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ny chour


Şmovinaghtyn crauee. t'eh hene er chur farey: Shen

S'feer eh, dy vel mee neu.feeu (as my vees shiu meerioofagh dy quoi jeh bene nagh vel neu - feèu yannoo, smooinee-jee dy dowin jeb Mygbin Yee ?) as myr shoh ta riu hene cre'n Aggair mooar laue er y hon: Agh eilht goym gys my

aggle orrym goll gyn jannoo aarloo rota shiu jannoo da Jee, as cre'n Chree, dy vel yn eer Aggle shoh dy Kerraghey trome ta croghey chur Jymmoose er Jee, ayns Ayrn harrish nyn Ghing son у

jaonoo aarloo

; as dy ob. chooid cheddin; tra ta shiu bal tra ta mee cuirrit, cha jean eh agh jeh nyn yioin cur cooyl rith my Pheccah y yannoo ny smoo. Boayrd y Chiarn, as scarrey veih nyn Mraaraghyn, ta cheet

Hem er-y-fa shen, dy voddym dy veaghey er Cuirraghyn y 100 ny chour, dy chooilley Cheayrt

Grayse y gheddyn dy ve ny

share aarGhien smoo flaunyssagh then.

ta mee er my chuirrey gys y Sacra. Ny Reddyn shoh my smooinys ment shoh. shiu dy creeoil orroo, nee shiu liorish Grayse Yee chyndaa gys aigney share: dy vod fhiu shen y gheddyn, cha jean mayd scuirr dy yannoo nyn Accanyn imlee gys Jee Ooilley - niartal, nyn Ayr Flaunysfagh.


Infaghey. Ec y Traa ta'n Chreestiaght My eaishtys oo dy geyre rish y er ny hirveifh as ny Goaldee Choyrle ta cheet ny lurg shoh, foddee ayns y Voayl cooie dy ghoaill y d'ou kiarit ny chour :---Hee oo ay

oo briwnys ny share cre cha nie as Sacrament casherick, nee yn Bannaghtyn oddys oo jercal roo lioSaggyrt lhaib

yn Choyrle rish ve dy feeu aarloo er y hoa, as y Jhoh :

Kerraghey t'ou cur oo hene ayos Gaue jeh, liorish goll gyn Tort, ny ass eer Cliaghtey, gys y Sacranieat casherick shoh.

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Shirveish. CH

Haarjyn graihagh ayns y Chiarn, shiuish ta aignagh dy heet

gys y Chreestiaght chalherick jeh Corp as Fuill nyn Saualtagh Creest, shegin diu smooinaghtyn riu hene kys ta’n Noo



we are one



selves, before they presume to eat of that Bread and drink of that Cup. For, as the Benefit is great, if with a true penitent Heart, and lively Faith, we receive that holy Sacrament (for then we "spiritually eat the Flesh of Christ, and drink his Blood; then we dwell in Christ, and

Directions and Devotions. Christ in us; with Christ, and Christ with

Here fdy, May it be acus); fo is the Danger great, every Soul here present !

cording to this Word to me, and to if we receive the same unworthily. For then

Suffer 'us not, O God, to draw are guilty of the Body and these Judgments upon ourselves by Blood of Christ our Saviour; Table.

going presumptuously to thy holy we eat and drink our Damnation, not considering the Lord's Body; we kindle God's Wrath against us ; we provoke him to plague us with divers Diseases, and fundry kinds of Death. Judge therefore yourselves, Brethren, that ye be

be not

I am indeed a miserable Sinner : judged of the Lord ; repent God be merciful unto me. ye truly for your Sins past; have a lively and stedfast I believe ; Lord, increase my Faith in Christ our Saviour ; Faith. amend in perfect Charity with all Men; fo fha!l ye be meet Partakers of those holy Mysteries. And above all Things, ye must give most humble and hearty. Thanks to Gòd the Father, the Blessed be the glorious Trinity for Son, and the Holy Ghost, our Redemption. for the Redemption of the World, by the Death and In these thy Sufferings, O Jesus, Passion of


I see the Punishment due to Sinners, Christ, both God and Man; who did humble himself even to the Death upon the Cross, for us miserable Sinners, who lay in Darkness, and the Shadow of Death, that he might make us the Children of God, and exalt us to everlasting Life. And


your Lives, and be


Shirveish. Paul coyrlaghey dy chooilley Phersoon dy imneagh dy hrial as dy eylht ad hene, roish ny gow ad orroo dy ee jeh'n Arran then, as dy iu jeh'n Chappan fhen. Son naght myr ta’n Bannaght mooar, my ta fhin lesh Cree dy firrinagh Arryffagh, as Credjue bioal, goaill y Sacrament casherick shen; (fon eifht ta shin lurg (Agh: spyrrydoil gee Feill Chreest, as giu yn Uill echey; Ynfaghey as Padjeryn. eisht ta shin baghey ayns Creeft,

Ayns shob abbyr rhyt bene, Myr shen as Creest ayninyn; ta shin un

dy row.dooys, as da dy chooilley Annane marish Creelt, as Creeft nym ayns shoh kionfenish, cordail rish marinyn:) myr shen taʼn Dan- ny Goan shole ! geyr mooar, my ta shin goaill Ny sur uss shinyn, O. Yee, dy y Chreestiaght cheddin dy neu- bayrn ny Briwnyksyn shoh orrin bene, feeu : son eitht ta shin oolee calherick.

liorish goll dy daaney gys dty Voayrd jeh Corp as Fuill Chreeft nyn Saualtagh; ta fhin gee as giu yn Kerraghey ain hene, fea gooish Lastey 'choyrt da Corp y Chiarn ; ta shin brasnaghey Corree Yee nyn ’oi, as greinnaghey eh dy Cherraghey thin lesh caghlaaghyn dy Ghoghanyn, as ymmodee Aghtyn Baaifh. Jeanjee shiu

hene y Vriwnys er-y-fa Then, Vraaraghyn, nagh bee thiu er nyn mriwnys liorish y Dy jean Jee Myghin orrym !

Ta mee dy jarroo Peccagh treih Chiarn; gow-jee Arrys firrinagh fon nyn Beccaghyn t'er

Ta mee credjal, Hiarn, bisbee my n'gholl shaghey ; lhig da Cred. Chredjue. jue bioal as thickyr ’ve eu ayns Creeft nyn Saualtagh ; Lhiassee-jee nyn Mea, as bee-jee ayns Graih firrinagh rish dy chooilley Ghooinney; myr shen vees shiu feeu dy ghoaill Ayrn jeh ny Folliaghtyn catherick shen.-As erskyn dy chooilley Nhee, Thegin diu Booise inlee as creeoil y choyrt da Jee yn Ayr, y

Bannit dy row yn Trinaid ghloyra? Mac, as y Spyrryd Noo, son oil fon y Taualtys ain. Kionnaghey - reesht y Theihll

Ayns shoh dry Hurranse, o Yeee: liorish Baase as Surranse nyn rey, ta mee fakin y Kerraghey ta cair Saualtagh Creest, chammah Jee da Peccec. as Dooinney ; ren eh hene y injillaghey dy jarroo gys y Baase er y Chrosh, er ny son ainyn

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Directions and Devotions.


to the end that we should Blessed be thy holy Name, for always remember the

this Instance of thy Love and Cone

cern for Sinners, left they should forceeding great Love of our

get themselves and Thee. Master, and only Saviour Jesus Christ, thus dying for us, and the innumerable Benefits, which by his precious Blood-lhedding he hath obtained to us : He hath instituted and ordained holy Mysteries as Pledges of his Love, and for a continual May I never forget this invaluable Remembrance of his Death Bleffing May I never neglect to

this way of preserving the Rememour great

and end.

brance of it ! less Comfort.

To him therefore, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, let us give (as we are most bounden) continual Thanks, submitting ourselves wholly to his holy Will and Pleasure, and studying to serve him in true Holiness and righteousness all the Days of our Life. Amen.



Then shall the Priest say to them that come to receive the holy Communion.


Directions and Devotions.


E that do truly and

I do fincerely repent, and I am earnestly repent you of forry for my sins, your Sins, and are in Love I forgive, as I hope to be for. and Charity with


your Neighbours, and intend to

This I purpose, by the Grace of lead a new Life, following God, to do. the Commandments of God, and walking from hence. forth in his holy Ways ; draw near with Faith, and take this holy Sacrament to your Comfort, and make



Infaghey as Padjeryn. Peccee hreih, va nyn lhie ayns

Bannit dy row dty Ennym cashe. Dorraghys as Scadoo

rick, son y Cowrey shoh jeh dry

yn Ghraik as diy Aigney-mie da Peccee, Vaaith, dy voddagh eh fhin y er-aggle dy jarroodagh ad ad-hene as yannoo nyn Gloan dy Yee, as uss. shin y hroggal seose gys y Vea dy bragh farraghtyn. As dy voddagh !hin dy kinjagh cooin. aghtyn er Graih feer vooar nyn Mainshter, as nyn ynrycan Sau. altagh Yeesey Creest, myr shoh geddyn Baase er nyn son, as er ny Bannaghtyn erskyn-earroo t'eh liorish deayrtey e Uill finoo ooalle er chosney dooinyn; t'eh er phointeil as er n'oardaghey Folliaghtyn calherick, myr Cowraghyn jeh e Ghraih, as Nagh row Nouyo dooys dy bragh son Cooinaghtyn kinjagh jeh e jarrood yn Bannaght erskyn earroo Vaase, gys y Gerjagh mooar bragh beg ý hoiaghey jeh'n A ht

shoh !---Nagh row Nouyn doudy ainyn nagh bee dy bragh ec shoh dy reayll feose Cooinaghtyo jeb? kione.

Dafyn er-y-fa shen, marish yn Ayr, as y Spyrryd Noo, lhig dooinyn (myr ta shin dy mooar kianlt) Booise kinjagh y choyrt; ginjillaghey shin hene dy slane gys e Aigney casherick, as imneagh dy hirveish eh ayns Craueeaght firrinagh as Cairys ooila ley Laghyn nyn Mea. Amen.


Rubrick. Eisht nee'n Saggyrt gra roofyn ta cheet dy ghoaill y Chreefa tiaght chasherick. Shirveish.

Infaghey as Padjeryn. SHI

Hiuilh ta dy firrinagh as dy. Ta mee dy creeoil goaill Arrys, as

crecoil goaill Arrys fon nyn ta m-e trimshagh fon my Pheccaghyn. Beccaghyn, as ta ayns Graih Ta mee leih, myr ta mee treifhteit as Giastyllys rish nyn Naboo-Leih y gheddyn. nyn, as kiarail dy leeideil Bea Yee, dy ya noo.

Shoh ta mee kiarit, liorish Grayse noa, geiyrt er Annaghyn Yee, as gimmeeaght maghey shoh ayns e Raaidyn ca herick; Tayrnjee er-gerrey lesh Credjue, as gow-jee yn 'Sairament catherick Thoh gys y Gerjagh eu; as gow-jee rilha nyn Beccaglıyn dy R


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