Historia Litteraria: Or, An Exact and Early Account of the Most Valuable Books Published in the Several Parts of Europe, Volum 2

Archibald Bower
N. Prevost, 1731

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Pàgina 102 - Histoire de Polybe nouvellement traduite du grec par Dom Vincent Thuillier, avec un commentaire ou un corps de science militaire, enrichi de notes critiques...
Pàgina 5 - Like a poor Carcafs tumbled by the Flood, He falls all naked, and befmear'd with Blood, ! An Infant, 'weak, and deftitute of Food. With tender Cries the pitying Air he fills ; A fit Prefage for all his coming Ills...
Pàgina 116 - All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth : unto fuch as keep his covenant, and his teftimonies. 10 For thy Name's fake, O Lord : be merciful unto my fin, for it is great.
Pàgina 303 - Obfervations thereon ; fhewing, • wherein that Law differs from the Municipal Laws of Great Britain, from the Canon Law in general, and from that part of it now in ufe here with us in England.
Pàgina 46 - Persians ; and contains the space of 663 years, from the year of the .world 2820 to the year 3483. . The third extends from the beginning of the reign of Darius to the death of Alexander the Great, which is the finest part of the Grecian history ; and takes in the term of 198 years, from the year of the world 3483 to the year 3681. The fourth and last age commences from the death of Alexander, at which time the Grecians began to decline, and continues to their...
Pàgina 303 - Empire, and now received and practised in the most European Nations, with a Preliminary Discourse concerning the rise and progress of the Civil Law, from the most early times of the Roman Empire; in which is comprised an account of the Books themselves, containing this Law ; the names of the Authors and Compilers of them ; the several Editions, and the best Commentators thereon.
Pàgina 390 - THAT 7. THAT Mofes was a greater Prophet than any other, and that the degree of Prophecy, which God honoured him with, was peculiar, and far above what he granted to the reft of the Prophets.
Pàgina 51 - Government, there are about 80,000 souls, of which about 600 frequent the Church, and 120 the Sacrament. In Newfoundland, there are about 500 families constantly living in the place, and many thousands of occasional inhabitants, and no sort of public Christian Worship used.
Pàgina 285 - The Life of Mr. Cleveland, natural Son of Oliver Cromwell; written by himself.
Pàgina 277 - We take notice of the first part of this learned Work, before the other is published, to acquaint such of our readers as are fond of critical learning, that they will find here wherewithal to gratify their taste. Our author's motto, Disce ; sed ira cadat naso rugosaque sanna, Dum veteres avias tibi de pulmone revello, sufficiently acquaints us with his design.

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