The Favourite of Nature: A Tale ...

G. and W. B. Whittaker, 1822

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Pàgina 278 - See the wretch that long has tost On the thorny bed of pain, At length repair his vigour lost, And breathe and walk again ; The meanest floweret of the vale, The simplest note that swells the gale, The common sun, the air, the skies, To him are opening paradise.
Pàgina 225 - The sooty films that play upon the bars Pendulous, and foreboding, in the view Of superstition, prophesying still, Though still deceived, some stranger's near approach 'Tis thus the understanding takes repose In indolent vacuity of thought, And sleeps and is refresh'd. Meanwhile the face Conceals the mood lethargic with a mask Of deep deliberation, as the man Were task'd to his full strength, absorb'd and lost.
Pàgina 112 - To buy Judy Pratt a pair of shoes, and John Wilson a hat; and five yards of stuff for a frock for Betsy Smith, some dark colour most useful — Mr. Sampson's,Market-place — Mrs. Thompson, the milliner. — One yard white sattin.— Five ditto ribbon, 2d. — Gloves. — The music shop. — Watch ribbon for Mr. Henley. — Pride and Prejudice — Sense and Sensibility.
Pàgina 344 - But to center all our joys, and hopes, all our fears, and anxieties, in any human object, so as to make the happiness of our lives depend solely or chiefly upon that ; to raise our affections to their utmost height, to add to them all the heightenings of imagination, and...
Pàgina 325 - all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Pàgina 54 - ... diocesan, that I would not leave this state ; and the kind and earnest requests of my Episcopalian friends in Philadelphia, that I would remain in that city, where many circumstances lead to the belief that my poor exertions may be so directed as to be profitable to many. " To every thing now said, I should be unjust to my own feelings if I did not add, still further, that considering the grand scale on which the church in Richmond has been commenced, and the expectations raised with respect...
Pàgina 7 - All regularly constituted, ordered and governed according to the Will of God, as revealed to us in his Word, That only we endeavor to make the rule of our Faith and Practice, in all religious concerns.
Pàgina 42 - ... the duty he felt incumbent on him to do all that lay in his power to improve the position of the people of India.

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