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ranfe, ve goaill Ayrn jeh e Chorp as e Uill finoo bannit: Ayns yn Oie cheddin v'eh er ny vrah, ghow eh Arran, as tra v'eh erreifh Booife y choyrt, vrifh eh, as hug eh eh da ny Oftyllyn echey, gra, Gow-jee, ee-jee, thoh my Chorp t'er ny choyrt er nyn son eu; jean-jee shoh ayns Cooinaghtyn jeem's. Myrgeddin lurg Shibber ghow eh yn Cappan; as tra v'eh er choyrt Booife, hug eh daue eh, gra, lu-jee ooilley jeh thoh; fon fhoh my Uill's jeh'n Chonaant Noa, t'er ny gheayrtey er ny fon euifh, as er fon ymmodee, fon Leih Peccaghyn: Jean-jee shoh, cha mennick as iu-ys fhiu eh, ayns Cooinaghtyn jeem's. Amen.

Ynfaghey as Padjeryn.

Abbyr rhyt bene,---Cur neofe dty Spyrryd as dty Vannaght er ny Saafeyn fhoh dy Ghrayfe as dy Haualtys, t'ou hene, O. Yeefey, er n'oardrail.


Eifht nee'n Saggyrt eh-bene goaill bofhiaght y Chrestiaght ayns Arran as Feeyn, as goll goll eift er e Hofhiaght dy hirveib yn Chooid cheddin er ny Afpickyn, Saggyrtyn, as Shirveishee (my vees veg jeu kionfenifh) as ny lurg fhen er y Pobble myrgeddin ayns nyn Goorje, Ooilley dy imlee er nyn Ghlioonyn, cur eh ayns ny Laueyn oc.


Choud as ta'n Saggyrt as feallagh elley goaill y Chreeftiaght, foddee ufs baarail y Traa t'ayd dy haghney, ayns lhaih Paart jeh ny Ayrnyn thoh jeh Goo Yes, ta foit hele ny lurg hoh, as as by Smooinaghtyn crauce torroo.

Cooinee nagh vel Aght erbee od dys ve ro-inflee, tra ta fhin dy ghed

dyn Pardoon. as then neetht Pardoon thegin thin y livrey veih Baase dy bragh beayn.


Noo Luke xv. 2. Ren ny Pharifeeyn tallagh, gra, Ta'n Dooinney fhob foiaghey jeh Peccee, as gee mâroo.


I thank

· Devotions.

Thank thee, O Jesus, for this Inftance of thy Charity for Sinners; I do indeed confefs, that I am one of that wretched Number; and do beftech thee to receive me, tho' a very unworthy Guest, that I may eat at thy Table, and be Partaker of thy Favour.

Matth. xx. 32, 33. Jefus faid, What will ye that I should do unto you? The blind Men faid, Lord, that our Eyes may be opened.


Lord, thou knoweft, the Defires of my Heart; for it is thy Grace that has wrought them in me, and befides thee there is none elfe that can help me! pray thee, therefore, that thou wouldst have Compaffion on me; as thou hadst on thefe blind Men: That the

Eyes of my Mind may be opened :- That I may recover the Light which Sin hath deprived me of :-That I may fee the great Goodness of God, in fending thee to redeem us:That I may fee the due. Reward of Sin in thy Sufferings and Death.- -And that I may follow thy holy Example all the Days of my Life.

St. Mark ii. 17. I came not to call the Righteous, but Sinners to Repentance.


Lord, who haft called me to Repentance by thy Word, and by this Ordinance, call me alfo by thy Grace; but call me fo powerfully, that I may not turn a deaf Ear, and that I may not refift thy Call: I am forced indeed to bring my Sins along with me; along with me; but it is to crucify them with thee, and with a full Purpose, through thy Grace, never to return to those Sins I have repented of.


St. John vi. 58. He that eateth of this Bread hall live for ever.


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TA A mee cur Booife dhyt, O Teefey, fon y Cowrey fhoh jeh dty. Ghraih meigh da Peccee; ta mee dy jarroo goaillrifh, dy vel mee unnane jeh'n Earroo hreih fhen; as ta mee guee ort, dy yannoo foiaghey jee'm, ga ta mee Goaldagh feer neu-feeu, dy voddym gee ec dty Voayrd, as Ayrn y ghoaill jeh dty Chenjallys.

Noo Mian xx. 32, 33. Dooyrt Yeefey, Cre bailliu mee dy yannoo er ny fon eu? Dooyrt ny Deiney doal, Hiarn, dy vod ny Sooillyn ain ve er nyn volley.

Hiarn, ta Fys ayd er Yeearreeyn my Chree's; fon fhe dty

Ghrayfe t'er n'obbraghey ad aynym, as cheu-mooie jeed's cha vel unnane erbee elley oddys cooney lhiam :---Ta mee guee ort, er-y-fa shen, oo dy yannoo Chymmey orrym's, myr ren oo er ny Deiney doal fhoh:---Dy vod Sooillyn my Aigney ve er nyn volley ----Dy voddym reefht geddyn y Soilfhey ta Peccah er n'ghoaill voym.:---Dy voddym fakin Mieys vooar. Yee, ayns ufs y choyrt dy livrey fhin veih Bondiaght nyn Beccaghyn:-Dy voddym Leagh cooie Peccah y akin ayns dty Hurranje as dty Vaafe.As dy voddym geiyrt da dty Hampleyr cafherick ooilley Laghyn my Vea.

Noo Mark ii. 17. Cha daink mifh dy eamagh er y Vooinjer chairal, agh er Peccee gys Arrys.

Hiarn, t'er n'eamagh orrym's gys Arrys liorish dty Ghoo,

as liorish yn Oardaghey fhoh, eie orrym myrgeddin liorish dty Ghrayfe; agh cur dou lheid yn Eam pooaral fhen, nagh der-ym Cleaysh vouyr huggey, as fhaffoo magh noi dty Eam: Ta mee dy jarroo eginit dy chur lhiam my Pheccaghyn marym; agh fhe dy chroffey ad mayrt's te, as lefh flane Chiarail, trooid Grayfe Yee, gyn dy bragh dy hyn laa reefht gys ny Peccaghyn fhen ta mee er n'ghoaill Arrys jeu.

Noo Ean vi. 58. Bee efhyn ta gee jeh'n Arran shoh bio fon dy bragh..

O Jefus


who haft made the Life of our Souls to depend upon this Bread, grant that I may never render myself unworthy to receive fo great a Bleffing, or deprive myfelf of it by my own Negligence.- -Make it a Principle of immortal Life to me, by uniting me to thee, and to thy Body, that I may be made Partaker of a Divine Nature,

Exod. xii. 23. When he feeth the Blood (of the Pafchal Lamb) on the Door, hell not fuffer the Destroyer to come in to fmite you.


Jefus, the true Pafchal Lamb, who by thy precious Blood haft paid the Debt due to the divine Justice, and haft delivered us from the Power of the Destroyer! Let me never want this Token of my Redemption, this faving Mark of thy Almighty Protection, against the Power of the Devil, who is continually feeking whom he may devour.

1 Cor. xi. 28. Let a Man examine himself, and fo let him eat of that Bread, aud drink of that Cup.



HAT I am invited to thy Table, is not because I am worthy, but becaufe thou, O God, art infinitely good and kind. Pity my Infirmities, which are known to Thee, and accept of my imperfect Obedience to this Command. I acknowledge my Unworthiness, ---I place all my Hopes in thy Mercy and Premijes in Jefus Chrift; I fincerely purpofe to lead a Chriftian Life, and to ufe all Diligence to make my Calling and Election fure: With thete Purpofes I go to thine Altar, trufting in thy Goodnefs for the Pardon of my Defects, and for an Increase of all thofe Graces that are neceffary to make me more worthy to eat of that Bread, and drink of that Cup,

O Yeefey,


O Yeefey, t'er choyrt er Bioys ny Hanmeenyn ain dy lhie er yn Arran fhoh, giall nagh jean-yms dy bragh mee hene y yannoo neu feeu dy chofney Bannaght cha ooafle, ny mee-hene y ghiarey jeh liorish my Veerioose hene.--Jean eh dy ve Bun y Vea veayn dou, liorish mee-hene y sniemmey hoods, as gys dty Chorp, dy voddym ve jeant Ayrnagh jeh'n Dooghys Flaunyffagh.

Exod. xii 23. Tra bee eh Fuill (yn Eayn' Caifht) er y Dorrys, cha jean eh furranfe y Stroider dy heet stiagh dy woalley biu.


Yeefey, yn Eayn Caift firrinagh, ta liorish dty Uill gheyr er n'eeck yn Feeaghyn va cair da dty Chainys Flaunyflagh, as ta er livrey shinyn veih Pooar y Stroider! Ny lhig dooin dy bragh ve laccal yn Cowrey thoh jeh my Chionniaght-reefht veih Peccah, yn Eearlys fhickyr fhoh jeh dty Choadey ooilleyniartal, noi Pooar y Drogh-fpyrryd, ta fheer thirrey quoi oddys eh y ftroie.

1 Cor. xi. 28. Lhig da Dooinney eh hene y cyfht, as myr shen lhig da gee jeh'n Arran shen, as giu jeh'n Chappan fhen.


Y vel mee er my chuirrey gys dty Voayrd's, cha vel eh son dy vel mee feeu, agh fon dy vei ufs, O Yee, erfkyn - infh mie as dooie. Jean Chymmey er my Annooinidyn, orroo ta Fys ayd, as jean Soiaghey y yannoo jeh'n Viallys veal aym gys y Sarey hoh.1a mee goaill-rith my Neu-feeuid hene;---Ta mee coyrt ooilley my Hreifhteil ayns dty Vygbin as dty Ghialdynyn trooid Yeefey Creeft; ta mee dy fiickyr kiarail Bea Chreeftee y leeideil,---as ve cha kiaralagh as oddym, dy yannoo jn Stayd, huggey va mee er my eam as er my reib, fhickyr: Leth ny Gialdynyn fhoh ta mee goll gys dty Altar's, treifhteil ayns dty Vieys fon Leih jeh my Oijyn, as fon Bilhaghey jeh dy chooilley Ghrayfe ta ymmyrchagh dy yannoo inee ny s'feeu dy çe jeh'n Arran then, as dy iu jeh'n Chappan fhen,


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