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IN submitting to Public Consideration the following Observations on the Nature of the

Christian Sacrifice, the Water is influenced by the Hohe placing some Parts of this all-important Subject in a Paint of View more distinct, and consequently,


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more intelligible, than that in which many

seriores. Cloristians are accustomed to behold them:.. Ehebeject, than which none can bo of greales Aloment to Abankind;

that the Angels desire to look into, and which is, indeed, suprerne'y worthy bolh of Aben, of Angels, and of GOD.

It cannot be denied, that is has been too much the Practice, of holy and learned Aten,





dath to speak and write upon this Subject unguardedly; representing the Divine éfence of the Fredeemer

having participated, not only in the Sacrificial Sofferings op His Humanity; buit, literally, in His Death itself lefs true, that Thousands, whose religicus Sincerity could never bo questioned, have most heartily believed, that both the human Soul, and the Living Nature of


nor is it

the Abebiah, did really descond, after His Crucifixion, into the

Regions of Perdition, and there romain, amongst the Spirits of the Damned, for some Time pre-vious to His Resurrection; although the dying Thief sured by his Lord, that he should be with Himself in Paradise on the very Day of his Dying.... and, "Abany such Things have we heard."

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