Story Medicine: Multicultural Tales of Healing and Transformation

Libraries Unlimited, 2001 - 251 pàgines

Experience the extraordinary potential that stories hold-the power to heal, calm, and rejuvenate. This magical collection of more than 40 tales from around the world brims with wise words that illustrate many mysterious and sometimes simple ways to wellness and happiness. Through introductions, comments, and discussion starters, Livo provides guidance for reading and reflecting on each tale. The stories are organized into four main areas: healing the self, healing relationships, healing the community, and healing the Earth. In addition to an extensive bibliography, Livo offers a treasure trove of traditional proverbs and old-time herblore. An absolutely wonderful reading experience and resource for educators, parents, students, librarians, folklorists, storytellers, medical professionals, therapists, and anyone interested in folktales and healing. All Levels.


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Heeding Beliefs and Lore
Roots of Western Medicine

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Sobre l'autor (2001)

NORMA J. LIVO, Professor Emerita, School of Education, University of Colorado at Denver, has written numerous books and articles on storytelling and has a national following as a storyteller. She has served on the board of directors for the National Storytelling Association and received the NSA leadership award for the Western region. She lives in Lakewood, Colorado.

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