Imatges de pÓgina
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Clasht-jee myrgeddin rish ny

ta'n Noo Paul dy ghra :

Shoh Raa firrinagh, as feeu Ta mee, O Hiarn, goaill hym Ard-foiagh ve jeant jeh liorish pene yn Raa firrinagh shoh, lesh Cree

O dy chooilley Ğhooinney, Dy booifal.- ny lhig da'n Chymmey Jhen

ve caillit orrym's, ren uss y veiygbey daink Creest Yeesey gys y dy heet stiagh 'sy Theihll dy hauail Theihll dy hauail Peccee. Peccee.


Tim. i. 15.

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Ta mee

My ta Dooinney erbee jan

er n'yannoo Peccah, O noo Peccah, ta Fer ain' ta Charrey bannee ; as then-y-fa ta mee loayrt er nyn fon rish yn Ayr, liorish dty Uill as dty Hoilchinys, as

cur my Chooish ayos dty Laueyn ; Yeesey Creest yn fer-cairagh: dty Phleadeil pooaral er my hon, dy vod as she eshyn yn Lhiafíaghey ou Leih my Pheccaghyn y cholney son nyn Beccaghyn. 1 Ean ii. 1.


Ny lurg shoh bed'y Saggyrt er e Hoshiaght, gra,

Trog-jee seose nyn Greeaghyn,

Ans. Ta min troggal ad seose gys y Chiarn. Saggyrt. Lhig dooin Booise y choyrt da nyn Jiarn Jee.

Ans. Te cooie as cair fhen y yannoo.

Eisht nee'n Saggyrt chyndaa gys Boayrd y Chiarn, as gra, TE feer chooie, cair, as nyn Gurrym kianlt

, dy lhifagh shin ec dy chooilley Hraa, as ayns dy chooilley Ynnyd, Booise y choyrt Dhyt's, Ó Hiarn, Ayr Chalherick, Ooilley-niartal, Yee dy bragh Farraghtyn!



Here fall follow the proper Preface, according to the Time, if there be any specially appointed : or else inmediately Jhall follow,


Directions and Devotions.


THerefore with Angels If this Form of praising the most and Archangels, and high God. were oftener in Chrif

tians Mouths than it is, it would with all the Company of most certainly render them more Heaven, we laud and mag- wortby both to join in this Service nify thy glorious Name, e- here, and in Heaven, with the Anvermore praising Thee, and gels of God, hereafter. saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and Earth are full of thy Glory. Glory be to Thee, O Lord most High. Amen.

Proper Prefaces.

These short Prayers following may be Upon Christmas Day, and se- made use of in your private Devoven Days after.

tions, either in Church or at home. ECAUSE thou didst give For

Orm in me, O God, by the PowJesus Christ thine only Graces and Virtues, which thy Holy

er of the same Spirit, all the Son to be born as at this Son came to teach us, when he cloattTime for us, who by the O- ed himself with our Flesh; in order to peration of the Holy Ghost, restore us to thy Favour, and to fit

. was made very Man of the us for Heaven. Substance of the Virgin MARY his Mother, and that without Spot of Sin, to make us clean from all Sin. Therefore with Angels, &c.

Upon Easter Day, and seven

Days after.
UT chiefly are we bound MA

AY that all-powerful Spirit,

which raised up Jesus our

Lord from the Dead, Raise me glorious Resurrection of thy from the Death of Sin unto the Life Son Jesus Christ our Lord : lof Righteousness; that living in thy


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Shirveish. Ayns shoh vees er ny lhaib yn Phadjer chooie, cordail rish yn Imbagh, my ta lheid er-lheh puintit er y bun: er-nonney cheliee

y ragh vees er ny lhaib,


Ynfaghey as Padjeryn. SHET Hen-y-fa marish Ainleyn, Dy beagh yn Aght fhoh dy vozlley as Ard-ainleyn, as marish: Jee Imoo fýrjey, ny s’meokey ayns


B ïi Cozelteenyo, son shickyrys yinooilley Shelhaght Flaunys, ta nagh eh ad y yannoo ny s'cooie chamfhin cur moylley as ard-voyl-nah dy xhoaill Ayro 'ly Chirveith ley da dty Ennym gloyroil; dy noh 'Ty Theihil thuh chammah as bragh moylley oo, as gra, Cayos Niau, marish Ainleye Yee, ay sherick, Casherick, Casherick, lurg fhoh. Hiarn Yee jeh'n Cheihaght Flaunysfagh, ta Niau 'as Thalloo lane jeh dty Ghloyr. Gloyr dy row hoods,. Hiarn sinoo Ard. Amen. Ny Padjeryn Imbee.

Foddee ny Patjeryn giarey froh, ve Son Laa Nollick, as shiaght cliaghtit er.Iheh, edyr ec y Cheeili, ny

Laa ny lurg ER:ynoyr dy dug oo Yee JEANus cummey aynyms: 0Xec, sey Creest dty Vac ynry

liorish Pooar Spyrryd , can dy ve er ny ruggey corryin yn mie, haink dtý Vac Casherick dy

ooilley ny Grayseyn, as ny Obbraghrish yn Imbagh thoh er ny fon

ynfaghey dooin, tra choamree eh ehe ain; va liorith Pooar y Spyr-h ne lesh yn Dooghys ain ; dy chosney ryd Noo er ny yannoo ny eer tooineélht yo f'oayr ayd's, as fhia Dooinney jeh stoo yn Voidyn, y yannoo aarloo fon Niau. Moirrey e Voir ; as fhen fegooish Spot dy Pheccah, dy yannoo shinyn glen veih dy chooil. ley Pheccah. Shen-y-fa marith Ainteyn, &c. Son Laa Caisht, as shiaght Laa


ecy Chie.

ny lurg.


Y jean y Spyrryd ooilley-pooarGH erskyn-ooilley ta shin D

ni hrog seofe Yeeley nyo siarn kianlt dy chur moylley

Veil ny Morrid, Mish y hroggal veih Dhyt fon Irree - seofe - reelht Baafe Peccah gys Bea dy Chairys: as

for S



for he is the very Pafchal , Favour, I may die in Peace, Lamb which was offered for and rest in Hope of a blessed us, and hath taken away

Resurrection. the Sin of the World ; who by his Death hath destroyed Death, and by his rising to Life again, hath restored to us everlasting Life. Therefore with Angels, &c.

Upon Ascension Day, and



seven Days after. St. John xii. 26. Where I am,

there also shall my Servant be. HRO' thy most dear- IVE me, O God, such a lively beloved Son Jesus

ly Faith in this Promise, as Christ our Lord, who after may influence my Will, my Heart,

and Life ; -That devoting my; his most glorious Resurrec- felf intirely to thy Service, and tion manifestly appeared to following the holy Example of thy all his Apostles, and in Son, I may, through his Merits their Sight ascended up into and Mediation, be made eternally

happy. Heaven, to prepare a Place for us ;

that where he is, thither we might also ascend, and reign with him in Glory.

Therefore with Angels, &c.



Upon Whitsunday, and fix

Days after.
HRO' Jesus Christ our


Adore thy Goodness and Mer. Lord, according

cy, O God, for the invaluable whose most true Promise, in there Nations by the Power of

Blessing of the Gospel, established the Holy Ghost came down, the Holy Ghost :~May the same as at this Time, from Hea- good Spirit, sanctify, govern, and ven, with a sudden great preserve this Church !--- Keep all her Sound, as it had been a

Members from the Spirit of Error mighty Wind, in the Like and Delusion !-Guard her Faith


against the restless Attempts of Sanels of fiery Tongues, light- tan and his Agents : and lead us ing upon the Apostles, to all in the Way of Life eternal,


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Padjeryn. gloyroil dty Vac Yeesey Creest beaghey ayns y Foayr ayd's, dy vodnyn Jiarn : son eshyn yn Eayn-dym Baafe y gheddyn ayns Shee, as caifht firrinagh, va er ny heb- Fea 'ghoaill ayns Treifhteil jeh Ir

seose - reelht bannee veih ny bal er nyn son, as er Merriu. n'ghoaillersooyl Peccah yn Theihll; ta liorish e Vaase er stroie Baase, as liorish e irree seose gys Bioys reesht er chosney dooinyn yn Vea dy bragh farraghtyn. Shen-y-fa marilh Ainleyn, &c.



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Joiaght Laa ny lurg.

Noo Ean xii. 26. Raad ta mish, soen
Raad myrgeddin vees my Harvaant.
TUR dou, y Credjue


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Rooid dty Vac smoo

deyir: Colivalo ayos y Ghialdyn hoh, as

nyn Jiarn; ren lurg e Irree-oddys reill my Aigney,, my Chree, as seose-reesht smoo gloyroil eh my Vea ;--Kiangley mee hene dy Nane hene y hoillhaghey dy foshlit pleyr casherick dty Vac, dy voddym,

gys dty Hirveish, as geiyrt er Samda ooilley e Oltyllyn, as hie trooid e Hoilchioys as e Loayrt er seofe ayns y Chilley oc gys my Lieh, ve jeant maynrey son dy Niau, dy yannoo aarloo Yn- bragh. nyd er nyn fon; raad t'eshyn, dy vod shinyn myrgeddin goll seose ayns shen, as reill marisha ayns Gloyr. Shen-y-fa marish Ainleyn, &c.

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Son Jea-doonee Kingeesh, as

Padjeryn. They Laa ny lurg. TR Rooid Yeesey Creeft nyn | Tieys as dey Vyghin, o Yeon

A mee cur Ooashley da dty Jiarn ; cordail rifh y

у Gialdyn smoo firrinagh echey

fon y Bannaght erskyn - inh fyn haink y Spyrryd Noo neofe jeh’n Tushtal, t'er ny hoiaghey leofe corrym rifh yn Ímbagh shoh ayns ny Alhoonyn thoh liorish Pooar

y Spyrryd Noo ! Dy jean y SPyrryd doaltattym veih Niau leth Feiyr mie cheddin, casherickey, reill

, as coadmooar, myr dy beagh eh Geay ey yo Agglih! Freill ooilley ny Ollajer, ayns callys Chengaghyn sya eck vein’a Spyrryd dy Haghryndy Aile, cheet neose er ny Óf-seas de Volteyrys.! Coadee yo

Credjue eck noi Kialgyn anveagh tyllyn, dy ynsaghey ad, as dy Neid ny-Hanmey as e Harvaantyn ; as


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