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AS TO THE DUTY I OWE , the state of life in which TO MYSELF-I am con- His providence has placed vinced that my first and me; not flattering myself great concern ought to that I do no evil, when I be, to take care of my do no good in my generaown soul.

tion, lest the sentence I do therefore stedfastly upon the unfruitful tree purpose to lead a serious be passed upon me, Cut it life, as one under the sen- down, why cumbereth it tence of death ought to the ground? do; to be sober, temperate, These duties I will enand chaste ; that when Ideavour to perform, as a die, I may be admitted proof of the love and into the paradise of God, reverence I bear to God, where no unclean thing who is so gracious as to must enter.

accept of my repentance, To this end, I resolve and a sincere though imto keep a watch over my- perfect obedience. And self, that I may avoid all if through weakness, tempsuch company, such plea- tation, or sudden surprise, sures, and diversions, as I shall be so unhappy as may make me lose the to forget any of these remembrance of death, resolutions, and fall into and the account I must sin, I will, as soon as I give. I will endeavour to perceive it, beg God's be content with my con

pardon, and be dition, not coveting what careful for the time to is another man's, neither envying the prosperity, Now if your conscience nor taking pleasure in the can witness for you that calamities, of my neigh- you piously purpose to bour.

live after this manner, And forasmuch as a life you may safely go to the of idleness and luxury is Lord's Table, and the hateful to God, I will blessing of God will go strive to do my duty in along with you.



Go no further till you | from all acts of injustice, have considered those or injury, to his body or purposes again ; for they good name ; let me never are to be the purposes of wilfully vex

or trouble your whole life, and of him ; never covet what is every day of your life. his, or envy his prosperity. And then address your- May I ever be ready to self to God,--that through help and comfort all such His gracious assistance, as are in distress. Give they may make the more me grace to be faithful in lasting impression upon all things committed to your mind :

my trust; that I may never pervert truth and

justice ; never propagate The Prayer.

slander, or raise evil re

ports, nor ever tempt Gracious God, who hast others to sin. Give me given us precepts and an the spirit of temperance example to walk by, let and chastity, and grant the remembrance of them that I may never provoke be always seasonably pre- thee by any instance of sent with me. Give me uncleanness to shut me grace to practise them out of heaven, where no conscientiously, to reve- unclean thing can enter. rence my betters, and all | Give me grace so to order that are in authority, and my conversation, that I especially such

may encourage others to ordained to pray for and live as becomes the Gosto bless us in Thy Name. pel of Jesus Christ; for Let my love for Thee and whose sake I beg to be for my neighbour keep me I heard. Amen.




The next Thing you are to inquire into is, Whether you have A LIVELY Faith in God's MERCY THROUGH CHRIST?

Now.chegauen die werk his love tous, in that while

depends upon we were , we were our having such a faith, the reconciled to Him by the Holy Ghost has given us death of His Son, much all the arguments, all the more, being reconciled, we assurance, that our hearts shall be saved by His life.can desire. God so loved What may we not, after the world that he spared this, hope for from God. not his own Son (saith the In short, Jesus Christ Apostle) but

gave him up has redeemed us from the for us all. Can there be curse of the law. Through a greater, a surer pledge him we have peace with of the love of God for his God.3 This is the only poor creatures? He made foundation of our faith, Him to be sin (that is, a our hope, and confidence. sin-offering): He de- He is our Sacrifice, our livered Him to death in Mediator, our Advocate; our stead.

Can we, after the knowledge of which this, doubt of, or distrust ought to remove all occathe mercy of God? sions of despair and fear,

Observe the method St. from the displeasure of Paul takes to confirm our God. faith, by giving us the Indeed, if we should strongest proofs of our attempt to go to: God, acceptance

with God. without interest in God, said he, commendeth


i Rom. viii. 32.

2 Rom. v. TO. 3 Rom. v. I.


Christ, we could hope for

The Prayer. nothing but to be rejected: but when we go to Him I beseech thee, O God, as redeemed by His own by that love which moved Son, and represent to thee to give thine own Him, as we do in this Son for lost mankind, give holy Sacrament, what He me a faith in Thy promises has done and suffered for His sake, as firm as for us, we approach Him Thy word, on which my as entirely reconciled to faith is grounded : and let

me never presume upon But then you must re- Thy gracious promises, member, that He gave without sincerely endeaHimself for us, and hath vouring to perform the redeemed us from the conditions on which they power of the devil for this

were made, and without end, that He may purify being zealous of good unto Himself a people works, for which we were consecrated to His service. redeemed. May the re

-Consecrate, therefore, membrance of our Sayourself to Jesus Christ, viour's love, and of Thy and, with faithful Abra- great mercy, be ham, stagger not at the seasonably present with promises of God; but go me, to keep me from to this sacrament with a despair!

And may my full assurance of faith, faith in Thy promises that God will pardon your support me in the hour sins, and give you all the of death! May my Regraces you shall stand in deemer be my refuge, His need of. Only remember, blood and merits plead that this faith itself is the for me, that I may have gift of God, and must be my lot and portion with prayed for, for Christ's those whom He hath pursake ; which you may do chased with His most after this manner.

precious blood! Amen.



Whether you have a thankful Remembrance of

Christ's Death :- This is the next thing you are to inquire into

TOW this will always at nought ! persecuted bear some propor

and rejected by His own tion to the sense you have people, whom He came of the evil He has deli- to redeem ! vered you from, and the He was betrayed by blessing He has by His His own disciple; falsely death procured for you.

accused ! unrighteously Consider, therefore, condemned ! unmercifully yourself as a poor, sinful, scourged !- had a murlost, undone creature, with- derer preferred before outa Redeemer. Consider, Him !-Was crucified as what that Redeemer has a malefactor : and, in the done for you : what He very midst of His tordid and what He suffered, ments, was most inhuwhen He took upon Him- | manly reviled ! self to answer for the sins Consider the reason of of men.

all this; it was not only Consider that He was to satisfy the justice of the Son of God; that God for the sins of men, He had done no wrong, and procure their pardon neither was guile found upon their repentance and in His mouth; notwith future obedience: but also standing this, being to to show mankind what answer for sinners, He i treatment sin and sinners, was treated and punished who have rebelled against as a sinner deserves to their Maker, do deserve ; be: He was despised ! set and to teach us, when

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