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close with Thy will, when- And forgive us our tresever it shall be made passes, As we forgive known to us, and to per- them that trespass form it with pleasure. Sub- against us. due in us whatever is contrary to Thy holy will, that Forgive us those sins, through Thy grace, we O heavenly Father, which may at last become per- separate us from Thee:fect, as our heavenly Pat- forgive us every day of our tern is.

lives ; for every day we

stand in need of pardon: Give us this day our daily give me, and all Christians, bread.

a forgiving temper, that

we may fulfil this condiWe look up unto, and tion of our pardon. Thou depend upon Thee, O hea- art good and merciful in venly Father, for all the forgiving us: grant we may necessaries and conveni- be so to others ; rememences of this present life. | bering our own infirmities. And may our bodily wants And may we all live in the engage us to go daily to same charitable temper, in the throne of grace, for which we hope and desire the wants of our souls ! | to die. Let Thy blessing go along with our honest endea- | And lead us not into vours, and keep us from

temptation; but deliver all unjust ways of bettering

us from evil: our condition.

Give us grace to impart to such as

O God and Father, who are in want, of what Thou hatest iniquity, and knowshalt give us more than est our infirmities, leave our daily bread ; and with us not to the malice and all Thy other favours, give power of the evil one, the us, we beseech Thee, the devil, to deal with us as blessing of a thankful and he pleaseth: nor to ourcontented mind.

selves, and to our own cor

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rupt heart and lusts, lest | whatever

we pray for. we rashly run into temp- Thou canst cause Thy tation. Keep us out of Name to be sanctified in the way of temptations, all the earth; and set up and under the protection Thy kingdom in all the of Thy good Spirit: suf- world, and in our hearts: fer us not to be surprised Thou canst cause Thy by them, nor tempted will to be done in earth above what we are able as it is in heaven; and to bear.

Give us grace incline us all to submit to to resist them, and to it. Thou canst give us watch and pray daily, that all things needful both we enter not into temp- for our souls and for our tation.

bodies. Thou, and Thou

alone, canst forgive us For Thine is the King- our sins, and dispose us

dom, the Power, and to forgive one another. the glory, For ever and Thou canst secure us in Amen.

the day of temptation, and

deliver us from the power The whole creation is of the devil.-To Thee, to Thine, and under Thy go- Thee alone, be glory to all vernment. Thine is the eternity. power; Thou canst do


Short Morning and Evening Prayers



LXorning Prayer for a Family



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us safe to the beginning constant practice of every Him thanks for this and Christian master of a for all His mercies. family. Without this, Let us pray that we may none can reasonably ex- live in the fear of God, pect to have dutiful child and continue in love and dren or faithful servants ; charity with our neighnor justly hope to have bours : God's blessing in this That His Holy Spirit world, or in the world to may direct and rule our

hearts, teaching us what

to do and what to avoid : Let some one of the family

That the grace of God devoutly read or say may ever be with us, to what followeth, the rest support us in all dangers, seriously attending:

and carry us through all

temptations : The Lord hath brought

That the Lord may


blessallour honest endeav- and for the promise Thou ours, and make us con- hast made us of pardon tent with what His provi- and forgiveness through dence shall order for us : Thy Son, Christ Jesus,

And that we may con- on our sincere repentance tinue His faithful servants and amendment. this day, and all the days Give us, we beseech of our life.

Thee, such a

sense of For all which blessings these and all Thy other let us devoutly pray.

mercies to us, as may

make us truly thankful to Then all devoutly kneel

Thee for them. ing, let one say, Give us grace that we O most gracious and may ever walk as in Thy merciful God, by whom sight; make a conscience the world is governed and of all our ways, and, fearpreserved, we give Thee ing to offend Thee, may humble thanks for Thy never fall into the sins we fatherly care over us; in have repented of. preserving us from the Enable us to resist and dangers of the night past, overcome the temptations and in bringing us safe of the world, the flesh, this morning to see an- and the devil ; to follow other day.

the motions of Thy good We gratefully acknow- Spirit; to be serious and ledge our dependence up- holy in our lives; true

Thee for all the and just in our dealings; necessaries, conveniences, watchfuloverourthoughts, and comforts of our life; words,

and for all the means of our actions ; diligent in our well-being here, and of business, and temperate our everlasting happiness in all things. hereafter.

Give us grace honestly We give Thee thanks to improve all the talents for the light of 'Thy Gospel, which Thou hast comand the help of Thy Grace, mitted to our trust: And



our no


may no worldly business, Hear us, o merciful

worldly pleasures, God, not according to our divert us from the con- imperfect petitions, but cerns of the life to come! according to the full

May Thy blessing be meaning of that form of upon our persons, upon prayer which Jesus Christ our labours, upon hath taught us, and for substance, and upon all | His sake :-that belongs to us; and Our Father, which art and may we never under- | in heaven ; Hallowed be take any work, which we Thy name. Thy kingdom dare not beg of Thee to come. Thy will be done prosper !

in earth, as it is in heaven. May Thy grace defend Give us this day our daily us in all assaults of our bread. And forgive us enemies ; and grant that our trespasses, As we forthis day we fall into no sin, give them that trespass neither run into any kind of against us.

And lead us danger ; but that all our not into temptation ; But doings may by ordered by deliver us from evil. For Thy governance, to do al Thine is the kingdom, ways that which is right. And the power, and the eous in Thy sight. glory, for ever and ever.

Give us, gracious God, Amen. what is needful for us, The grace of our Lord and grace not to abuse Jesus Christ, and the love Thy favours. Give us, of God, and the fellowship we beseech Thee, con- of the Holy Ghost, be with tented minds, and make us all evermore. Amen. us ever mindful of the wants of others.

On Sunday Morning, let Give us, in this world, the following Prayer be the knowledge of Thy added to your daily truth; and in the world

Prayers. to come, life everlasting. Amen.

O Lord, who hast cor

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