A Manual for Eucharistic Visitors

Church Publishing Incorporated, 1 de febr. 2005 - 85 pāgines
This revised edition of the classic Manual for Lay Eucharistic Ministers offers practical guidance on everything a eucharistic minister or eucharistic visitor does. (Eucharistic ministers help to administer the elements at the Eucharist, while eucharistic visitors bring those elements to members of the congregation who can't be present).

This guide, updated to include the new canons and procedures, also offers suggestions on how to prepare oneself spiritually to present the sacrament, what to do when visiting the sick or shut-in parishioner with the Eucharist, and how to prepare a sacred space in someone's home or hospital room. Appendices include rites, suggested prayers and guidelines, services for commissioning and sending forth Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and a bibliography. Beth Ely also traces the changing customs and canons of lay administration of communion from the early churches to the present, and discusses the riches and mystery of the Holy Eucharist through the centuries.

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Sobre l'autor (2005)

Beth Wickenberg Ely is an Episcopal priest, and trains eucharistic ministers and visitors in dioceses and churches across the country. She lives in Columbus, North Carolina.

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