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fifteth the proud, but and Practice in us Christians ? * So A.D. 60.
I giveth grace unto far from it, that you behold nothing
the humble.

but Peaceableness and Humility, the
genuine Fruit of God's Spirit, and to which his special
Favour and Blessing is annexed ; according to those Words
of Solomon (Prov. iii. 34.) Surely he scorneth the Scorners;
but he giueth Grace I (or Favour) to the Lowly.

7 Submit yourselves 7,8,9 & 10. And if you would
therefore to God : re be cured of those wretched Habits,
fift the devil, and he that are the Causes of your present
will flee from thee.

Calamities, and partake of the same
8 Draw nigh to
God, and he will Blessings with Us, you must serve
draw nigh to you :

God in the same true and sincere
cleanse your hands,

Manner as We do ; sue to Him for ye sinners, and purify Pardon and Salvation, by reforming your hearts, ye dou- all your towring and proud Conceits, ble minded.

by hearty Repentance for the Vio9 Be afflicted, and lences and Injustice you have commourn, and weep : mitted ; and endeavouring to rectify let


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* Ver. 5. Do you think the Scripture faith the Spirit in Us These Words are, by fome Interpreters, thought to refer to Numb. xi. 29. Enviest thou for my fake ? i. e. should the Gifts of the Spirit, conferred upon One, move Another to Envy ? But, as those words are very different from St. James, who was not here speaking of Gifts and Spiritual Preheminence at all ; I judge the Paraphrafe to be the most agreeable and coherent Sense. For I think it will clear this Passage of all Difficulties, if we divide the fifth Ver fe into two. Interrogations ; viz. De ye think that the Scripture speaks in vain ? i.e. the Scripture quoted in the sixth Verje; or any of those Scriptures that speak against Pride and Envy. Then, The Spirit that is in Us lufleth (or lufteth it] to Envy? in us ; i. e. in Us Apofles, or Christians. No ; far from it ; it puts us into a far better Way of obtaining God's Grace or Favour ; viz. by Peaccableness and Humility. Wherefore (not He, but] it, the Scripture faith, God refifteth the Proud, &c.

I Ver. 6. Giveth Grace, i. e. Favour or Blessing. kápos answers to go in the Hebrew : Its primary Sense is Favour ; which in the New Testament is branched out into several Acceptations, including either the Blessings of the Gospel in general, or any Principal Branches of them. But is rarely (that I can find) used to fignify any inward Motions, or secret Operations of the Holy Spirit on the Mind, unless when it expreffeth the Extraordinary Gifts, and Miraculous Endowments on the Apostles and First Christians,

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lift you up

A, D. 60. let your laughter be those Corrupt Inclinations, that have

turned to mourning, hitherto divided you between God and your joy to hea- and the World : By thus striving ayiness,

gainst the Temptations of the Devil, 10 Humble your felves in the fight of you shall be enabled to overcome the Lord, and he shall them; and upon Condition of so

thorough a Humiliation and Rpen

tance, God will be reconciled to you, avert the Judgments that hang over you, and make you again, his beloved Church and People 11 Speak not evil

11. As to you, dear Brethren, that one of another (bre- are already converted to Christianithren) he that speak ty, be sure to avoid that pernicious eth evil of his bro: Custom of Slander and rath Censure. ther, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil Remember, that whoever hastily and of the law, and

judg- unjustly Condemns another Man, reeth the law : but if flects upon Religion it felf, sets up thou judge the law, for a Judge, and makes himself Wifer thou art not a doer of than the Divine Law. And such a the law, but a judge. one must not pretend to be a true Disciple of that Law, while he sets himself above it.

12 There is one 12. Consider, that God alone, * Rom. xiv. law-giver, who is able * who gives us his Laws, has the

to save, and to de- Right to Judge and Condemn us for stroy : who art thou

the Breach of thein : And how dare that judget another ?

any Man take His Work out of his

Hands! 13 Go to now, ye 13. Another Thing, I would Cor. that say, To day or rect in you all is, that Confidence, to morrow we will go and unthoughtful Asurance, with into such a city, and which you are apt to pursue your and buy and fell, and Worldly Projects ; without a due

Sense of, and pious Dependance upget gain : on Divine Providence. Some of

you Christian Converts, I find, are too much tainted with the Jewijn Spirit of Worldly-mindedness. You cut out Business, and conclude upon the Success, as if Time and Events were at your Disposal.

14. Whereas ye 14 & 15. You forget what Changes know not what shall and Disappointments a single Day be on the morrow: for may produce ; and that Life it felf what


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nisheth away.

what is your life? It is as fleeting as a Vapour. A Con- A. D.60.
is even a vapour, that fideration, that ought to fill us with
appeareth for a little the most humble Dependance upon
time, and then va-

the Divine Will, in all Events and

15 For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live,
and do this, or that.
16 But now ye re-

16. And, therefore, such eager
joice in your boast- Designs, and confident Proposals, in
ings : all such rejoy. your Temporal Affairs, look as if
cing is evil.

you thought your selves independent of Divine Blessing and Protection.

17 Therefore to him 17. Now this, or any other Crime, that knoweth to do must be greater in a Christian, than good, and doth it not, in any other Man; because He, by to him it is fin.

the clear Revelation of the Gospel, has (or ought to have) better Notions of his Duty, and a stronger Sense of his Religious Obligations.

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He turns himself to the Jews, reproaching them with the

just and miserable Effects of their Avarice, Cruelty, Luft,
and Injustice. Then returns to the Jewish Christians,
exhorting them to Patience and good Temper, under tbeir
Persecutions from the Jews, in hopes of a speedy Deliver-
ance, by a juft Judgment upon that Nation. Warns
them from the Sin of rajh Swearing, so common among
the Jews. Recommends Prayer to the Afflicted, and Di-
vine Praises to such as are in easy and chearful Circum-
Nances. Adviseth Anointing, and the devout Prayer of

spired Ministers, to be used, for the Recovery of such
as are struck with Sickness, as a Punishment for some
notorious Sins. Such are enjoined to make special Confef-
fion of the Sins they take to have been the Cause of their
Distemper. The great Effect of the Prayers of Holy
and Inspired Ministers, for the Recovery of such People.
The happy Advantage of bringing a Sinner from Ignorance
And Vicious. Courses, true Repentance.



G men, weep and

A. . O to now ye rich 1, 2 & 3. I S not without ,

Reason that I warn # Chap. iv howl for your

ll you

all against a too eager and con13, 17 ries that shall come up- fident Pursuit after worldly Riches. on you.

For let the Worldlings of the Jewish ź Your riches are

Nation consider now, and behold, corrupted, and your

to what a lamentable End those Prin garments moth-eaten.

3 Your gold and ciples are likely, in a fhort Time, filver is cankered, and to reduce them ; when their Riches the ruft of them fhall shall perish, their Grandeur be eclipbe a witness againit sed, and themselves be destroyed, by you, and shall eat

a Judgment most dreadful and exyour flesh as it were fire : ye have heaped emplary. treasure together for the last days. 4 Behold, the hire

You that to enrich yourselves, of the labourers, which have defrauded and opprefled others, have reaped down your even robbing the Hireling of his fields, which is of you Wages, will shortly feel the Effects kept back by fraud, of such Injustice, in the Resentments of them which have of a Just and All-powerful God. reaped, are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. 5.

Ye have lived in 5. You that have abused the plenpleasure on the earth tiful Provisions of. Providence, to and been wanton : ye Riot and Excess, will find you have have nourished your been but fatting yourselves up, like hearts as in a day Sacrifices, for the Day of Slaughof slaughter.

6 Ye have condem 6. You that have crucified your ned and killed the own innocent Mesiah and Saviour ; just, and he doch not and still, with unrelenting Hearts, result you t. are persecuting his Disciples, from

the in a Day of Slaughter. Note, This Phrase may, perhaps, more properly fignify, As Men do in a Time of Feasting upon slain Sacrifices.

* Ver. 6. And he doth not reift you, or else interrogatively, Šx évtitácostao úpã; Doch he not [in Return] 10w fet himself against you? A much more consistent and clearer Sense ; agreeable to Chup. iv. 6. and i Pet. v. 5. See also Dr. Bentley's Remarks upon Free Thinking : Where there is given, by that admiTable Critick, a most ingenious Conjecture, for a yet clearer Sense of this Paflage.

ter *.

* Ver. 5.

the same wicked Principles, by which your Fore-fathers A.D.60,
flew the ancient Prophets; will soon experience the direful
Consequences of such incurable Malice and Ingratitude.
7 Be patient there-

7 & 8. Wherefore, my dear Ere-
fore, brethren, unto thren, that are converted to this per-
the coming of the secuted Religion, bear all your present
Lord : behold, the Sufferings with Courage and Patience.
husbandman waiteth
for the precious fruit Imitate the industrious Husbandman,
of the earth, and hath that patiently waits the Seasons of
long patience for it, the Year, to produce him the Fruits
until he receive the of his Cost and Labour. With in-
early and latter rain. finitely better Aflurance, may you

8 Be ye also pa- depend upon Christ for a * speedy
tient ;

stablish your Deliverance from these your Perhearts, for the coming secutors, and a glorious Reward for of the Lord draweth

your Perseverance. nigh.

9 Grudge not one 9. Discover no fretful Impatience, against another, bre

no Thirst of Revenge against your thren, left ye be con- Enemies, or one another. For that demned : behold * the would be to incur the same Punishjudge standeth before

ment due to them. God himself will the door.

very * shortly be your just Avenger,
and you have no need to prevent him, in what he will so
soon and certainly perform for you.

10 Take, my bre 10 & 11. Let the courageous Ex-
thren, the prophets, amples of God's true Prophets in all
who have spoken in Ages, spirit and support you. Re-
the name of the Lord member Job, that most afflicted of
for an example of suf-
fering, affliction, and

all Men ; how deeply he suffered,
of patiance.

and how amply he was recompenced.
11 Behold, we count And from hence aflure yourselves,
them happy which en God can never fail, in due time, to
dure. Ye have heard rescue and reward every faithful Ser-
of the patience of vant.
Job, and have seen
the end of the Lord : that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender

12. And

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* The coming of the Lord draweth nigh. The Judge fandeth before the door ; viz. The Destruction of Jerusalem, which was but a few Years after this Epift!e was written.

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