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ness, to choose Satan for | Thy most holy life: Thy iny lord and governor, patience, meekness, and instead of Thy blessed humility: Thy great disSon, who laid down His regard for the world, its life to redeem us from the pleasures, profits, and all dreadful tyranny of the its idols : Thy sensible devil.

concern for the miseries

of men : Thy unwearied1 John ii. 2;. This is ness in doing good : Thy the promise that He hath constancy in prayer, and promised us, even eternal resignation to the will of life.

Thy Father. Let me part How infinitely good is with anything as dear as God, to give us so great a right hand, or a right encouragement to eye, rather than not follow ourselves from ruin! Give Thee. me, I beseech Thee, a firm faith in this promise, Matt. vi. 24. No man that no fears may terrify can serve two masters: ye me, no pleasures may cor- cannot serve God and rupt my heart, no diffi- mammon. culties may discourage me May I never set up any from serving Thee. rival, O God, with Thee,

in the possession of my Matt. xvi. 24. If any heart! May I never atman will come after Me, tempt to reconcile Thy let him deny himself and service with that world iake up his cross and which is enmity with follow Me.

Thee! Give me, I beO my Saviour! who seech Thee, the eyes of pleadedst not Thyself, but faith, that I may see the tookest upon Thee the world, what in truth it is ; form of a servant; let me the danger of its riches, not profess to follow Thee the folly of its pleasures, without endeavouring to the multitude of its snares, follow the blessed steps of the power of its tempta


tions, its deadly poison, without a cause to create and certain danger of him trouble; never drawing my heart from treat him with contempt the love of Thee.

and scorn; never to be

pleased with his misforMatt. xxii. 37. 39. Thou tunes and faults; but to shalt love the Lord thy rejoice in his happiness, God, with all thy heart, and help him in his wants. and thy neighbour as thy- Give me, O Lord, this self.

proof of my having passed O that the love of God from death unto life. may be the commanding principle of my soul : and

Gal. iii. 13.

Christ that I may have this com- hath redeemed us from fortable proof of His love the curse of the law, being abiding in me, that I study made a curse for us : that to please Him, and to is, He was treated as one keep His commandments; under the curse of the that my love to my neigh- | law. bour may be such as God Blessed God, how great has commanded ; that I was our misery! How may give, and forgive, great was thy mercy ! and love, as becomes a When nothing could save disciple of Jesus Christ! us from ruin, but the

death of Thy Son! I 1 John iii. 14. We see by this, how hateful know that we have passed sin is to Thee. Make it from death unto life, be- so to me, I beseech Thee. cause we love the breth- May I never flatter myself

that Thy mercy will spare What it is to love my me, if I continue in sin, neighbour as myself, Thou, when thou sparedst not O Lord, hast taught me Thine own Son, when He in Thy holy Word; never put Himself in the place to wrong or deceive him ; of sinners! May I never never to grieve him, or

1 Deut. xxi. 23.


He gave

provoke Thy justice!, nance ? Who make a May I never forget Thy mock of sin, which cost mercies, and what Thy Thee Thy life? Who are Son has done for me ! ashamed of Thee, and of

Thy Gospel, out of regard Tit. ii. 14.

to men ? Who by their Himself for us, that He urchristian lives do remight redeem us from nounce Thy service? Do all iniquity; and purify they consider what it is to unto Himself a peculiar be denied by Thee? That people, zealous of good it is to have no interest in works.

Thy death, Thymerits, Blessed be God, that I and mediation? Gracious am united to this people God, deliver me from this by Baptism! Grant that dreadful sin and judgI may never disgrace ment ! Thee, or my Christian profession, by an ungodly Matt. xxvi. 35. Peter life.—() thou who hast said, Though I shall die redeemed us from sin and with Thee, yet will I no. death, cause me to under deny Thee. stand, to value, and ever Preserve me, gracious remember Thy great love; | Lord, from a presumpand to show that I do so, tuous opinion, and depenby a life consecrated to dence on my own strength, Thy service.

without the aids of Thy

grace. Let me see, in this 2 Tim. ii. 12. If we sad instance, my weakdeny Him, He will also ness without Thy assistdeny us.

ance, and my ruin without How many deny Thee, Thy help. O Jesus, without thought and without dread! Do Luke xxii. 61, 62. And they know what they do, the Lord turned, and lookwho lightly turn their ed upon Peter ; and Peter backs upon this Ordi- | remembered the words of Christ; and went out, and that covetousness which wept bitterly.

was the root of so great a o Jesus, look upon me sin. Keep me from prewith the same eye of com- sumptuous sins, lest they passion, whenever I shall get the dominion over me : do amiss, that I may see and secure me under the my fault, and forthwith conduct of Thy Holy return to my duty : let | Spirit, for Jesus Christ's this instance of Thy mercy sake. be our comfort, since so great and repeated a crime Deut. xvi. 16, 17. They did not exclude this peni- shall not appear before the tent from Thy mercy : but | Lord empty. Every man let not this make us fear-shall give as he is able, less of offending Thee, according to the blessing lest we never repent. of the Lord thy God, which

He hath given thee. Luke xxii. 3-5.

Then Shall I appear before entered Satan into Judas, Thee, O God, worse than and he communed with a Jew ?—Can I give any the chief priests, how he thing to Thy poor, but might betray Him unto what I have received from them : And they cove- Thee? How can I say nanted to give him money, that I love Thee much, if Euc.

I give sparingly to them If I should provoke whom Thou hast appointThee, O God, by resisting ed in Thy place to receive Thy Holy Spirit, to leave our alms? Give me an me to my own natural heart, O God, to give corruption, and to the according to Thy blesspower of Satan, I see in ing upon myself and subthis wretched man that stance, wickedness I am capable of. Lord God, abandon 1 Pet. iv. 1o. As every me not to my own choices. man hath received the gift, Shut my heart against I even so minister the same


one to another, as good and so let him eat of that stewards.

bread, and drink of that O God, Thou hast taught cup. us that we are all but Thy Enable me, O Lord, so stewards : keep me, I be- to examine and to judge seech Thee, from that myself, before I go to this great injustice of defraud- Holy Sacrament, that I ing Thy poor of their right: may not be condemned give me grace to moderate by Thee when Thou comall my vain desires and est to judge the world in expenses, that I may have righteousness. And parto give to them that need : don, O Lord, the many and that the measure of times in


life Thy blessings to me may I have gone to this ordibe the measure of my nance without that care charity to others.

and devotion required of

all worthy communicants, I Cor. xi. 28.

Let a for Thy mercy's sake. man examine himself, Amen.

past that

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