Imatges de pÓgina

also freely give us all myrgeddin dy arryltagh maThings?

rilhyn dy chooilley Nhee?

THIS is indeed, O God, T4 hoh dy jarroo, o Yee,

a fure Pledge of thine Gioal

dty infinite Love for thy poor Ghraih erskyn Earroo da dty Creatures.---Upon this I de Chretooryn boghtey.--Er shoh pend, when my Heart is in ta mee cur my Varrant, tra ta Heaviness. This is my Re- my Chree ayns Trimseys---She fuge, when I remember my shoh my Chemmyrk, tra ta mee

, Sins, and thy divine Justice. cooinaghtyn er my Pheccagh

O make me truly senfi- yn, as er dty Chairys flaunysble of this thy great Love ; fagh.---O cur dou Ennaghtyn

And give me the Graces firrinagh jeh shoh dty Ghraih’s which that Love fees need vooar ;-----As cur dou ny ful for me, for jesus Christ's , Grayseyn ta’n Ghraih shen fasake, the Son of thy Love. kin femoil dou, er Graih YeeAmen.

sey Creeft, Mac dty Ghraih’s. Amen.

T was necessary for Thee: Vechreeje, dy hurranfe, son

St. Luke xxiv. 26. Ought not Noo Luke xxiv. 26. Nagh Christ to have suffered these beign da Creelt y burranse ny

y Things, and to enter into Reddyn shoh, as goll ítiagh bis Glory?

ayns e Ghloyr? IT

E ymmyrchagh dhyt'sO O Christ, to suffer, because Thou tookest upon Thee to dy ghow oo ort dy reggyrt fon answer for Sinners; and to Peccee; as dy hoillhaghey fhew us what Treatment our dooinyn cre'n Dellal ta nyn Sins deserve. O make my Beccaghyn dy hoilchin.----O Sufferings in this Life, in cur er my Hurranse 'fy Vea Union with thine, acceptable shoh, marith dty Hurranje

| to God; and enable me to hene, ve booifal da Jee; as bear them, as Thou didit, niartee mee dy ymnyrkey my with Patience and Religna- Hurranse, myr ren 'Uss, lesh tion, this being the only Way Meenid as Biallys, son dy nee to Glory. Amen.

shoh yn ynrycan


gys Gloyr. Amen.

2 Cor. that

2 Cor. v. 15. Christ died | 2 Cor. v. 15. Hooar Creelt for all, that they which baase fon ooilley, nagh beagh live should not henceforth adsyn ta bio maghey hoh bio live unto themselves, but un- daue hene, agh dasyn hogar to Him which died for them. Baafe er nyn yon.


ROM this Moment, O EIH'N eer Oor shoh, O
Chrilt, I consecrate that

Chreelt, ta mee casheLife to Thee, which Thou rickey yn Vea shen hood's, t'ou hast redeemed from the Sla- er livrey veih Bondiaght Pecvery of Sin and Satan, by cah as Noid-ny Hanmey, liorish thy most precious Blood. dty Uill smoo gheyr. Niartee Fortify my Soul, I beseech my Annym, ta mee guee ort, Thee, against all the Tenip- noi ooilley Miolaghyn y Theihil,

y tations of the World, the yn Eill, as y Drogh - spyrryd, Flesh, and the Devil, by the liorish Cooinaghtyn jeh shoh Remembrance of this thy dty Ghraih; dy voddym ve Love; that I may live to bió hood's, as gys Gloyr Yee. Thee, and to the Glory of Amen. God.' Amen.

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2 Cor. vi. 16. Ye are the 2 Cor. vi. 16. Ta shiuish Chiam. Temple of the living God.

ble y Jee bio. Myr ta Jee er As God hath. said I will ghra, Neem's beaghey ayndoo, dwell in them, and walk in as gimmeeaght maroo ; as them; and I will be their God,

beem's y Jee ocsyn, as bee adand they shall be my People.

Pobble aym's.
AKE me, O God, tru-
o , :

YUR Ennaghtyn firrinagh

Cu ly fenfible of this great dou, O Yee, jeh'n. OoashHonour and Blessing, of being ley as y Bannaght mooar shoh, the Habitation of thy good dy ve Ynnyd-vaghee dty Spyre Spirit ;.. of the Holiness re- ryd vie; jeh'n Chalherickys quired of me, and of the t'er ny yeearree orrym, as jeh'n great Danger of profaning a Gaue mooar dy vee-ooajħlagh. Temple confecrated to Thee-ey Chiamble t'er ny chasherickey Make me worthy of thy Hood's.--- Jean mish feeu jeh dty continual Abode and Presence. Hannaghtyn kinjagh as dty EaTake Possession of my Heart nish marym. Gow my Chree and Soul ; and let me know as my Annym ayns dty Chum

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Jesus, &c.


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y CHRÈESTI AGH T. 161 that thou dwellest in me, by mal hene; as cur Toiggal dou the Fruits of thy Spirit. dy vel oo baghey aynym, lio. Amen.

rish Messyn dry Spyrryd. Amen. Heb. xii. 1, 2. Let us rün Heb. xii. 1, 2. lhig dooin dy

with Patience the Race that jeean roie yn Race ta fit is set before us, looking unto kiongoyrt rooing jeeaghyn gys

Teefey, &c. GRA

RANT, O God, that I ÍALLO ree; voda

may bear all the Trou- dym gymmyrkey ooilley bles of this Life with a meek Seaghyn y Vea shoh lesh Spyrand patient Spirit, without ryd meen as surransagh, fea repining at what thou thalt gooish Plaiynt er ny t'ou uss appoint, for the Punishment goardrail fon Kerraghey Pecof Sin, and for the Salva-cah, as son Saualtys y Pheca tion of the Sinner. I will cagh. Jeeagh-ym Hood's, O look unto Thee, O Jesus, Teesey, tra v’ou ayns Ynnyd when thou wast in the Place Peccee, lesh cre'n Meenid ren of Sinners, with what Pa- oo gymmyrkey yn Faghid, yn tience thou didst bear the Vee-ooajhley, yn Vriwnys neua Scorn, the Indignities, the un- chairal, Baase treih ny Crosha righteous Judgment, the mi-l ey : As hoh, liorith cty serable Death of the Cross: Ghrayse, vees my Hampleyr. And this, by thy Grace, shall Amen. be my Pattern. Amen. St. Luke xxiii. 41. We receive Noo Luke xxii. 41. Ta jhina

the due Reward of our yn geddyn Toiichinys cooie yn Deeds : but this Man hath Jannoo ain : agh cha vel done nothing amiss.

Dooinney hob eri n'yannca

Aggair erbee. I

goaill-Ò Malefactor, That whatever

у I fuffer in this Life, I suffer Cre-erbee ta mee dy hurranse most juftly for my Sins : ayns y Vea shoh, dy vel mee And therefore, with the fub- dy feer chairagh surranse eh million of a penitent Criminal, fon my Pheccaghyn : As shen- : under the righteous Sentence y-fa lelh Biallys Kimmagh ar: V. Y


Confels, o God, with this T Amarinhey Kimmagh hoh,

chebbal my

of Death, I offer my Life a rilagh fo Briwnys chairal y
Sacrifice of Obedience to thy Vaailh, ta mee
divine Juftice, in Union with Vioys ny Oural dy Viallys gys
that of my Saviour's, at dty Chairys flaunyfsagh, ma-
what Time, and in what rish Oural my Haualtagh, ec
Manner to Thee shall seem cre-erbee yn Trạa, as er cre-
meet; trusting in the Merits erbee yn Aght s'cooidsave
of my Redeemer at the lhiat, treifhteil ayns Toilchin-
Hour of Death, and in the ys my Er-kionnee ec Oor y
Day of Judgment. Amen. Vaailh, as ayns Laa ny Briw-



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Thee for that tender o Vochilley vie, ta mee cur

St. Luke xv. 6. I have found Noo Luke xv. 6. Ta mee er

ney Sheep which was loft. gheddyn my Cheyrrey chailjey: O I thank

, Care and Concern for thy Chiarail veigh as dty Imnea fon loft Sheep. I had indeed | dty Chirree chailjey.--Veign been for ever lost, had not dy jarroo, er ve dy bragh cailthy Love fought and found | lit, mannagh beagh dty Ghraih me, when I was astray: For er vriaght er my hon, as er my thy Goodness fake keep me gheddyn magh, tra va mee erfor the Time to come from Thaghryn: Er Graih dty Vieys wandering fror, Thee, and freill mee fon y Traa ta ryfrom thy Fold. Amen. heet veih goller-shaghryn

void's as veih dty Woaillee. Amen.

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St. John v. 14. Behold, thou Noo Ean v. 14. Cur-my-ner,

art made whole : Sin t'ou er dty lheibys : ng jean no more, left a worfe Thing Peçcah ny smoo, er-uggle dy come unto Thee.

jig Red smelley ort.

fall :

without Thee cannot but id Dooinney dty egocish's

In all Temptations, agh tuittym: Ayns dy chooilley therefore, I beseech Thee to Violaghey er-y-fa shen, ta mee fuccour me, that no Sin, nol guee ort dy chur Kemmyrk CHR EESTIA GHT. 163 evil Spirit, may ever get the dou, nagh vod Peccah erbee, Dominion over me. Amen. nagh vod Drogh-lpyrryd erbee,

dy bragh yn Varriaght y ghed,

dyn orrym. Amen. St. Mat. xxvi. 41. Watch and Noo Mian xxvi. 41. Bee-jee er pray, that ye enter not into .

nyn Dwoaie, as gow.jee PadTemptation.

jer, nagh duitt shiu ayns Mio

laghey. MAKE AKE me, O Lord, e,

Reill mith, O Hiarn, dy ver mindłul of my In- bragh ayns Cooinaghtyn firmities and Backslidings, that jeh my Annooinidyn, as my I may be more watchful, Skirraghtyn, dy voddym ve ny and more earnest for Grace s'tastee as ny s'jeean fon Grayse for the Time to come; that fon y Traa ta ry-heet; nagh the Adversary of my Soul jean Noid ny Hanmey dy bragh may never find me off my my gheddyn jeh my Arrey, ny Guard, or from under thy veih ve fo dty Choadey. Protection.

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St. Luke xi. 13. Your Heaven- Noo Luke xi. 13. Ver nyn Ayr

ly Father will give the Ho- Flaunysagh y Spyrryd Noo ly Spirit to them that ask dauesin ta jannoo Aghin hug


gey er y hon.

O Heavenly Father, let it o Axr Faunzffagh dy jigje

ac- lesh dty Harvaant cordail cording to this Word; Aban- rish y Ghoo shob ; Ny treig don me not I beleech Thee, mee, ta mee guee ort, ec Traa to the Oppofition that I shall erbee dy hassoo magh noi dty at any Time make to thy Spyrryd Casherick, nagh jeanHoly Spirit, that I may ne- ym dy bragh mee-hene y yanver render myself unworthy noo neu-feeu jeh Bannaght of so great a Blessing. cha ooalle.

St. John viii. 51. If a Man Noo Ean viii. 51. My ta

keep my saying, He ball Dooinney freayll my Raa's, never fee Death.

cha vaik eb yn Baase dy bragh beayn.

o Jesus,

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