Imatges de pÓgina



Directions and Devotions.

jour humble Confession to May it be to mine, and to the Almighty God, meekly kneel-Comfort of every Soul here present. ing upon your Knees.


Observations. Then fall this general

This most excellent Form of ĉona Confelron be made, in

fefion may be made use of in prie the

vate, by everyone who is preName of all those that are paring himself for this Sacrament, minded to receive the holy Communion, by one of the Ministers, both he and all the People kneeling humbly upon their Knees, and saying,




Lmighty God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Maker of all Things, Judge of all Men! We acknowledge and bewail our manifold Sins and Wicked. ness, which we from time to time most grievously have committed, by Thought, Word and Deed, against thy Divine Majesty, provoking most justly thy Wrath and Indignation against us. We do. earnestly repent, and are heartily sorry for these our Misdoings ; the Remembrance of them is grievous unto us; the Burden of them is intolerable. Have Mercy upon us, have Mercy upon us, most merciful Father for thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ's fake, forgive us all that is past, and grant that we may ever hereafter serve and please Thee in Newness of Lifé, to the Honour and Glory of thy Name, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


· "Then all the Priest (or the Bishop present) Aand up, and "turning himself to the People, pronounce this Absolution.


Infaghey as Padjeryn. injil gys Jee Ooilley - niartal, Dy row shoh gys my Gherjagh's, dy imlee tuittym sheese er nyn

as gys Gerjagh dy chooilley Annym Ghlioonyn.

ayos shoh kionfenish.




Ynfaghey. Eisht bee

'yn Ghoqill-rish cad- Foddee yn reih Padjer pob fon jin shoh dy Pheccaghyn er ny Goaill.rijh. Peccaghyn, ve goit ec y yannoo ayns yn Ennym ocfyn geddyo eh hene aarloo cour y Sacra

Thie, ooilley ta aignagh dy ghoaill y ment Thoh. Chreestiaght chasherick, liorish Fer jeh ny Saggyrtyn, chammah Elyn as ooilley yn Pobble dy imlee tuittym heese er nyn Gblioonyn, as gra,


niartal, Ayr nyn Jiarn Yeesey Creest, Fercroo dy chooilley Nhee, Briw dy chooilley Ghooinney; Ta shin goaill-rish, as dobberan son nyn ymmodee-filley Pectaghyn as Olkys, ta shin veih traa gy traa dy feer trome er chur'rish, liorish Smooinaght, Raa, as Jannoo, noi dty Ardooalhley's Flaunysfagh, Brafnaghey dy feer cairagh dty Chor. ree as dty Yymmoose nyn 'oi. Ta shin dy firrinagh goaill Ar. rys, as ta shin dy creeoil trimshagh fon oc shoh nyn Ghroghe yannoo ; Ta'n Chooinaghtyn oc feaghnagh dooin; Ta'n Errey oc ny smoo na oddys mayd y ymmyrkey. Jean Myghin orrin, jean Myghin orrin, Ayr smoo vyghinagh; er Graih dty Vac nyn Jiarn Yeesey Creest, leih dooin ooilley ny t'er n'gholl shaghey ; As giall dy vod mayd dy bragh ny yei shoh Uis y hirveilh as y wooiys ayns Bea Noa. Gys Ooalhley as Gloyr dty Ennym, trooid Yeesey Creest nyn Jiarn. Amen.

YEE Ooilley


Eisht nee yn Saggyrt (er-nonney yn Aspick my t'eh kionfenish) Shafsoo feofe, as chyndaa eh hene gys y Pebble focklee eh magh yn

8. Feaysley-Peccaghyn fhoh.



him ;

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great Mercy hath promised Forgiveness of Sins, to all them that with hearty Repentance, and true Faith, turn unto

have Mercy upon you ;. pardon and deliver you
from all your Sins ;
firm and strengthen you in

all Goodness, and bring
you everlasting Life,

May this Pardon, () God, rest thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. upon my Soul, and seal the For.

giveness of all my Sins. Amen,


Then all the Priest say:


what comfortable Words our Saviour Christ faith

unto all that truly turn to him :




NOME unto me, all that Make me, O Jesus, truly sen

and are heavy lible of my fad Condition, that I laden, and I will

will refreth may more gladly go to Thee for

Help. you. Mat. xi. 28.

So God loved the World, I believe Lord, increase my that he gave his only begot. Faith, that I may ever love and ten Son, to the end that obey Thee, who hadît such Love

and Concern for me to save me all that believe in him

from perishing.
should not perish, but have
everlasting Life.

St. John
iii, 16.

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* These most comfortable Words should always be read with great Deliberation, that the People may have Time to reflect upon them; and to apply them every one to the Comfort of his own Soul, and to prevent all unreasonable Fears and Doubts of God's gracious Pardon and Acceptance.


Shirveill. JEE Ooilley,niartal nyn Ayr Flaunysfagh, ta jehe Vyghin

vooar er ghialdyn Leih Peccaghyn dauefyn ooilley ta lesh Arrys creeoil as Credjue firrinagh chyndaa huggey; Dy jean eh Myghin erriu, dy jean eh shiu y phardooney as y livrey veih ooilley nyn Beccaghyn, dy jean eh Thiu y hickyraghey as Padjeryn. y niartaghey ayns dy chooilley Vieys, as dy der eh lesh shiu Dy jean y Pardoon shoh, O Yee, gys y Vea dy bragh farragh- ooilley my Pheccaghyn ý yannog

tannaghtyn er my Annym's, as Leih tyn, trooid Yeesey Creeft nyn shickyr hyn. Jiarn. Amen.

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Eisht nee'n Saggyrt gra,

Clasht-jee * cre ny Goan gerjoilagh ta nyn Saualtagh Creest dy

ghra roofyn ooilley ta dy firrinagh chyndaa huggey.

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Padjeryn. TAR AR - jee hym's, ooilley Cur uss dooys, O Yeefey, Eonaghtyn

shiuish ta' deinagh as firrinagh jeh my Stayd breih, dy vodtrome laadit, as neem's shiu dym ny s'arryltee goll fon Cooney

hood's. y ooraghey. N. Mian xi. 28.

Lheid y Ghraih fhen hug Ta mee credjal ; Hiarn, bishee my Jee da’n Theihll, dy dug eh (Chredjue, dy voddym dy bragh e ynrycan Vac v'er ny ghed Graih y chur Dhyt, as ve biallagh

Dhyt, ayd va lheid y Ghraih as yn

у dyn, nagh jinnagh quoi-erbee Aigney - mie dooys dy hauail mee chredjagh aynsyn cherraghtyn, veih cherraghtyo. agh y Vea ta dy bragh farraghtyn y chosney. N. Ēan iii. 16.

* Lhisagh ay Goan smoo gerjoilagh shoh ve kinjagh er ny lhaih lesh lane Jeeanid, dy vod Traa ve ec y Pobble dy fmooinaghtyn orroo ayns nyn Gree; -as dy hyndaa ad dagh unnane gys Gerjagh e Annym hene, as dy lhietial dy chooilley Aggle as Impea neu-reloonagh mychione Pardoon ghraysoil as Foayr Yee,


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Hear also what St. Paul

faith :




This is a true Saying,

I receive this Truth, O Lord,

with thankful Heart.- let and worthy of all Men to

that Compasion loft be received, that Christ Je

upon me, which moved Thee to sus came into the World to come into the World to save Sinners. fave Sinners.

I Tim. i. 15.

Hear also what St. John

faith :


If Man fin, we have I have linned, Oblesed Advoan Advocate with the Fa- cate ; and do therefore put my

that by ther, Jesus Christ the Righ-Cause into thy Hands ;

thy Blood, and Merits, and powerteous, and he is the Pro- ful Intercellion, thy mayest procare pitiation for our Sins. John ii. 1.


my Pardod.


After which the Priest shall praceed, saying,

Lift up your Hearts.

Answ. We will them up. unto the Lord.

Prielt. Let us give Thanks unto our Lord God.

Answ. It is meet and right so to do.

Then fall the Priest turn to the Lord's Table and say, IT T is very meet, right, and our bounden Duty, that we

should at all Times, and in all Places, give Thanks unto Thee, O Lord, Holy Father, Almighty, Everlasting God.


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