The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, Volum 1

Wm. H. Colyer, 1838

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Pàgina 62 - The wall must be crumbled, the stone decayed, To pleasure his dainty whim: And the mouldering dust that years have made, Is a merry meal for him. Creeping where no life is seen, A rare old plant is the Ivy green.
Pàgina 266 - Cause I'ma married man, Samivel, 'cause I'ma married man. Wen you're a married man, Samivel, you'll understand a good many things as you don't understand now; but vether it's worth while goin' through so much, to learn so little, as the charity-boy said ven he got to the end of the alphabet, is a matter o
Pàgina 73 - Muggleton is an ancient and loyal borough, mingling a zealous advocacy of Christian principles with a devoted attachment to commercial rights ; in demonstration whereof, the mayor, corporation, and other inhabitants, have presented at divers times, no fewer than one thousand four hundred and twenty petitions against the continuance of negro slavery abroad, and an equal number against any interference with the factory system at home...
Pàgina 78 - We will therefore return to Mr. Tupman ; merely adding that within some few minutes before twelve o'clock that night, the convocation of worthies of Dingley Dell and Muggleton were heard to sing, with great feeling and emphasis, the beautiful and pathetic national air of We won't go home 'till morning, We won't go homo "till morning, We won't go home 'till morning, 'Till daylight doth appear.
Pàgina 19 - ... and mended shoes, as if to conceal the dirty white stockings, which were nevertheless distinctly visible. His long black hair escaped in negligent waves from beneath each side of his old pinched-up hat ; and glimpses of his bare wrist might be observed, between the tops of his gloves, and the cuffs of his coat sleeves.
Pàgina 14 - And how much more interesting did the spectacle become, when, starting into full life and animation, as a simultaneous call for " Pickwick " burst from his followers, that illustrious man slowly mounted into the Windsor chair, on which he had been previously seated, and addressed the club himself had founded.
Pàgina 95 - Borough especially, there still remain some half dozen old inns, which have preserved their external features unchanged, and which have escaped alike the rage for public improvement, and the encroachments of private speculation. Great, rambling, queer, old places they are, with galleries, and passages, and staircases, wide enough, and antiquated enough, to furnish materials for a hundred ghost stories...
Pàgina 118 - That's very true," said Mr. Pickwick; "but the person I have in my eye [here he looked very hard at Mrs. Bardell] I think possesses these qualities; and has, moreover, a considerable knowledge of the world, and a great deal of sharpness, Mrs. Bardell; which may be of material use to me.
Pàgina 52 - On either side, the banks of the Medway, covered with corn-fields and pastures, with here and there a windmill, or a distant church, stretched away as far as the eye could see, presenting a rich and varied landscape, rendered more beautiful by the changing shadows which passed swiftly across it, as the thin and halfformed clouds skimmed away in the light of the morning sun.
Pàgina 54 - T'other side, sir, if you please.' ' Blowed if the gen'lm'n worn'ta gettin' up on the wrong side,' whispered a grinning post-boy to the inexpressibly gratified waiter. Mr Winkle, thus instructed, climbed into his saddle, with about as much difficulty as he would have experienced in getting up the side of a first-rate man-of-war. 'All right?' inquired Mr Pickwick, with an inward presentiment that it was all wrong. 'All right,

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