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mily, of which he is the Mal- , Kione :---as un Lught-thie, jeh ter :-----So they should all eat t'eshyn yn Mainshter:----Myr at one Table, of one Bread, then lhisagh ad ooilley gee ec as a sign of that Love and yn un Voayrd, jeh’n un Arran, Peace, and Friendship, and myr Cowrey jeh’n Ghraih as Readiness to help one another, Shee, as Caarjys, as Arryltys as occasion shall require, and as then dy chooney yn derrey yeh Members of the same Body lesh y jeh elley, myr vees feme will naturally do.

er y hon, as myr ta Oltyn jeh'n

un Chorp dy dooie jannoo. And indeed your Accep

As dy jarroo nee yn Soiaghtance with God will very much ey nee Jee y yannoo jeed feer depend upon

upon your hearty vooar lhie er yn Aigney-mie Good-will for every Christian, creeoil ayd's fon dy chooilley and for all Mankind.

Chreestee, as son ooilley Sheel.


Therefore you must take Shen-y-fa shegin dhyt goaill special Care, left there be any lane Kiarail, nagh vel Persoon Person with whom you are not erbee nagh vel oo ec Shee rish, at Peace ----Whom you can- ---Da nagh vod oo leih as Padnot forgive and pray for, and jer y ghoailler e hon, as jando him all the Good that can noo da ooilley yn Vie oddys, in reason be expected from ayns Resoon, ve jerkit void ;--you ; ----That you be disposed Dy bee oo aarloo dy yannoo to make Satisfaction to any Lhiaflaghey da Persoon erbee, Person that has been injured by t’ou er n'yannoo Aggair da, you, or who have taken just ny ta er. n’ghoaill Jymmoose Offence at your Words or Ac- cairal rifh dty Ghoan ny dty tions, this being a Duty which Yannoo, myr ta shoh


ChurJesus Christ himself has com- rym ta Yeesey Creest eh hene manded, Matth. v. 23. And er harey, Mian v. 23. As dy that you be ready to forgive bee oo arryltagh dy leih da dy every Person who may have chooilley Phersoon ta er n'yaninjured you, as you expect noo Aggair dhyt, myr t'ou Forgiveness of God,------Re- hene treifhteil Leih y gheddyn membering the dreadful Sen- veih Jee ----Cooinaghtyn er y tence mentioned in Matth. Vriwnys agglagh ta enmyflit xviii. Thou wicked Servant, 1 ayns Mian xviii. Ogbrog!

O ? forgave thee all thy Debt : Harvaant, leih mish dhyt's yn Shouldst not thou have had 'sane Lhiastynys shen : nagh

Compassion Compassion on thy Fellow - fer-| lbisagh uss myrgeddin as Chymvant, even as I had Pity on mey er ve ayd er dty Helheythee?

And the Lord was Harvaant, éer myr va Chymwroth, and delivered him to mey aym's ort's? As va'n the Tormentors.

Chiarn jymmoosagh, as livrey eh seose eh ny Phrysoonagh gys Laue y Tidoor.

у And lastly, you are to take As er-jerrey, t'ou dy ghoaill care, that you love not in Word Kiarail, nagh vel dty Aigneyonly, but in Deed and in Truth, mie ayns Glare ny lomarcan, that is, that you do Good, as agh ayns Jannoo as ayns Firrinwell as give good Words, and ys, ta fhen dy ghra, dy jean oo relieve Jesus Christ in his poor Mie, chammah as cur Goan Members.

mie, as dy jean oo Feaysley er Yeesey Creest ayns ny Oltyn

boghtey echey. And believe it for a certain As cred eh fon Firrinys Truth, that a charitable and shickyr, nagh vel Aigney forgiving Temper is not near ghialtyllagh as aarloo dy leih so beneficial to any body as to faar cha vondeishagh da Perhim that hath it; it being more foon erbee, as te dasyn echey blessed to give than to receive ; te; er-yn-oyr dy vel eh ny and to forgive, than to infift s'bannee dy choyrt, na te dy upon Satisfaction for Injuries ghoaill; as dy leih, na te dy and Wrongs done to us; hafsoo er Cooilleen y gheddyn

son Aggairyn as drogh Hurnyn

ta jeant dooin; Jannoo xx. 35. This being fo necessary a Fakin dy vel shoh Grayse Grace, you will not fail to beg cha ymmyrchagh, cha jean uss of God most earnestly to lhiggey shaghey dy ghuee gys vouchsafe it you.

Jee feer jeean dy gooidsave lesh dy chur dhyt eh.

Afts XX. 350

HIS is


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HOH yn Sarey ayn's, dy that ye love one another, der shiu Graih yn derrey

as I have loved you.- yeh da'n jeh elley, myr ta Hear, O my Soul, what thy mish er chur Graih diuifh.-Saviour has commanded thee: Clasht, O my Annym, cre ta


--He who loved us, and gave y dty Paualtagh er harey dhyt: himself an Offering and a -Ethyn chur Graih dooin, as Sacrifice to God, for us hug eh hene fon Chebbal as

Oural da Jee er nyn fone May this thy, Love, O Lhig da shoh dưy Ghraih' Jésus," be the "Motive and O Yeefey, ve Oyr as Sam. Pattern of my Love and pleyr y Ghraih aym's da, goilCharity for all Mankind !--- ley Sheelnque !-Raad nagh Where this hath not been vel shoh er vę yn Cliaghtey my Practice, ! implore thy aym, ta mee gecarree dty gracious Pardon, and be- Phardoon graysoil, as guce ort seech Thee to fortify my dy niąrtaghey my Annym noi Souł against all Suggestions dy chooilley Chleayn oddys y of Satan, or my corrupt Drogh-Spysryd, ny my Ghoon Nature, and blind Pallions : 1ghys peccoil, aş yecarreeyn --- That I may always be doalley my Aigney y chur gys prepared to go to thine Al- my Chree:...Dy voddym kin, tar, with the same charita. jagh ve aarloo dy gholl gys dry ble Dispositions, with which Altar's, lefh yn Aigney giastylz I defire and hope to die. lagh cheddin, ayn ta mee

gecarree as treifhteil dy ghed,

dyn Baase. Thou, O Jesus, madest Tou uss, O Yeeley, es

, thine Enemies thy Friends, hayrn dty Noidyn dy ve dty by laying down thy Life for Chaarjyn, liorįsh dạy yioys y them. -Bę thou my Advo- choyrt sheese er nyn fon. cate with God for Grace to Bee usş eddyr Jee as mish son follow thy Heavenly Charity Grayse dy eiyrt er y Ghiaftyl and Example, that I may - lys as y Sampleyr Flaunyslagh

у Evil with Good; ayd, dy. voddym Barriaght X

X that I and all the Members gheddyn er yn Olk lesh jannog of thy Family may love as Mie; dy voddym's as ooilley Bretpren : ---That we may al. Oltyn dty Lught-thie ve ayne ways ineet at thy Table Graih ry-chjelley myr Braara fincere Friends, and part with aghyn : Dy vod mayd kin: true Love and Affection as jagh meeteil ec dry Voayrd becomes thy Disciples. Amen. myr Caarjyn firrinagh, as paar

tail lelh Graih dooie as Aig-
ney-mie myr ta çooie da

Creesteenyn. Amen.


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S E C T. IX.





Y this Time you see HOUD's shoh t'ou fakin the Reason of this In- Refoon ta son


Oarftitution, the Necessity, as well daghey shoh, yn Immyrch, as the invaluable Blessing of chammah as y Bannaght er.. observing it religiously, and skyn-earroo, ta ayns freayll eh the Manner of preparing dy crauee, as yn Aght dy yanyourself for it as often as noo oo hene aarloo ny chour, you fhall have an Oppor- cha mennick as te er ny hir. tunity. .

veifh. And remember, that the As cooinee, myr s’menkey) oftener you look into the yeeaghys oo gys Stayd dty State of your Soul, in or- | Anmey, er-chee goll gys yn der to go to this Ordinance, Oardaghey shoh, then myrsloo the less Trouble you will dy Imnea vees ort dy yannoo have to make your Peace dty Hee rish Jee, tra hig. 00. with God, when you come dy gheddyn Baase; as then to die; and the lefs Dan- myr lloo dy Ghanjeyr vees oo ger you will be in, of fal- ayn, dy huittym ayns Stayd dy ting into a State of Sin and Pheccah as dy Veerioose, ta er Security, which has been the ve Oyr coayl Anmeenyn erRuin of an infinite Number skyn-earroo. of Souls.

Besides this you will have Marish fhoh bee yn Gerjagh the greatest Comfort of Life, smoo 'sy Theihll ayd, tra t'ou when you' perceive that you gennaghtyn dy vel oo kinjagh äre still growing in Grace, Bilhaghey ayns Grayse, as gol! and tending to that Perfec- er dty hoshiaght gys yn Yrjid tion which must fit you for fhen dy Vea vie shegin oo y Heaven.

yannoo feeu fon Flaunys. On the other hand, if Er y Laŭe elley, my hyndaayou turn your Back upon ys oo dty Ghreeym er yn Oarthe Ordinance, it must be daghey fhoh, shegin da ve son because you will not be at nagh jean oo wheesh er dty hon the Pains to understand your hene, as dy gheddyn Tushtey Duty, your Interest, and your jeh dty Churrym, dty Vondeish, Danger.

as dty Ghanjeyr. You have not considered Cha vel oo er n'ghoaill Tal

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the 'true,

that there is no Pardon, no tey, nagh vel Pardoon, ny Grace, no Salvation, to be Grayse, ny Saualtys erbee dy ve hoped for, but by pleading jerkit rish, agh liorish lhiaflaghwith God, what his Son ey fenish Jee, cre ta e Vac er hath done and suffered, and n'yanngo as er hurranse, as er merited for us, and in the hoilchin er nyn son, as then er Manner he has ordained. yn Aght t'eh hene er n'oar.

daghey. And if you will consult As my neeoo Coyrle y your own Conscience, it will ghoaill rish dty Chooinsheanse tell you, That some of these hene, inshee eh dhyt, dy nee :

tho' most Paart jeu shoh ny Oyryn fir. wretched, Causes of your rinagh, ga trimshagh, dy vel Contempt of this Command oo soiaghey cha beg jeh'n Saof your Saviour's.

rey lhoh jeh dty Haualtagh. Either you live in fome

Edyr t'ou beaghey ayns Pecknown Sin, or ungodly way cah ennagh er-fys dhyt, er-nonof Life, which you cannot ney ayns Raad mee-chrauee dy resolve to forsake ;-Or, you Vea, nagh jean oo goaill ayns are not willing to renew Laue dy hreigeil ;--Er-nonaey, your Vows, made in Baptism; cha vel oo booiagh dty VreearLOr, which is generally the raghyn Baihtey y yannoo ass y Cafe - You have no real Con- noa ;-Er-nonney, myr s’mencern for your Soul; only you key lesh y ve,---Cha vel oo dy delude yourself with some firrinagh'imneagh son dty Anfaint Purposes and Hopes, nym; ynrycan dy vel oo mol. that some time or other you ley oo hene lelh Gialdyn as will become a new Man.

Treifhteil faase ennagh, dy jig oo Keayrt ny Keayrt ennagh dy

ve dty Ghooinney noa.' In the mean time you are ’Sy Traa t'ayn t'ou oolee guilty of a Sin" too like the jeh Peccah ta rouyr calley rish denying the Lord that bought gobbal y Chiarn ren co.y chionyou. You bring an

evil naghey.

T'ou tayrn ScamReport upon an Ordinance mylt er Oardaghey Chreelt, of Christ, as if it were not myr nagh beagh eh feeu Geill worth observing :-You har- 'chur da :

-T'ou creoghey den wicked People in their drogh Leih ayns nyn MeeInfidelity, and Neglect of chredjue, as nyn Meerioole their Salvation, by calling / jeh’n Taualtys.oc, liorith



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