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Death! May my Redeem- | Vaailh!—Lhig da my Er-kion-
er be my Refuge, his Blood nee ve my Chemmyrk, e Uill
and Merits plead for me, as e Hoilchinys loayrt er my
that I

Lot hon, dy vodi my Chronney as and Portion with those whom my Ayrn y ve aym maroolyn he hath purchased with his t'eh er chofney lesh e Uill smoo most precious Blood! Amen. gheyr! Amen.

have my





you have a thankful Vel Cooinaghtyn booifal ayd Remembrance of Christ's jeh Baase Chreeft :---Shoh Death :----This is the next yn nah Red t'ou dy vriaght Thing you are to inquire ayn. into.



OW this will always bear

TISH nee shoh ayns Ayrn, fome Proportion to the kinjagh coardáil rith

yn Sense you have of the Evil he Ennaghtyn t’ayd jeh'n Olk teh has delivered you from, and er livrey oo veih, as jeh'n Banthe Blessing he has by his nught t'eshyn liorish e Vaase er Death procured for you. chofney dhyt.

Consider therefore yourself Shen-y-fa jeeagh ort hene as a poor, finful, loft, undone myr Cretoor boght, peccoil, cailCreature, without a Redeemer. lit, naardey, fegooish Fer-kion

Consider what that Re- nee.Smooinee dy dowin cre deemer has done for


ta’n Fer-kionnee Then er n'yanWhat he did, and what he noo er dty hon.---Cre ren eh, suffered, when he took upon as cre hur eh, tra ghow eh er himself to answer for the Sins hene dy reggyrt fon Peccaghof Men.

yn Deiney. Consider that he was the Smooinee myrgeddin dy nee Son of God, that had done no Mac Yee v'eh, nagh row er Hrong, neither was Guile found n'yannoo veg yn Aggair, ny chain his Mouth ; notwithstand-moo va loght er ny gheddyn ayns ing this, being to answer for e Veeal; ny-yeih, myr v'eh dy Sinners, He was treated and reggyrt son Peccee, v'eh deyrpunished as a Sinner deserves it as kerrit, myr ta Kimmagh to be:He was despised !--- toilchin :---V'eh oltooanit !----


Set at naught! Persecuted Soit beg jeh ! -..- Tranlaasit as

, and rejected by his own Peo- jiooldit rish liorish e Phobble ple, whom he came to re- hene, haink eh dy livrey! deem!

He was betrayed by his own V'eh er ny vrah liorish yn Disciple; falsly accused ! Ostyl echey hene; Plaiynt Unrighteously condemned !----- foalsey jeant n'oi.-----Dy neuUnmercifully scourged !---Had chairal er ny gheyrey !-----Dy a Murderer preferred before neu-vyghinagh er ny scuitchal? him .--.-Was crucified as a Ma- ----Va Soiaghey jeant jeh Dunlefactor; and in the very midst ver roish !--- V'eh er ny chrofof his Torments, was most in- fey myr Drogh-yantagh; as humanly reviled!

ayns Mean e Horchaghey, v'eh

dy neu-ghooghyssagh oltooarit! Consider the Reason of all Gow Tastey jeh'n Oyr va this. It was not only to fa- fon shoh ooilley.---Cha row eh tisfy the Justice of God for the ny lomarcan dy yannoo Cooil. Sins of Men, and procure their leen da Cairys Yee fon PecPardon upon their Repentance caghyn Deiney, as dy gheddyn and future Obedience; but al- Pardoon daue er nyn Arrys as so to shew Mankind, what nyn Miallys son y Traa va ry Treatment Sin and Sinners, heet ; agh myrgeddin dy hoil. who have rebelled against thaghey da Sheelnaue, cre'n their Maker, do deserve ;------ Kerraghey va Peccah as Peccee And teach us when God or- dy hoilchin, v’er n'irree-magh ders or permits us Sinners to noi nyn Ver-croo ;------As dy undergo such Indignities and ynsaghey dooin tra ta Jee goarAfflictions, in this our State of drail ny surranse dooinyn PecTrial, that we ought to take cee dy huittym fo lheid ny our Cross patiently, as our Re- Scammyltyn naareydagh, as deemer did ; and be content, Seaghyn, ayns thoh nyn Stayd and even pleafed, to fulfil the dy Phrowal; dy lhisagh shin Will of God, in following his nyn Grolh y ymmyrkey dy Example in his Sufferings in lurransagh, myr ren nyn Verthis Life, that we may be par- kionnee; as ve booiagh, as dy takers of his Glory in the jarroo boggey y ghoaill, dy next.

chooilleency Aigney Yee, ayns geiyrt er y Sampleyr echey ayns e Hurranse’ly Vea shoh, dy vod

mayd ve goaill Ayrn jehe G 2


Ghloyr ayns y Vea ta ry heet. In the next Place, conf der Ayns y nah Ynnyd, Gow the Blessings which Jesus gys dty Chree ny Bannaghtyn Christ hath by his Death ob- ta Yeesey Creeft, liorishę tained for us.--.-He hath de- Vaase, er chosney dooin.---livered us from the great Pow. T'eh er livrey fhin veih'n er which the Devil had over Phooar vooar v'ec y DroghMankind, by procuring us spyrryd harrish Sheelnaue, lioGrace to resist and overcome rish Grayse y chosney dooin dy hin

...He hath prevailed hafsoo n'oi as dy gheddyn y with God--To overlook the varriaght er.---T'eh er gheddyn

. Untowardness of our Nature ; veih Jee---Dy ve erreeilhagh To pardon our greateit Of- gys Annooinid y Dooghys ain; fences upon our true Repen. Dy leih dooin'nyn Loghtyn tance: And being by his finoo er nyn Arrys firrinagh: Death reconciled to God, we ---As myr shoh coardit rith Jee have, for his fake, free Liber- liorish e Vaase, dy heet hug. ty to apply to him, as Children gey, myr Cloan gys Ayr, dy hirto a Faiber, for what we stand rey ny ta fhin dy ymmyrch. in need of,

He hath also obtained for us T'eh myrgeddin er chofney the Aflistance of an Almighty dooin Cooney Spyrryd OoilSpirit, to enable us to know, ley-niartal, dy niartaghey shin and to do, what is necessary dy hoiggal, as dy yannoo fhen, to fit us for Heaven and Hap- ta ymmyrchagh dy yannoo piness;

;-And he has pre- thin aarloo fon Niau as Maynvailed with God, that these rys ;---As t'eh er gheddyn veih shall be our certain Portion, Jee, dy bee ad fhoh nyn Ein if we are not wanting to cur- raght ihickyr, mannagh bee eh selves.--In one Word, Je- kyndagh rooin henc.---Aynş fus Christ hath entirely freed un Ockle, ta Yeesey Creest us from all Fears of what may dy bollagh er reaghey fhin veih come hereafter, if it is not dy chooilley Aggle jeh ny od. purely our own Fault,

dys cheet ny lurg fhoh, man, nagh nee ooilley-cooidjagh yn

Foill ain hene eh. The most unlearned Chrif. Foddee yn Creestee floo yntian may know what is requi- fit toiggal cre ta e Churrym. Ted of him. The greatest Sinner may Foddee yn Peccaghfmoo


depend upon Pardon on his ,jerkal rilh Leih e Pheccaghyn, Repentance.

my t'eh goaill Arrys. The weakest Christian may Foddee yn Creestee s'anrely upon all necessary Affift- nooinee ve shickyr dy vow eh ance; and the meanest Chrif- dy chooilley Chooney ymmyrtian is sure not to be over-chagh; as ta'n Creeftee s'bogh, looked.

tey thickyr nagh bee beg foit jeh. By all which you may per

Liorish shoh ooilley foddee ceive what Thanks you owe to oo toiggal cre'n Booise t'ou God for your great and good lhiastyn da Jee son dty HaualRedeemer, and for what he has tagh mooar as mie, as son ny done and suffered for you------ t'eh er n'yannou as er hurwhich


will do well to ex- ranse er dty hon.---As nee oo press in fome such manner as dy mie dy hoilshaghey eh ayns this :

lheid ny Goan fhoh.



*IVE me leave, O God, to UR Kied dooys, O Yee, G mention before Thee the dy yannoo I'mraa kionDeath of thy Son, and the in- goyrt rhyt's jeh Baase dty Vac, finite Blessings I have received as ny Bannaghtyn erskyn-earthereby: ----Add this to all roo ta mee er gheddyn liorish: thy Favours, I beseech Thee, ---Cur dou shoh

myrgeddin ma. that I may never forget these rish ooilley dty Vannaghtyn el,

I Mercies ;

-Never forget to ley, ta mee guee ort, nagh jarbe thankful for them------But rood-ym dy bragh ny Myghina that I may preserve the Re- yn cheddin;-Naghi jarroodmembrance of them in the yin dy bragh dy ve booifal Manner which he hath ordain- er nyn fon--- Agh dy voddym ed ---- I thank Thee, O God, freayll Cooinaghtyn jeu er yn for that Word, in which thou Aght t'eh hene er harey.--Ta haft caused these thy Mercies, mee cur Booise dhyt, О Yee, and his Example to be record. fon y Goo fhen, ayn t'ou er ed. — Make me truly sensible choyrt orroo shoh diy Vyghin

. of that Love which brought yn, as y Sampleyr echey, dy ve him down from Heaven ;--- er nyn serieu...Cur Ennagha And how fad our Condition tyn firrinagh

firrinagh dooys jeh'n was, which required such a Ghraih fhen hug leth theele eh Sacrifice.. May I learn by his veih Njau ;---As crę cha treih

Patience, Patience, Humility, Self-deni-, as va'n Stayd ainyn, va feme al, and Resignation, what Vir-lheid yn Oural.----Lhig dou tues are most acceptable to thy gynfagh liorish y Veenid, yn Divine Majesty! And may 1 Injillid, yn Smaght harrish

-take him for my Lord, and hene, as yn Viallys echey, cre Master, and Teacher, and Ex- ny Grayseyn s'booifal ta da dty ample, and dedicate myself to Ard-ooashley faunyssagh !---Thee, and to thy Service, for As lhig dou eh y ghoaill son his fake! Amen.

my Hiarn, my Vainshter, my Er-ynsee, as my Hampleyr, as mee-hene y chasherickey hoods, as, gys dty Hirveish, er ý Ghraih echey. Amen.



The last Inquiry you are to Yn Red s'jerree t'ou dy vri.

make, is, whether you are aght er y hon, ta, Vel oo in Charity with all the ayns Giastyllys rish ooilley'n World.


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are ;

Y chione shoh, gow Tarespecial Notice, that the

tey geyre, dy vel yn two great Ends of this Ordi- daa Ard-oyr, enmyffit ayns nance mentioned in Scripture Scriptyr, fon yn Oardaghey

shoh, t'ad ;---The First, To keep up the Hoshiaght, Dy reayll"seofe Remembrance of Christ's Cooinaghtyn jeh Baafe Chreest Death till his coming again.- derrey yn Cheet echey reesht.

The Second, To be a solemn Ayns y nah Ynnyd, Dy ve Token of our Communion with Cowrey calherick jeh nyn "SheJesus Christ, and of our Union maghtys rish Yeefey Creest, as and Charity with all his Fa- jeh'n Unnaneys as y Gbiafiyllys mily.

ain rish ooilley yn * LughtTo this End he has ordain- Er yn Oyr shoh t'eh er oared, that as all Christians, high drail, 'naght myr shegin da dy and low, rich and poor, fhall chooilley Chreestee, ard as inmake

up one Body, of which jil, berchagh as boght, jannoo he is the Head :--.--and one Fa- seose un Chorp, jeh c'eshyn yn

* Agglish.


thie echey

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