Imatges de pÓgina

Dugald Mackellar, James Simson, Bute Stewart, William Howison, Roderick Macleod, Thomas Butter,

David Craigie,

Archibald Young, James Wylie,

Aaron Wall Davis,
John Fletcher,
Tho. Southwood Smith,
Richard Moulson,
C.R. Goring,
John Whiting,
Bartholemew Wake,
William Beilby,
Frederick Dawes,
Darnell Bulman, .
George Swiney,
Samuel Burrows,
Charles Charleton,

De Amaurosi.
De Vitiis Variis Genu.
De Febre Puerperarum.
De Vaccina.
De Tetano.
De Asthmate.
De Rationibus quæ Animal bus, cam

temperie medii in quo vers nter inter

De Phthisi Pulmonali.

De Hydrencephalo acuto.

De Hydrothorace.
De Rei Medicæ Vissicitudinibus.
De Mente Morbis Læsa.
De Chorea.
De Apoplexia Sanguinea.
De Sanguine Ægrorum.
De Arsenico,
De Animalium Calore.
De Cynanche Laryngea.
De Calore Animal.
De Insania.
De Carditide aruta.
s De Animi quorundam Pathematum vi in

corpore. From WALES.

De Dysenteria.

De isthmate Spasmodico.

De Podagra.
De Ischuria.
De Dysenteria.
De Morbo Corario.
De Pneumonin.
De Cancro, Buboneque Mercuriali.
De Abortu.
De Oculo humano, et Cataracta.
De Febre Puerpera.
De Hæmorrhagia ulerina.
Dc Hepatitide.
De Pneumonia.
De Dysenteria.
De Ophthalmia Purulenta Contagiosa.
De Oculo Humuno.
| De Respiratione et Sanguine in Re-

gionibus Tropicis.

John Howell, Edward Ilowell,

Richard Warren, James Willett, John Hawkins Divir, Robert Martin Davis, James Sayers, William Crofts, Michael Macnamara, Hyacinthus White, Dionysius Conry, George Alex. Fleury, Samuel Neill, Philip O'Reilly, John Gray, James H. Cardiff, John Moorhead, Francis Skelton,

From JERSEY. David de Quetteville,

De Asphyxie Causis.

From BOMBAY. John Ashburner,

De Hydrophobia.

From BARBADOES. Joseph Wilson,

De Digitali Purpurea.

De Actione Erysipelatosa ab inflammaHenry Evans Holder,

tione prorsus distinguenda. John Henry Leacock, De Hemorrhagiæ effectibus.

From St Kitt's. Robert Caines,

De Frambæsia.

From MARYLAND. Thomas Harris Maddos, De Febre Flava.

From CAROLINA. Walter Ewing,

De Ophthalmia.

Medical Lectures in the University of EDINBURGN. Dietetics, Materia Medica, and

8! Dr Home. Pharmacy

WedPractice of Physic

nesday, 97 Dr Gregory, Chemistry & Chemical Pharmacy (Oct. 30. 10 Dr Hope. Theory of Physic

11 Dr Duncan, sen.

2 Wed Oct.30. Anatomy and Pathology

1 o'clock.

Drs Monro.

Wed Nov.13. Principles & Practice of Surgery

4 o'clock.

Tues.Nov.12. Theory & Practice of Midwifery 3 o'clock.

Dr Hamilton.

Tues.Nov.12. Dr Duncan, sen. Clinical Medicine

4 o'clock. Dr Rutherford.

Mon. Nov.4.2 Clinical Surgery

Mr Russell. 5 o'clock.

2 Sat. Nov. 16. Military Surgery

Dr Thomson.

S 1 o'clock. S Practical Anatomy under the superintendence of Dr Monro, jun.

During the Summer Session, Lectures will be given on the following Branches of Education :

Botany, by Dr Rutherford.
Midwifery, by Dr Isamilton.
Clinical Lectures on Medicine, by Dr Home.

on Surgery, by Mr Russell. Medical Jurisprudence, by Dr Duncan, jun.

Dr CLUTTERBUCK will begin his Autumn Course of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Physic, Materia Medica, and Chemistry, on Wednesday, October 2, at Ten o'clock in the morning, at his house, No. 1, in the Crescent, New Bridge Street.

Pupils admitted, as usual, to attend the Medical Practice of the General Dispensary, Aldersgate Street, where Clinical Lectures will be given weekly, by the Physicians in rotation, on the most interesting Cases that occur.

For particulars, inquire of the Apothecary at the Dispensary.

In the Press, Oracular Communications, addressed to Students of the Medical Profession, by ESCULAPIUS.

" Inveniam viam, aut facium."-LORD BACON.
“ Nec Deus intersit, nisi dignus vindice nodus
“Inciderit.”-HOR. de Arte Poetica.

Dr Adams has in the press, “ An account of the Life, Doctrines, and Opinions of the late Mr John Hunter, containing a perspicuous statement of his Discoveries, and of the Pathology of Surgery, as before his time.” The Work will be embellished with a fine Medallion Portrait of Mr Hunter, from a cast taken during life.

Page 197, line 24, for effused blood read blood effused

31, for the read no
199, -19, for those read the

29, for least read last
200, 31, for Juster read Future

201, 34, add alterno die after decem, and delete Al-
terno mane in the following line.

Communications have been received from Dr Dickson, Dr Lyalla Mr Kennedy, Mr Gill, and P. J.; and publications for review by Professors Joseph FRANK and SCARPA ; Drs JURINE and ALBERS; Drs Arme STRONG, SCUDAMORE, and CALVERT; Messrs PRING, RIONG, WISHART, and an anonymous author, on the Animal Economy, of which as many as possible will be noticed in our next Number.

Communications may be addressed to the Editors, to the care of Messrs CONSTABLE & Co. Edinburgh ; Messrs LONGMAN, HURST, REES, ORME, & Brown, London ; and John CUMMING, Dublin. And we have to request our Continental friends to send any thing larger than a single letter to the care of Mesars Perthez and Basser, Booksellers, Hamburgh, as the expence of sending journals and packets by the post to this country is enormous.

No. XLIX. will be published on the 1st of January 1817.





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ABERCROMBIE, Dr, cases of cy- Balfour, Dr, adhesive union of a
Danche laryngea
205 suppurating wound,

on tobacco

cases of gout,
injection in dysuria,
978 Barlow, Mr, on a new sound,

Abernethy, Mr, defence of his Barrow, Dr, translation of Mr
opinion regarding life,

454 Boyle on phthisis pulmonalis, 351
Adhesive inflammation compatible Barnes, Mr, observations on in-
with suppuration,
430 continence of urine,

Adipocere, varieties of,

485 Bateman, Dr, report of Public
Ainslie, Dr, materia medica of

Dispensary, 117, 242, 373, 496

347 Bayle, Mr, on phthisis pulmonalis, 351
Allan, Mr, on bloodletting in con-

Bedingfield, Mr, compendium of
tinued fever,
257 medical practice,

Alum, solution of, useful in slough- Bezoardic stone, analysis of 379
ing scorbutic ulcers,

146 Bilious remittent of Walcheren,
Amputation, immediate, in gun-

observations on,

shot wounds, advantages of, 220 Births, premature, observations on, 126
Anatomy, progress of,

Dr Rodman on, 251
Andalusia, Sir J. Fellowes on the Blane, Sir. G., on the health of
pestilential disorder of,

109 the British

Aneurism, carotid, case of,

Blood, on the causes of its motion, 227
, inguinal, case of, 71

-, on the analysis of, 483
by a: astomosis in the Bloodletting, early, advantage of,
orbit, case of,

in pneumonia,

, axillary, case of, cured

successful in chronic
by operation,
298 hepatitis,

Anatomy, comparative,lectures on, 458

, the remedy in the
Animal chemistry, observations on, 473 endemic fever of New Orleans, 152
magnetism, cures by, 979

good effects of, in a
Antrim, meteorological table for, 121 fever in the Russian fleet, 158
Aorta, disease of the valves of,

in continued fever, 257
formation of a sac at the

-, extensive, in carditis, 492
mouth of,


> good effects of, in
Ardent spirits, deleterious effects of,499 the malignant fever at Gibraltar
Artery wounded in venesection,

in 1813,

cases of,


when useful in dy-
Arteries, Mr Lawrence on the li.


236 Blue disease, observations on, 6
on bronchotomy, 297

of infants, causes of, 103
and veins, Mr Hodgson Braid, Mr., case of reunion,

on the diseases of,

330 Brain, loss of, in a fracture of the
Artificial pupil, case of,
187 skull,

tympanum, remarks upon, 499 Briggs, Dr, case of mortification
Asthma, humoral, dissection of, 318 of the appendix vermiformis
Authenrieth, Prof. on animal che- cæci,


473 Bristol Infirmary, practice of, 489
remedies for Brodie, Mr, on ulcerations of the
498 cartilages of the joints,

Axillary aneurism, case of, cured Bronchotomy, use of, in croup, 238
by operation,

Mr Lawrence on,

VOL. XII. NO. 48,



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gature of,


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tions on,

Bulam fever affects persons only

Clarke, Dr 7.meteorological table

for Sidmouth,
Burns, application of bay rum to,

Mr G. M. on diseases of
Cachexia syphiloidea, observat. on, 374 females,
Calculus, nephritic, of the cow, Cæcum, mortification of its ap-
carbonate of lime,
481 pendix,

Calomel, use of, in dysentery, Colchicum, wine of, said to be
in ardent fever,

the eau medicinale,
Calton, M. T., extensive wound Colouring matter of animal organs, 486.

of the abdomen and thorax, 27 Comparative anatomy, lectures on, 458
Calvert, Dr, on the plague in Compression, successful in wound-


ed arteries,
Campaigns, peninsular, medical

cure of gout by, 432
history of,

ib. Contagion not the cause


Cancer of the womb cured by ex-

lent ophthalmia,

286 Conversion of the substance of
Cantharides, extract of, analogous the heart, case of,

to urea,

478 Convulsions of children, observa-
Carcinoma of the rectum and ute.

rus, observations on,


Corrosive sublimate, proposed as
Carditis, case of, treated by enor. an issue in hip-joint cases,
mous bleeding,

492 Cow, analysis of the kidney of, 481.
-> cases of,

59 Crawford, Mr C. K. case of her.
Carey-Street Dispensary, Dr Bate-

nia cerebri, &c.
man's report of, 117, 24%, 373, 496

cases of wounded
Carotid, common, tied successfully, 238 artery in venesection,

aneurism, case of,


dissection of a
Carson, Dr., on the motion of the

case of humoral asthma, S18

227 Croton tiglium, account of, 319
Cartilages of the joints,ulceration of,237 Croup, effect of bronchotomy in, 238
Cat, analysis of the kidney of, 482

spasmodic, observations
Catarrh, on the treatment of,


Chamberlain, Mr, case of axillary Cupping, advantage of,


Cynanche laryngea, cases of, 205
Chancre, phagedenic, observ. on, 367

238, 247
Charcoal, use of, in dysentery, 27 Dalrymple, Mr, case of tying the
Chemistry, anin al, observations common carotid,

473 Deafness, means of remedying, 498
Chevalier, Mr, on bronchotomy in Denmark, Dr, on Mediterranean


Children, Dr Clarke on the dis-
eases of,

tion in,

singular affection of, Dentition, singular symptom of 448
from painful dentition,

Depletion, the remedy in the en-
Chorea Sancti Viti, cured by purg.

demic fever of New Orleans, 152

453 Derby, meteorological table for, 122
successfully treated by Diagnosis, contributions to, 499
oxide of zinc,

490 Diarrhæa, use of charcoal in,
Christophe, Emperor of St Do. Dickson, Dr, on the utility of den

mingo, patronizes.vaccination, 381 pletion in a fever among the
Chyle, analysis of,
239 Russian sailors,

Chyme, analysis of,

Dislocations occurring in North-

deranged, Dr Thom- ampton Infirmary, tabular view
son on,


Clarke, Dr 7. commentaries on Dispensary, Edinburgh New-
the diseases of children, 99 Town, report of,

245, 375



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, progress of vaccina




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