Imatges de pÓgina
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A Cornish Funeral-The Necessity of Conversion-A Visitor-
Solemn Conversation

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Remarkable Dreams and Visions-Their Fulfilment

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Open Air Services-Preaching on Perran Beach-Letting Down
the Net-Fish Caught-The Young Lady-The Pet Kid-
Rose-in-Vale-Preaching in the Garden-The Coastguards-
men-Mount Hawke-Preaching on a Common-Remarkable
Manifestation of the Spirit's Work-A Continuous Meeting
for Eight Days.

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The Broken Nest.


T the time in which this history begins, I had, in the providence of God, a very happy nest; and

as far as temporal prospects were concerned, I was provided for to my liking, and, though not rich, was content. I had taken my degree; was about to be ordained; and, what is more, was engaged to be married; in order, as I thought, to settle down as an efficient country parson.

With this bright future before me, I went on very happily; when, one evening, after a hard and tiring day, just as I was sitting down to rest, a letter was put into my hand which had been following me for several days. "Most urgent" was written on the outside. It told me of the alarming illness of the lady to whom I was engaged, and went on to say that if I wished to see her alive I must set off with all haste. It took me a very short time to pack my bag and get my travelling coats and rugs together, so

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