The History of Scotland: From the Union of the Crowns on the Accession of James VI. to the Throne of England, to the Union of the Kingdoms in the Reign of Queen Anne, Volum 1

A. Strahan, 1800

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Pàgina 510 - I am not so strictly guarded, but that if you send to me a .prudent and secret person, I can receive a letter, and you may signify to me your mind, I having always loved your person and conversation, which I ardently wish for at present more than ever, if it could be had without prejudice to you, whose safety is as dear to me as my own.
Pàgina 492 - Lo., with many others of your lovers and his, at a good dinner before I die. Always, I hope that the king's buck-hunting at Falkland this year shall prepare some dainty cheer for us against that dinner the next year. Hoc jocose, to animate your Lo.
Pàgina 493 - Bower, nor in my brother ; for I lippen my life, and all I have else, in his hands : and I trow he would not spare to ride to Hell's yett3 to pleasure me ; and he is not beguiled of my part to him.
Pàgina 493 - Lo. has read my letter, deliver it to the bearer again, that I may see it burnt with my ain een,4 as I have sent your Lo.
Pàgina 232 - according to the Word of God and the example of the best Reformed Churches...
Pàgina 507 - Murray of the bedchamber, he came privately to the king, and informed him of many particulars from the beginning of the rebellion, and that the Marquis of Hamilton was no less faulty and false towards his majesty than Argyle...
Pàgina 383 - Charles was executed in the forty-ninth year of his age, and the twenty-fourth of his reign. He was of a middle stature, robust, and well proportioned.
Pàgina 511 - Secretary," says Clarendon in a letter to Nicholas, " those stratagems have given me more sad hours than all the misfortunes in war which have befallen the King, and look like the effects of God's anger towards us.
Pàgina 510 - If you can raise a large sum of money by pawning my kingdoms* for that purpose, I am content you should do it ; and if I recover them, I will fully repay that money. And tell the Nuncio, that if once I can come into his and your hands, which ought to be extremely wished for by you both, as well for the sake of England as Ireland, since all the rest, as I see, despise me, I will do it.
Pàgina 404 - ... unabsolved by the church, rather than to justify an invasion of the kingdom, during a treaty with the estates. The insults of his enemies were not yet exhausted. The history of his exploits was attached to his neck by the public executioner ; but he smiled at their inventive malice ; declared that he wore it with more pride than he had done the garter ; and when his devotions were finished, demanding if any more indignities remained to be practised, submitted calmly to an unmerited fate.

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