Imatges de pÓgina
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pursue my Studies in the useful Parts of natural History, has prompted me to undertake the Task which I now venture to lay before your Lordship

The Improvement of Land, and the Study of Agriculture, have greatly contributed to render our Nation famous above all other Countries; but whether that is owing more to the natural Industry of our People in general, or to the good Reasoning of particular Persons, is doubtful : If it proceeds from the former, there is room enough to hope for its Advancement by the lạtter; or if this useful Art



has made its Way thus far by the Labours of Experimental Philosophers, 'tis Encouragement enough for them to continue those Studies, since we neither want People nor Industry to bring their Designs into Practice.

But as every Art, however extensive or useful, demands the Protection of the Great, to make it circulate in the Minds of the Publick, so I am confident there is no surer Way of recommending these Papers to the World, than by introducing them under the Patronage of your Lordship, whofe extensive Genius, wife Conduct, and Love for his


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Country, is justly rewarded with the Favour of the Prince, and the good Will of the People.

I am,

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