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A.D. 67. 2 To Timothy, my this Epistle to Timothy, my dear Con

dearly beloved son: vert to Christianity ; wishing Him grace, mercy, and all Divine Favours and Blessings peace from God the from

God the Father, and our Lord Father, and Christ Je- Jesus Christ. sus our Lord.

3 I thank God, 3. Expressing my hearty Thanks whom I serve from to God, whose Religion I have my fore-fathers with zealously adhered to, as I received pure conscience, that it from my fore-fathers (doing nowithout ceasing I have remembrance of the thing against the plain and known in my prayers night Dictates of my Conscience, though I and day:

acknowledge it to have been mislead

by ungoverned Prejudices and Pasfions) that I have such happy Occafions to remember you in the constant Returns of my Devotion to Him.

4 Greatly desiring 4. The Tears you shed at our last to see thee : being Parting, make me very desirous tą mindful of thy tears, see you again, that the Pleasure of that I may be filled another Meeting may recompence with joy.

for the Affectionate Concern we

were then under. 5

When I call to 5. Be satisfied, in the mean time, semembrance the un- that I have a true and thankful feigned faith that is Sense of your Steddiness and Sinin thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmo- cerity in the Christian Faith ; not ther Lois

, and thy mo. doubting but those Principles will ther Eunice ; and I continue as firm in you, as were am perswaded that in those of your Grandmother and thee also.

Mother before you. 6 Wherefore I put 6. To which End, I now write thee in remembrance again to you, to renew the Exhor, that thou stir up the tations I formerly gave you, toward gift of God which is in thee, by the put

a diligent and vigorous Discharge of ting on of my hands.

your Office, and the due Improve

ment of the Gifts and Graces, which, along with it, were conferred on you, by the Imposition † 2Tim. iv. of mine and other + Hands at your Ordination. 7 For God hath

7. And you have no reason to not given us the spirit be discouraged from the most violent of fear, but of pow. Oppositions you meet withal : For er,


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er, of love, and of a the Spiritual Powers and Endow- 4. D.67. sound mind.

ments God bestows on the Gospel Ministers, are sufficient to set us above all Slavish Fear and Cowardise, and to fix us in an immoveable Love to Him and his True Religion, and in a prudent and discreet | Exercife of our Ministry.

viomé. 8 Be not thou

8. Go on, therefore, chearfully, therefore ashamed of in a Religion so well attested ; own the testimony of our and adhere to Me, though now a Lord, nor of me his Prisoner for Preaching it, especially prisoner, but be thou partaker of the affic to the Gentiles. Suffer along with &tions of the gospel me, for this good Cause, agreeably according to the po

to the great | Abilities God has given wwer of I God; you, as a Gospel Minister, to support

you under it. 9 Who hath sayed

9 Who may justly expect we us, and called ụs with should be ready to suffer for Him, an holy calling, not ac- that has bestowed Eternal Happicording to our works, nels upon us, by calling us into the but according to his

Gracious Covenant of the Gospel. own purpose and grace, which was given us in A Mercy that neither the Gentiles Christ Jesus, before the could merit, by any Performances world began.

of theirs, nor the Jews lay the least

Claim to, by the nicest Observance of the Ceremonial Law; but is the pure Effect of Divine Bounty and Compassion, originally

originally * intended towards All Mankind, by, and for the sake of Jesus Christ.

10 But is now 10. It was not, indeed, heretomade manifest by the fore expresly revealed to the Genappearing of our Sa- tile Nations, but reserved to the viour Jesus Chrift; Appearance of Christ and his Rewho hath abolished and hath

ligion ; who, now, by Dying for brought life and im

our Sins, has rescued "all true Be

lievers from the final Power of mor

Death ; I Ver. 8. According to the power of God. I think these Words ought to be connected to ivaylaniw. Be partaker of the affliction, or suffer thou, rõ iværlinio rata dúvce posv Osg. For the Gospel that is attended with the power of God, Rom. i. 16. See the like Phrase in Rom. i. 4. The Note there.

* Ver. 9. Before the World began, apa apóva ásariwr. Before any Ages or Dispensations.


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4.D. 67, mortality to light, Death ; and by his Life and Do

through the gospel Etrine, has freed them of all the Uncertainties they laboured under concerning the future State ; and given them a full Aflurance of an Eternal and Happy Life, upon their Repentance and sincere Obedience to his Commands.

11 Whereunto I am I!. Of this comfortable Doctrine appointed a preacher, am I a Preacher, and an Apostle ; and an apottle, and with full Commission to declare it to a teacher of che Gen- the Gentile World, and bring them tiles.

into the Faith and Privileges of it. 12 For the which 12. For which it is that I am cause I also suffer again become a Sufferer, by the these things : never- Pride and Malice of the Jewish theless I am not a- People." But not at all discourag'd; Thamed, for I know whom I have be icv.

as well knowing it is the Truth of ed, and I am per will maintain his own Cause, and

God I suffer for, who, I am certain, swaded that he is able to keep that preserve that Life, I commit into which I have com- his Hands, for a Glorious Recommitted unto him a pence at the Great and Solemn Day gainit that day. of Christ's Judgment.

13 Hold fast the 13. Do you then join with me form of sound words, in this Resolution, by keeping steddy which thou hast heard

to that Rule of Christianity I taught; of me, in faith and confifting in an entire Belief of love which is in Christ Christ's Doctrine, and an universal Jesus.

Love and Charity toward Mankind, especially toward Christians, without any Distinction between Jewish and Gentile ones.

14 That good thing 14. Remember how much obliwhich was committed

. unto thee, keep by ged you are by the Ministerial * OF

fice you are intrusted with, to mainthe holy Ghost

, which tain and defend the true Principles dwelleth in us.

of our Holy Religion ; and how much you are enabled so to do by the special Assistance of the Holy Spirit conferred upon the Ministers of Christ.

15. I con

Il cepamat@xwv, may refer either to his Office, or to the form of found Words in Verse 1 3.

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This thou know.

15. I conclude, yoŲ cannot but A. D. 67,
est, that all they which have heard how most of the Ahian
are in Afia be turned Christians forsook me in my Di-
away from me, of stress here, partịcularly Phygellus and
whom are Phygellus,
and Hermogenes.

16 The Lord give 16. But Onesiphorus the Ephesian,
merey unto the house and his family, have always stood
of Onesiphorus, for he close to me, owned me in my worst
oft refreshed me, and Condition, and refreshed me with
was not ashamed of

his presence and Relief.
my chain.
17 But when he

17. Particularly, now at Rome,
was in Rome, he sought when I was under such close Con-
me out very diligent- finement, that it was no easy mat-
ly, and found me.

ter to come at me, he made his
Way to me by indefatigable Pains and Industry.
18 The Lord grant

18. And you know how kind
unto him that he may and serviceable he was to me while
find mercy of the į Preached at Ephesus :. For all
Lord in that day, and which, may God give him a pro-
in how many things
he ministred unto me

portionable Recompence at the


Great Day of Christ's Judgment. knowest very well.



Timothy Jill encouraged by the Apostle's own Example of

Faith, Hope, and Patience. The good Effects of a Chri-
Rian's Sufferings, and the Donger of denying Christ in
Times of Persecution. Warnings against the immoderate
Zeal, the frivolous and violent Disputes of the Jewish Zea-
lots, about their Traditions. The meek and gentle Dif
positions of a good Christian Bishop, or Church Governour.

HOU therefore, 1.
T my son, beftrong

Herefore, dear Con

vert, follow the Example in the grace that is in of such || as adhere to me, making a Chap... Christ Jesus. continual Improvement in the Use 16, 17, 18.


A.D. 67. of those Gifts and Graces that were given you, for the

due Discharge of your Christian Ministry *. + χάρις. 2 And the things

2. And, as you have received from that thou hast heard

me a compleat Scheme of the Chriof me among many ftian Doctrine and Discipline, be sure witnesses, the same

to make choice of able and faithful commit thou to faithful men, who shall be

Persons for the Ministry, to deliver able to teach others

it down to others pure and unmix'd, also.

as I gave it you, and had it my self

so clearly and fully confirmed. 3. Thou therefore 3. Look upon your self as a endure hardness, as a Soldier of Christ ; and approve good soldier of Jesus your Valour by enduring all the Chriit.

Hardships of his Service, 4 No man that war 4. Now, you know, the Roman reth entangleth him. Laws require every one that Lifts inself with the affairs of to the Army, to disengage himself this life ; that he may of all his former Employments, and please him who hath choien him to be a

perfectly to attend the Service of foldier.

his Prince, and the Commands of

his General 5.

And if a man 5. And, in the Olympick Games, also strive for maste. no Combatant wins the Prize, unries, yet is he not less he Fights or Runs agreeably to crowned, except he the stated Rules of those Games. strive lawfully

6 The husbandman 6. You know too, the Husbandthat laboureth †, muft man labours in Tilling, Sowing, or be firit partaker of Planting his Ground a considerable the fruits.

time t, before he can expect to reap 7 Con- the Crop.

7. Thus

Ver. 1. In the Grace that is in Christ Jefus - iv trñ rcápoto rñ jy Xpisão plnoš. It may be thus render'd ; Be Arong (in asserting and propagating) that Favour which is (shown by God both to Jews and Gentiles) in Jesus Christ. For this appears to have Þeen constantly in the Apostle's Eye. -' + Must be forf Partaker — xorvavta di apãror - muft forff Labour. If this be the Construction, as several Criticks take it to be, the Word sparov is misplaced by a Metathesis, pretty


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