirit, soul, pain of body, or anguish and body to Thee, and to of mind and spirit; for Thy service, beseeching all that are tempted, or


in danger of falling into benefactors, and for our despair ; for all that are enemies; for all that have in slavery, under persecu- desired our prayers, and tion, in prison, or in po- for the whole mystical verty; for all persons and body of Christ; Beseechplaces in distress by the ing the Almighty God, the sword, pestilence, and Creator and Redeemer of famine ;3 for all that are all, to have mercy upon in their last sickness, that all whom He has made they may omit nothing and redeemed, and to that is necessary to make give unto all grace and their peace with God; for help, according to the all widows and fatherless necessities they labour children ; for all that call under, for Thy sake, O upon God, and have none Lord Jesus, to whom, with else to help them; for this the Father and the Holy land and this Church, Ghost, be all honour that the Lord may avert and glory, dominion and the judgments which we power, for ever and ever. justly deserve ; for our Amen. friends, our relations, our

3 1 Mac. xii. 11. We remember you in our sacrifices and in our prayers, as reason is, and as it becomes us to think upon our brethren. THE

Lord's Prayer Paraphrased

THEN we consider self only, but for all Thy

the time when children, that we may all Christians are taught to live worthy of the relation say this prayer, we shall which we bear to Thee ;-have reason to fear, that that we may not sin, knowtoo many continue to re- ing that we are accounted peat it all their lives, with Thine ;-nor wilfully ofas little consideration, un- fend so great, so good, so derstanding, and devo- tender a Father : but that tion, as they first learned

we may love Thee, and it.

fear Thee, not as slaves, This will make a short but as children: that we and plain paraphrase on may put our whole trust in this Prayer both useful and Thee, and depend upon acceptable to such as de- Thine infinite power, wissire to understand what dom, goodness, and prothey pray for.

mise to take care of us;

that we may leave it to Our Father, which art in Thee to choose what is heaven,

best for us; and bear

with patience and resignaI beseech Thee, O hea- tion all Thy fatherly corvenly Father, not for my- | rections: and that we may


serve Thee with comfort of Jesus Christ. Hasten and pleasure all our days, the time which Thy Spirit in hopes of the inheritance hath foretold, when all which Thou hast promised nations whom Thou hast Thy obedient children. made shall worship Thee

and glorify Thy Name. Hallowed be Thy Name.


the good endeavours

of those that strive to proThou art worthy, o pagate the Gospel of Thy Lord, to receive glory, and kingdom; and prepare the honour, and power; for hearts of all men toreceive Thou hast created all it. May all such as own things, and all Thy works Thee for their King, bepraise Thee.

Fill our

come Thy faithful subhearts, O God, with a zeal jects !—Vouchsafetoreign for Thy glory, that we may in our hearts, and subdue do Thee honour, by lead- our will entirely to Thine: ing holy lives, and by - and prepare us by Thy paying a great regard for good Spirit for the kingeverything that belongs dom of glory. to Thee ; Thy Name, Thy day, Thy house, Thine Or- Thy will be done in earth, dinances, and Thy Minis

As it is in heaven. ters; and that others, seeing our good works, may Dispose me, and all Thy glorify our Father which children, O Lord and Fais in heaven.

ther, to submit cheerfully

to whatever Thy proviThy kingdom come.

dence shall order for us.

Hearken not to the corrupt Enlarge 'Thy Kingdom, desires of our hearts; but O God, and deliver the to the voice of Thine own world from the dominion wisdom, goodness, and and tyranny of Satan, that mercy. Give us a true the kingdoms of the earth knowledge of our duty, may become the kingdoms / with an heart disposed to

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