Imatges de pÓgina

Roderick the last of the Goths, a Poem, by Robert Southey, 380
Rolls, Mrs. Henry, Sacred Sketches from Scripture History, by, 499
Romanoff, History of the Imperial House of, 626
Royal Wanderer, a Novel, by Algernon, 480

Russia, her Demands on Turkey, 779-the Emperor's past conduct wor
thy of praise, ib.—the Russians fit enough instructors of the
Greeks, 782


Sacred Sketches from Scripture History, by Mrs. Henry Rolls, 493
Sarrazin, General, History of the war in Spain and Portugal, by, 60
Adrien de, Bardouc, or the Goatherd of Mount Taurus, by, 603
Sarsfield, an Irish Tale, by John Gamble, Esq. 670
St. David's Bishop of, a Sermon, by, 121

St. Paul, an Essay on the Character and Practical Writings of, by Han-
nah More, 148

St. Helena a fit place of abode for Bonaparte, 423, 531

Scattered Effusions, 527

Sciences. See Arts.

Scott, Walter, the Lord of the Isles, a Poem, by, 1—the Field of Water-
loo, 787

John, a Visit to Paris in 1814, by, 118

Sermons, the Bishop of St. David's, 121

"" Dr. Collyer's, 141


Waterloo, 470

Smith's, 492
Jebb's, 549

remarkable, by Rachel Baker, 840
Shuffleton, Tom, The Amatory Works of, 609
Smith, W. French Dictionary, by, 356

Smith, Rev. F., Sermon by, 492

Southey's Roderic, the last of the Goths, 380

Spain, Remarks on Porlier's enterprize, 754—His object good, but his con-
duct imprudent and weak, 784-The King may yet act in a be-
coming manner, ib.

Specimens of the Classic Poets, by C. A. Elton, 661

Speeches of Mr. Fox in the House of Commons, 558
Spurzheim. See Gall

Steps to sense Verses, 634

Strutt, Jacob George, Translation of the Poems of Claudian, by, 325
Swift, E. L., Waterloo, a Poem, by, 787


Tule for Gentle and Simple, 246

Thomas, Wm., Hints for establishing an Office at Newcastle, &c. by, 855
Thompson's Translation of Alcedo's Geographical Dictionary, 357
Thomson, Robert, A Historical Sketch of the French Revolution, by, 745
Thoreau's New and Practical Course of Book-keeping, 865

Townsend, Rev. George, Armageddon, a Poem, by, 89
Traveller's Guide through Ireland, 618

Turkey, Probability of a war between Russia and, 756, 779-has no right
to expect forbearance from Russia, ib.-Alexander's demands on,
ib. -Ought England to share in the spoils of, 780-The Russians
fit enough instructors of the Greeks, 782-Constantinople

governed by Janizaries, ib.-Comparison between the Janiaries
and Jesuits, ib.

Tweddell, John, Remains of, 261

Two Martyrs, a Moral Tale, by M. de Chateaubriand, 580
Tyro's Guide, by Sarah Corbett, 482


Unitarians, Archdeacon Daubeny's Remarks on their Method of Inter-
preting the Scriptures, 689

Universal British Merchant, by W. Keegan, 481


Van Mildert, William, D.D., Bampton Lectures by, 286
Varieties of Life, a Novel, 589
Vathek, 843


Walker, George, The Battle of Waterloo, by, 785
Walker, W.S., The Heroes of Waterloo, an Ode, by, ib.
Waterloo Sermons, 470

Subscription, Remarks on, 536
-Battle of, Account of, 605
Poems on, 785

Williams, Helen Maria, Narrative of the Events which have taken place
in France, &c., 310

Wilmot, Mrs., Ina, a Tragedy, by, 483

Wordsworth, William, Miscellaneous Poems, the Excursion, and the
White Doe of Rylstone, by, 343!

Wraxall, Sir N. W., Historical Memoirs of my own Time, by, 397-A
swer to the Reviews, 629


Yates, Rev. Richard, The Church in Danger, by, 797


Zeluca, a Novel, 594


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