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Jewish Children, of both sexes. Prince, by stabbing him in the eye,
Now, although according to appear- on the 25th of December last, with
ance nothing can be more praise- a large clasp knife: in consequence
worthy than such philanthropic of which, he languished until the
kindness on their part, yet, after 18th of January, and then diod. She
well considering the circumstance, behaved with decency.
and the good likely to arise there- The execution of three murderers
from to us and our posterity (and attracted the public notice in a very
every man who feareth God will unusual degree. The crowd was
well examine it, for it is no trifling collecting most of the night. At
thing) it appears likely to injure the break of day, the streets leading to
principles of the Jewish religion; Newgate were filled with people,
and thus, instead of producing fruit, rushing to behold the awful spec-
we gather shame.

tacle ; and about seven o'clock the "il, therefore, feel myself under whole street was closely filled with the necessity of warning you, both spectators. The pressure was exmale and female parents, or guarde ceedingly increased in consequence ians, who own the naine of Israelites, of a line of carts and coaches reach. and wish to be esteemed Members of ing from Newgate Street to Skinner our Communion, not too rashly to Street, and thereby excluding from embrace this plan, nor to send your the view of the gallows all the perChildren to the School establishing sons occupying the large space at by those Gentiemen, antil we shall the bottom of Giltspur Street: this have furiher and satisfactory in- induced multitudes to press down the formation, and clear proofs of its OW' Bailey from the corner of utility, free from all idea of probable Skinner Street. Before the moment and distant evil.

of the execution, just after 8 o'clock, “ Then will you obtain the repu- the sufferings of many persons tation of wisioin in the eyes of the became extreme, and the danger of lovers of truth and grace, among suffocation very great. When the the nations ; and may it never quit criminals appeared, there was a

general cry of“ Hats off'! Hats off!” an attempt to comply with which increased the pressure.


this awful moment that several perand the CALAUITOUS EVENT sons fell; others were unavoidably which attended it.

thrown down upon them, and others On Monday, Feb. 23, John Hol- again upon them. The shrieks of loway and Owen Haggerty, who had the sufferers, and the screams of been convicted on the 21st, of the Murder! Murder! were inexpresa murder of Mr. Steele on Hounslow sibly dreadful; but no assistance Heath, in Nov. 1802, were brought

could be afforded. Those who were out to execution on the platform suffocated, or crushed to death, rebefore Newgate. As soon as Hollo- mained for half an hour, or more, way ascended the scaffold, he ex- before they could be removed. As claimed aloud, “I am innocent, soon as the crowd began to withinnocent, by (-ad!” and then turn- draw, a most dreadful scene present. ing round to another part of the ed itself. Twenty-seven dead bodies crowd, he cried, “Immocent, inno- were taken to St. Bartholomew's cent, innocent, Gentlemen!. No Hospital; iwo to St. Sepulchre's verdict, no perdict, no verdici, Church, and a few others to differGentlemen! mocent, innocent !" ent places. More than thirty perThe cap was then drawn over his sons certainly perished. face. Owen Haggerty looked down- The Coroner's Inquest examined ward, and was silent: he made no minutely into the whole affair ; the public acknowledginent either of result of which is under the conguilt or innocence.

sideration of the city, who will At the same time was executed, doubtless adopt some method to Elizabeth Godfrey, a woman of the prevent a similar disaster in future, toun, for the inurder of Edward We siucerely hope that all carriages


will be strictly prohibited, for we A SOCIETY, formed. for the purare persuaded the mischief arose pose of assisting the Missionary chiefly from them.

Socioty in London, on a pian similar This catastrophe is extremely af- to that which was proposed in our fecting! The death of so many Magazine for January last, has been persons in perfect health, and at an established by some young men beunexpected hour, when curiosity longing to the Rev. Mr. tharris's prompted to behold the death of congregation, in Cambridge.

We others, and who were thus precipi- rejoice in this instance of pious zeal, tated into the eternal world, is pecu- and hope we shall have the satisfacliarly, distressing to humanity, and tion of announcing the erection of affords a fresh comment on that many such societies, both in town striking sentence, “ In the midst of and country. life we are in death 1"

List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for April.

1. Wed. Ev. Prayer for the Nation,

at Mr. Knight's.
2. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Waugh.

The Excellence of Fellowship with

16. Th. M. Mr. Jay, of Barh, The An

nual Sermon forthe Widow'Fund, Old Jewry, Twelve o'clock. Ev. Feiter Lane, Mr. J. Clayton.

The Rapture of the Apostle Paul.

5. Lord's Day Ev. Devonshire Sq. 19. Lord's Day Ev. Devoashire Sq.

Mr. Atkinson ; Hare Crt. Dr, . Mr. Shenston; Hare Crt, Mr. WinYoung; Chapel Str. Mr. Stollery; ter; Orange Str. Mr. Burder; Crown Ct. Mr. Greig; Palace Sir. Chapel St. Mr. Buck; Crown Ct. Mr. Dunn; Peter Street, Mr. Mr. Hyatt; Peter Str. Mr. HuoWilliamson.

phrys. 6. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet- Palace St. Mr. Cloutt. - Mr. Ste: ing, at Surry Chapel.

vens preaches for the Jamaira 7. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Clayton ;

Row School, at Mr. D. Taylor's, Crown Ct. Mr. Stephens. Sin

Whitechapel. cerity in Religion.

21. Tu M. Broad St. Mr. Clayton; Gate Street Chapel, Quarterly Meet- Crown Crt. Mr. Dunn. The Being of the Associate Congrega.

liever's Freedom from Sin. tions, Mr. E. J. Jones. Walking 22. Wed. Ev. Prayer for the Nation, with God.

at Dr. Jenkins's. 8. Wed. Ev. Prayer for the Nation, 23. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.) at Mr. Burder's.

at the late Mr. Booth's, Mr. New3. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.)

man to preach. at Mr. Humphrys's, Mr. Gaffee to

Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Tuglies.--Amipreach. The Evil, &c. of late ableness of the Divine Character. Attendance on Public Worship, Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Ford. -- The 26. Lord's DAY Ev. Devonshire Eq. Security of the Righteous in Times Mr. C Hyatt; Hare Court, Mr. of Public Danger.

Lyndall; Chapel Sır. Mr. Atkinson; Crown Crt. Mr. J. Clayton,

jun. ; Palace Str. Mr. Gore; Bar. 12. LORD's Day Ev. Devonshire Sq.

bican, Mr. Sheoston ; Peter Str. Mr. Powell; Hare Crt. Mr. Bur

Mr. Crawf. rd. der; Orange Str. Mr. Townsend ;

28. Tu. M. Broad str. Mr. Conde ; Chapel Str. Mr. Gold; Crown

Crown Crt. Ivir. Lustin. -Poverty Crt. Mr. Gore; Palace St. Mr. J.

of Spirit. Thomas; Barbican, Mr. Stollery ;

29. Wid. Ev. Praver for the Nation, Peter Str. Mr. Button.

at Mr. Gaffe's. 13. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

30. Th. M. Feiter Lane, Mr. TownNation, Surry Chapel.

send. True Merlot of living well. 14. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber; Crown Crt. Mr. J. Thonias.

MINISTERS SUPPLYING AT Transfiguration of Christ.

Spa Fields, Mr. Stodhart. 15. Wed. Ev. Prayer for the Nation, Sion Chapel, Mr. Kemp. at Mr. T. Thomas's.

Hoxton Chapel, Mr. Taylor, of Ossett.

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Dost thou for riches vainly sigh?

Or Honour's empty show? verilten during a s orihern Gale.

Or dost thou look with envious eye
BUSHING from the irozen north, On those by pow'r exalted high
the frigid breezes blow,

Above the crowd below?
Le! 17dt issues forth,

Sans rings bail, and frost, and snow! Can these, e'en all of them combin'd,
Chilin inrer, once again,

In all their varied forms,
le upon the piercing blast;

Afford contentment to the mind,
Biung in his icy chain

For immortality design’d,
F. ds, and fields, and vapours fast!

Midst life's tempestuous storms?
Muteir pine the feather'd choir, Ah, no ! 'tis Friendship’s generous glow
Per hing on the leafless hough;

And sympathizing eye
And the flocks and herd's rerire,

That constitute our bliss below!
Asking man for shelter now.

No greater boon can Heav'n bestow
Dreadful is the want'rer's fate,

On mortals doom'd to die !
Pacing the unshelier'd plain,
Weary, cold, benumb'd, and late Grant me, my God, this one request,
Longing oft for home in vain!

And I will ask no more!

Oh let me, with thy Friendship blest,
Dashing o'er the bursting wave,

Enjoy in thee that heav'nly rest
Mighty ships like atoms roll;

To which my wishes soar!
Scud the mount, or plange the grave,
Owning not the helm's controul. Somersetshire.

J. D.
Now the shatter'd fabrics fail,

Found'ring sink, to rise no more ;
Or, urg'd onward by the gale,

Scatter wrecks along the shore.

Through the veins of hoary age
Slowly life's reil current creeps;

And beneath stern Winter's rage,
Shiv'ring Mis'ry silent weeps:

Spes tutissima Cælis.
Hov'sing o'er the embers glow,

“The safest Hope is in Heaven.”
While the gust their hut doth shake,
Wrap'd in wretchedness and wov, HOPE, sweetest comfort, steady friend,
Round the glimm'ring hearth they Who ever dost thy succours lend,

Whene'er my mind's opprest:
Ye who, clad in garments warm,

Oft have I found thy genial rays
Shelter'd in a sase retreat,

Dispel the clouds of darkest days,
Sbudder when you hear the storm

And set my soul at rest!
Rudely at your windows beat,

Bit ah! on Earth I dare not cast
Feel, ob feel, for those who need!

llope's precious anchor, lest the blast Now, the Christian maxims prove; Of Time's rude winds should shake, Clothe the bare, the hungry feed,

And loose its hold, and in this gade Thus fulfil the law of Love !

Of snares and tempests me should fail, ALIQUIS.

And my fond schemes should break. TO MY SOUL.

The safest hope's in Heaven above !

Stable and firm 'twill ever prove,
Poor hapless, helpless, bopeless thing,

For God will ne'er deceive;
Say what is thy desire;

'Tis in his Son that I confide,
Since all the flow'rs that grace the And with his promise satisfy'd,

I safe and joyful live!
And all that summer seasons bring,
Can bought of joy inspire !



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Printed by G. Auld, Greville Street, London.

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